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Bragging Rights Review

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I don't like the concept; I don't like Smackdown vs RAW every year!! This show was good but not memorable really. 2 surprise matches got thrown in and while on actually did wonders for the competitors the other was just a filler.

United States Champion Daniel Bryan vs Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler

Best match of the night...period! This match was fantastic on all levels. Fast paced; near falls, great counters from both men and no botches. Bryan basically proved just how great he is and Ziggler also made a huge statement, proving he can put on one hell of a match. Ziggler tapped in the end so the U.S Champion wins for the 2nd year in a row. Without this match, this PPV would have really been bad. Interesting note that the crowd actually started a 'This is awesome' chant. Oh TNA!
Winner: Daniel Bryan

WWE Tag Team Champions 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre vs David Otunga and John Cena

Pretty ironic match really. Remember when Otunga and Cena faced Big Show and Jericho on RAW when Otunga was guest host? Anyway this was a surprise match and it was just a toilet break. Otunga got beat down, he tagged in Cena and then Cena just took down the champs on his own. Not much to say here other than it just furthered the Nexus storyline. Oh yeah, and Cena then took out Otunga after the match
Winners: Otunga and Cena

Goldust vs Ted DiBiase

This was another surprise match. Don't know if it was not on the card or not though! If it was announced on the site I never noticed. Match was good; both men are great in the ring and Goldust still has that edge that makes him such a great performer. This match could have been so much better though and the weak finish with DiBiase getting the pin after a DDT did not help. Goldust gets the final word though as he hits the Final Cut after the match.
Winner: Ted DiBiase

Divas Champion Layla vs Natalya

Match wasn't really that bad. Layla did well actually in this match. But really, I am getting sick of the constant interference from the other member of LayCool in EVERY MATCH!!! They need to make a stipulation to actually have a simple 1 on 1 match with the other member banned from ringside. Simple as that. After that Kaitlyn vs Maxine match on NXT, every diva match is going to look good now.
Winner: Layla

World Heavyweight Champion Kane vs Undertaker(Buried Alive Match)

This was a brawl not a wrestling match. It was enjoyable but other than chokeslams and right hands along with some chairs, this match was nothing spectacular. Unlike the Hell in a Cell match though it wasn't boring and the Nexus interference came out of nowhere and I have absolutely no idea how they're going to explain it. Kane won though and the finish reminded me of the Vince/Taker buried alive match back in Survivor Series 2003. Kane actually beat Taker 3 PPVs in a row, which is as far as his push may go. I don't recall anyone doing this I think, and Kane just really looks strong now.
Winner: Kane

Smackdown vs RAW Elimination Tag Team Match

The match was destined to be good. Any elimination tag team match can be good really. The concept is the thing I hate really. Smackdown win again and the match did a good job in furthering the Rio/Mysterio storyline by having Alberto injure Rey during the match. They also kept Show and Sheamus looking strong by having them both counted out. Other than that this was a watchable match with some good wrestling from guys like Swagger, Punk, Rio, Morrison and Jackson mostly. Morrison may have also hit one of his better Starship Pains. Normally it just looks botched but this one looked credible. Edge pinned Miz after a spear and Rey and Edge win the match for Smackdown.
Winners: Team Smackdown

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett(with John Cena)

This is where WWE dropped the ball. The WWE title took a backseat to the Nexus storyline. Orton got DQ'ed when Cena hit the AA on Barrett. Barrett won the match, as he ordered Cena to do so Cena is not fired. Other than the very absurd ending of a PPV main event this match was just boring as hell. But it wasn't Barrett's fault. Barrett actually tried really hard to entertain the crowd. It was Orton who is just boring in the ring. I mean literally boring. I have more fun watching Cena in the ring at this point. Still don't get why this was the main event and not in the place of the Kane/Taker match.

Match of the Night: Bryan vs Ziggler
Worst Match of the Night: Tag Team Title Match

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