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Here is Why Mark Henry Gets a Title Reign

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Ladies and gentleman, your new World Heavyweight Champion, Mark Henry.

Why give him a title run right now? He's past his prime, right? He can't handle the number one spot. He has no mic skills. He didn't work for where he's at. He can't get over with the fans.


Mark Henry definitely deserves this title run. It may be a little overdue, I personally believe that he should have won the title in 06 from either Angle or Mysterio, but WWE had other plans for him (as they seemingly always did, or didn't ever know what to do with him) and then he got injured unfortunately. That has been a common theme for his career, not to the extent of some, but he has been injured a good bit which may have played into the reason he had been held back for so long. But not anymore. It's Mark Henry's time, and we're all in for a tour of the Hall of Pain.

But before we get into why it makes sense right now, let's explore why he deserves the title in the first place.

Now I'm not going to give you a rundown of Henry's career, you can wikipedia that if you want. But I will touch on a few aspects of his career that in my mind explain why he deserves the title. He was a member of the Nation of Domination. A very underrated stable in my mind, and one that should be counted as one of the greatest stables of all time. They had a tremendous feud with DX. From the NOD, The Rock, Ron Simmons, Godfather, and even D'Lo for a while all went on to have successful singles/tag team careers (obviously some more successful than others). In my mind, Mark Henry got the short end of the stick here. We all know what the Rock went on to do. Ron formed the APA with JBL (Acolytes initially). D'Lo won numerous midcard titles when they actually meant something. And what did they do with Mark henry? Turn him into a sex addict and made him have a baby hand with Mae Young. Why? The wrestling world will never know. But Henry should have been given more sooner. Here's a video of an early match he had with The Rock. It basically supports everything I'm going to talk about in regards to his ability.

Henry has great in ring skills for a big man with a powerlifting background. Most everyone forgets that he was trained by Bret and Stu Hart. He doesnt have the agility that other big men (Umaga) had, but he does possess great strength (he was the strongest man in the world at one point, now its just a gimmick) and surprisingly good in ring ability. His mic work actually isn't that bad. He's just been limited by his big man moniker over the years. WWE wants big men to be big men, nothing else. They're either dominant, or "funny" as evidenced by Big Show, Khali, and Mark Henry. Mark was a public figure for WWE when he was injured in the early 2000s as well, another thing a lot of people forget. He was on the verge of breaking out of his sexual chocolate/jobber status, then he got injured.

When he returned as the world's strongest man, everything looked up. Then it went down. And then up. And then back down. He won the ECW heavyweight title and was pushed before that against Angle and Taker, but he never fulfilled his potential. He never finished that big push. And that's hurt him. BUt at the same time, it has helped him. Its helped him get where he is today. And its helped him finally show what he can do. His domination shtick is something we've seen before, but it always ended abruptly. This time, lets hope it sticks for a bit and he breaks free of the stranglehold he's been in by the WWE.

Now, why does he deserve the title right now? For one, his character is spot on. He's never been better, never been more into being the world's strongest man. He's on fire, and it shows, especially in his post match interview at NOC. He's worked his ass off for 15 years to get to this spot, and he deserves it. Now I know there are people who disagree which is perfectly fine, and there are people who will say others deserve a title who haven't gotten it (which they are right, especially guys like Regal and Jerry Lawler) but they're not where Mark Henry is right now. He's embracing the opportunity like never before. I don't know what goes on behind the scenes, so I don't know how Regal is or isn't embracing his opportunity. But WWE isn't giving him anything to work with, but they are with Henry. Regal should've won the title when he was king of the ring (which, so should Mark Henry when he won, but apparently KOTR doesn't mean anything like it used to). So, Mark has earned it, built up nicely, and now he is a breath of fresh air even though he's been in the business 15 years (all with WWE).

Face it-Orton was dangerously close to crossing in to Cena territory. He almost put over Christian, but he got the belt back way to quick. Hopefully the same doesn't happen with Henry. I don't think it will, and I think this gives Cody Rhodes an opportunity to shine. He can feud with Orton now that he isn't the champ. Henry has been built as a dominant heel, more dominant than in the past. I think they're gonna keep his momentum. Now they have options as to who he should feud with next. They can really use Henry to push young talent like Ted DiBiase and Sheamus. My guess is Sheamus steps up to the plate next. But Henry makes sense as a dominant veteran to use who can put guys over. I could go on and on, but that's the gist. I look forward to reading comments. Give me your thoughts, and Let me know if you agree or disagree, and why. And don't hold back.

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  1. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    I couldn't have said this better!
  2. TCM442's Avatar
    I definitely couldn't agree more!
  3. hollowsandman13's Avatar
    Great blog! Couldn't agree more. I think a Rhodes/Orton feud would be great as well as a Sheamus/Henry feud. I ask though, where does this leave Christian? Not that I'm a huge Christian fan, but I'd like to see the WWE do something consistent with him instead of pushing him to the top for a month and then forgetting about him for a while.
  4. The Brown One's Avatar
    Your blog was a breath of fresh air from seeing some ones that we see frequently around here, so nice work
    I'm glad that Henry has improved his gimmick and his wrestling skills from the past decade. He went from from the smiley cool-aid man who danced with Hornswoggle and had 2 moves in his arsenal to a monster who can invoke emotion on the mic. Thats what I like to see from the giants - they shouldn't just be pushed for their size, but their wrestling and mic skills, and I'm happy that the WWE has done that with Kane, and now, Mark Henry.

    In addition, like hollowsandman13 said, the WWE shouldn't forget about Christian. I don't want to see another Orton-Christian feud, since we all know who would win that one, but hes still one of the most entertaining wrestlers on Smackdown and should have a feud with someone who can wrestle well - Sin Cara (after the angle), Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase etc.
  5. Marx's Avatar
    Sheamus is going to body slam Mark Henry and take the title. It will be a) a bit awesome, and b) a Hogan/Andre rehash.
  6. lastcall's Avatar
    good blog...enjoyed it....i agree and it is good to see Henry get a run...I am a new member and have published 2 blogs but not sure if everyone can see them would anyone mind having a look for me...many thanks..
  7. DM Tea's Avatar
    I'll look at your blog, lastcall, but let's hope it's good cause I'm a total dick. This blog was fucking excellent. Brought up a lot of good points, including one that resonates outside of the main topic which is always good. We're about a hair's breadth away from Super Orton and I don't fucking like it one bit. Like Chavo Guerrero I'm going to be super pissed if Cena surpasses 16 world titles (and he's going to, just watch) and you can throw Orton in, too. I'm sick of million time champs like them and Edge and if he'd started younger, Batista. They devalue the title with these tiny reigns and endless winbacks. Mark Henry totally deserves a real title reign. At least 6 months. And they need to have him drop the strap to another first-timer, then another, then another (or Sheamus or Christian).
    Updated 09-21-2011 at 08:57 AM by DM Tea
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