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Lance Cade, Summerslam Predictions, and WWE/TNA

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Lance Cade: I was not his biggest fan but I will admit as he is one of the first graduates of the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy it proved that he had talent. My deepest condolences go to his family.

WWE/TNA: As many people talk about now, which is better TNA or WWE? In my opinion alone ,WWE is better. TNA is just former WWE wrestlers, or going t be WWE wrestlers. (With the exception of AJ Styles) WWE has storylines, a number of wrestlers, and three shows to spread te talent around.

SummerSlam Predictions:

Melina/Alicia Fox- The result is pretty obvious to be Melina as she just came back.

Big Show/Straight Edge Society- The odd stacked against the big man, I think Show's gonna lose.

Dolph Ziggler/Kofi Kingston- I have a feeling Ziggler will take it with the sleeper hold.

Kane/Rey Mysterio- The power of Kane against the speed of Rey for the World Heavyweight Title. Kane will win after a hellacious Chokeslam, then Undertaker returns.

Sheamus/Randy Orton- The Viper or the Breakout Star. Orton will win following an RKO.

Team WWE/Nexus- Team WWE is full of incredible stars but not much chemistry together. I know it will come down to only Barrett and Cena. Miz will most likely be the replacement in Team WWE. If Cena loses there will not be much good feedback but Team WWE must win. Winners: Team WWE

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  1. naes4115's Avatar
    tna is better
  2. crazyj11's Avatar
    I personally think TNA is the best but nonetheless I have a slight suspicion that Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) will be the mystery man for Team WWE because of The Nexus claiming that they kicked him out and I think he will use his Bryan Danielson name because of that promo he cut after he was eliminated from NXT.

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