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Has the WWE lost its ability to make a good heel?

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Hey guys hope all is well, Knox here once again. This week I'm blogging on the WWE's lack to create a good heel. I'm going to take you through the past and explore some of the great heels in the 80's, 90's and early 2000's when heels were dominating. Now a days, most of the top WWE heels are booked to be crybabies and cheat to win.

Greatest Heels of the 80's

Ted Dibiase, Roddy Piper, Rick Rude, Mr. Perfect, and the The Honky Tonk Man.

Those heels listed above were the dominating heels of the 80s. These guys were super over in a PG era and dominated. The best thing about that list is that none of them ever won the WWF title. They didn't need the big one to solidify their greatness. They were super over and the reason was because of their strong gimmicks. They were gimmick wrestlers and thats what the 80s were all about. Larger than life characters/personalities in the ring because these are the times in which wrestling was modernized and people like Hogan were household names. This is when heels were great.

Check out Ted Dibiase Sr. kicking everyone out a public pool in classic heel fashion.

The Greatest Heels of the 90's

Shawn Michaels, Triple H, The Rock, Jeff Jarrett, Dude Love, Kane

Now this list is a bit small I must admit but let me tell you makes this group of heels great. These heels were great because they had the freedom to cut amazing promos with no punches being pulled.

The late 90's is when the Attitude Era began and people like Shawn Michaels took advantage of that freedom when it came to promos. They said what they want, so promos is what made the heel dominant in this era.

Check out the Uncensensored DX Speech. This shows the freedom they had.

The problem today with heels

Today, heels are being booked as crybabies that cheat their way out of every little match. The heel character today is equivalent to a heel manager in the late 80's. They make top heels like Christian look as weak as Bobby Heenan looked in the 80's. It absolutely sucks.

The WWE also pushes top heels much too quick. For example, Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio, and Sheamus. This is a huge mistake. Every heel they see a future in doesn't need to be tossed in the mainevent picture in the first month of their career just to be jobbed out to Cena or Orton and forgotten about, which leads me to my next point.

John Cena and Randy Orton. The WWE have made it a point to push Randy Orton and John Cena as the new Rock & Stone Cold. They pushed these guys to the roof as babyfaces to the point in which no heel can get over because they'll eventually be buried by Cena or Orton. They reign supreme in every feud. No matter what they get the last say and end up with the WWE & World Heavyweight Title. Thats the sad truth.

The WWE thinks that if someone like Dolph Ziggler or Christian pins Cena or Orton fair & sqaure that it will take away from their credibility. Do you know the last time Cena lost a normal one on one match without any outside interference or distraction was in 2007 against Shawn Michaels. Can you believe that? A lost for Cena or Orton will not take away form their credibility.

But look up the history. Every heel the WWE have tried to push heavy has been buried by Cena or Orton. Does Wade Barrett or Christian ring a damn bell.

The heels that the WWE absolutely destroyed:

The Miz, Christian, Jack Swagger, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Drew McCintyre and Alberto Del Rio

The Miz:
He was pushed beautifully. He was a premier U.S. champ and well on his way to greatness. He then won MITB, cashed in successfully on Orton and the burying began.

He did not have one single title defense with no outside interference from Alex Riley. To top that off, Jerry Lawler pinned him twice as the WWE champ. Then, he finally lost the belt in what I call a handicap match at Over The Limit. Within 30 seconds Cena put Riley through a table and made the Miz quit to his submission hold.

To make matters worst, they turn Rilet face. Then they let him pin the Miz twice as well and lets not forget that Roddy Piper pinned him shortly after.

My question is, why the hell would they let the Miz mainevent Wrestlemania just to sink him this low? Not only that, but he beat they're golden boy Cena at Mania as well. This just makes no sense that they'd sink him like this.

This guy is one of the most respected guys in WWE history. 17 years he's been on the scene. His boy Edge just retired and Christian made his way to the top. Why couldn't they let him have a decent run as a good guy seeing as he's up there in age?

Noooo, they had to have him lose the belt the following Smackdown. Lose in 3 consecutive rematches, and then turn heel in the process. They turned him into the biggest crybaby/loser I've ever seen. Then to make matters worst, they let Edge return just to bury his bestfriend on the mic making him look even more pathetic than before. And when he wins the belt back, it was by DQ. Just to have Orton bury him on the very next PPV. I feel sorry for Christian.

Wade Barrett:
He was leading a very good stable in the Nexus. It was something different that we all enjoyed. Somehow the WWE ruined this by feeding this well booked group to John Cena & Randy Orton. These two made that stable look like a joke. The WWE had a big opportunity and blew it.

In the process, they take Wade out the group. Then eventually have him doing meaningless work on Smackdown. A guys who had a bright future but was pushed well too fast.

He had a hot heel turn. He was well on his way. He was thrown into a golden feud with Cena. This feud was awesome but how did it end? Truth lost from a soda to the face and was buried by Cena.

For once, they had a good heel and what did they do? They gave him the retarded slave gimmick. "I'm a good R-Truth that loves to talk to himself". They blew this one.

Drew McCintyre:
I don't know who this amazing athlete and great heel pissed off but he was solid. He actually won his matches fair & square for the most part. He was given the freakin' "Chose One" gimmick by Mr. McMahon only to be jobbed out. I don't know if it was because of the situation with his wife or what.

McCintyre absolutely dominated in feuds with Matt Hardy, John Morrison and R-Truth. He was on his way and seemed as if he could be the next Randy Orton. He was a guy that Shawn Michaels was very high on and you would think they'd listen to this guy but hey, its the WWE.

Alberto Del Rio:
This guy here. I call him the direct replacement of Drew McCintyre. It seems like as soon as they were threw with Drew (no pun intended), they brought in Alberto Del Rio. I hate this guy's promo game but he still is a hell of an athlete.

He sored to new heights in record time and had an amazing on and off feud with Rey Mysterio and went on to feud with many others. He's a modern day wrestling version of Oscar Dela Hoya.

But then came the feud with John Cena. He was an unstoppable force but was then quickly dethroned as champ by John Cena. His run only lasted a month and some change. Which further proves my point that every top heel will officially job to John Cena or Randy Orton.

The best heels today - Mark Henry & Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes:
The WWE has done an amazing job with Cody Rhodes because he wins his matches fair & square about 90% of the time. He beat Rey Mysterio fair & square at Wrestlemania 27. But thats the reason he gets no reaction. He gets no reaction because the WWE crowds aren't used to seeing a heel win his matches fair & square. Usually, you draw huge heat if you cheat and win but if you do it fairly, the crowd sits in a quiet shock.

The WWE have brainwashed their audience when it comes to reaction for the heels because people like the Miz gets the hugest heel heat and reaction because of his dirty tactics to win. The solution is to keep pushing heels the way you push Cody Rhodes and show the WWE Universe that the bad guy can win from time to time when he works hard (no matter how bad that sounds).

Mark Henry:
The WWE did the unthinkable with him. They took the career of a 15 year jobber for the most part and made a huge beast out of him. This is something they wanted to do with the Big Show in 2009 but it didn't work.

Mark Henry in the mainevent scene is a breath of fresh air. He truly is a believable dominant force and I'm still in shock at the 7 minute squash match he delievered to Orton at Night of Champions to win his first World Championship.

Unfortunately, the HIAC PPV is right around the corner. I'm almost certain Orton will bury another top heel and add on to his list.

Its not a super difficult thing to do. Push these heels as professional wrestlers and not professional crybabies. Add that unpredictablility factor to the WWE again and let Dolph Ziggler pin Orton. The Attitude Era was so special because a guy like Stone Cold would lose to a heel Chris Jericho any given night just to make it that much shocking which is what we need today.

Thank you guys for reading this. I know I'm not alone with how I feel about the WWE heels. Please leave your feedback and let me know what you all think. Thanks and be safe.


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  1. steveorton's Avatar
    Nice blog once again Knox. I want to comment on the Miz and R-truth situation. Miz and truth are not being buried imo watch Awesome truth I love this heel stable and the ending at NOC just tied into the conspiracy theory. I think with Punk, ADR and Cena in the main event they are been given something to run with for the meantime until Miz can recapture that title. I absolutely hate ADR and not because he's a heel i fing him very bland and stale. I would prefer if WWE pushe Drew with the Chose One gimmick.
  2. lastcall's Avatar
    Henry i have high hopes that he will be given a decent run as champ...He pretty much has been booked to dominate whomever he faces and that included Orton...The reason it was such a shocking win was becasue it was a clean one over Orton...
    I am at a loss about Del Rio...why have him loose one night then squash JM the next on raw...doesn't make sence...

    There was very few heel champions who held the main strap in the late 80's/90' my mind only Yokozunna had a longissh run as a heel champ..Sgt S was only 3 months between jan and mania 7 so maybe times are noty all that different....
  3. nrb6304's Avatar
    Rhodes cheated at WM 27 to beat Rey Mysterio, he used Rey's knee brace as a weapon. (Just saying) Good interesting read
  4. ArtfulDodger's Avatar
    For the last year the only two PPV's that I have on my ipod are WM and TLC. So I rewatch those matches a lot.

    I loved Cody Rhodes win over Rey, totally unpredictable. Although it was somewhat suspected, because of this site reporting that Rey wanted to face Cody. So I kind of figured from a smark view that he would do the job to Cody clean. But from a fan perspective, totally unpredictable.

    I hate that in both those ppv's, the Miz won cheaply. There was no reason at TLC that they had to restart the match, only for A-Rly to get knocked into Orton. Either have Miz win cleanly, or keep the first finish. That first finish reminded me of Eddy G. tossing the chair at his opponent and then hitting the ground. It's a damn shame what WWE has made good heels into.

    - Artful by name, Dodger by nature
  5. Amerinaine's Avatar
    Probably should have added Kurt Angle to one of the greatest heels of the 90's. I mean, he could draw heat from even the most pacifist of the pacifists.
  6. K Faybe's Avatar
    Interesting Blog, I agree with you, heels are badly written.
    CM Punk WAS a great heel as he said he would beat Cena and leave with belt & he did, but they rushed perhaps the best storyline in nearly 10 years & now he's lost direction in this conspiracy angle & by the looks of last nights Raw he looked like a face in team with Cena.
    In my opinion Ziggler & Rhodes are the nearest things to a 'classic' heel WWE has got now
  7. thetheme's Avatar
    Ok, let me get this out of the way. What you said about the 80's and 90's heels, very true. These were the times where a gimmick stood out and it was a high quality to be hated because of what they said or did. But when you think about it, it was the big faces and the managers that made the heels look so good. There were storylines that lasted for months not just days or weeks. There were build ups that were solid and had logic to them, so the line wasn't that hard to push until it came to the matches.

    Now lets get to now. Swagger, Barrett and Drew has this in common. When they were up and comming, the internet dip shits started saying negative things about them and not looking at the big picture of having a good quality heel that was talented in the ring and decent on the mic. There are people that work for the wwe that take a look at what people are saying on these sites and take some of them into account when it comes to heels they are trying to build up. What happened to Swagger and Drew was ridiculous, but Barrett was a victim of bad timing and here's why.

    The fans weren't really convienced with nexus to begin with, once again ignoring the big picture. Everything was supposed to come to head in November. Barrett was getting his title shot and if he lost, Cena was "fired". Now the fact was we all knew that Cena wasn't going anywhere, so Barrett should have won the title. But something happened that never should have, and it has to do with my next point.

    The awful one, the dick magnet, the jizz (miz) cashed in the MITB and actually WON the title. The WTF-ness said it all. Many people said THIS is the champion? After all the people that haven't won it and of all the talent you have (like Christian), THIS is what you have to offer? IMO it was an insult. There is no way that you can compare the jizz to someone like Hogan, Austin, Rock, Angle, HBK, Eddie or Macho Man to name a few but they put the title on him. I was DONE with the wwe after that.

    I was watching for 30 years, and nothing could ever convience me of that garbage. When that happened, Barrett was shoved out of the way while jizz was shoved down everyones' throats. However, many men wanted that to happen and it was just because he was against Cena. No more, no less. He is annoying on the mic, blows chunks in the ring, and he was shoved down our throats. He had Riley help him, well duh. That was his character, being a running away from a fight, help needing crying little bitch.

    Del Rio... He was EVERYTHING that people had asked for. Mic skills, check. Wrestling ability, check. Good gimmick, check. Great enterance, check. Went threw feuds, check. Did things ALONE or rarely need help, check. However he didn't win most of the grown men over, so they decided to fuck with people and give it back to Cena. It was like saying, "look, we gave you quality people and you still found reasons to complain and bitch, so we are going to fuck with all of you and give it back to Cena and Orton, the ones you hate until you understand". He just destroyed Morrison which was very very fucked up, but he needs that mean streak to be taken seriously.

    Truth only got ONE shot at the title which was ridiculous, nuff said about that.

    Christian was a crying little bitch most of the time, that's his heel character. He is great in the ring and on the mic, but he has to do something devestaing so he would look like a force.

    Cody is good, but until he beats someone like Sheamus (which I don't see happening) he will be stuck as a midcarder.

    Mark Henry... I totally MARKED OUT AND JUMPED AROUND when he won the title. They should keep it on him for at least 3 months to make his title win credible. If they give it back to dick lolipopping Orton it would be so stupid, but there are already people complaining about Mark winning the title so in 2 weeks you know what that means...

    One of the main problems is the balance with faces and heels. Either we have super faces, midcarders, or jokes. Then the heels are whiny, bitchy, and not powerful or believable enough to take the super faces down. They got it right with Mark Henry, but look at Raw. As far as Cena being beaten cleanly, who is a heel that is a REAL SERIOUS THREAT that can take him down without any bullshit involved? We need more larger than life faces and heels, not jokes and bitchy. And finally people need to stop bitching online when the company gives what people ask for. They can't make everyone happy at the same time.

    Sorry I answered your blog with a blog on my own and I vented a bit, but all of these things came to mind and had to be said. Even though this is my opinion there will be people that won't agree somewhat and that's fine.
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