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WWE Legends of Tomorrow

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With the absence of some of the bigger stars (Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Batista, etc) and some lackluster storylines, the WWE seems a little stale at the moment. But at a time like this, the future of the WWE has never looked soo promising. An abundance of talented up and coming wrestlers have slowly started making a name for themselves in front of the WWE universe. I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge some of todays WWE superstars that just might become tomorrow's WWE legends.

1. MVP - When MVP was drafted to RAW in April of 2009, i thought that it was gonna be his time to shine. It looked as if he might be started a on going feud with RAW's top heel Randy Orton. The feud was cut short, and MVP went on to wrestle in singles competition and occasionally teaming with Mark Henry. Now here we are over a year later and MVP is still waiting for his shot. I see a lot of potential in MVP, he's got a lot of charisma and is talented wreslter. I believe that he could be major challenger for the WWE World Title, and maybe even champion, if given the opportunity. I would like to see him be a little more serious, and maybe make a heel turn on his way into the main event picture. Even without the heel turn, I think that he should be moved up to the main event picture.

2. John Morrison - John Morrison is one of my favorite wrestlers to watch, cause he's constantly displaying his incredible athletisicism. He's already established himself in the Intercontinental and Tag Team division, with multiple title reigns. During recent matches with Chris Jericho and Sheamus, he's shown that he can have some great matches with some of the top WWE stars. Just like I stated with MVP earlier, I think John Morrison is ready to spend some time in the main event picture. He could add some much needed excitement, that's missing with just having the same guys in the main event ( John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Wade Barrett). I'm not saying that its time for him to win the World Title, but challenging for it every now and then, would be a step in the right direction.

3. Jack Swagger - Some would argue that since he's already held the World Title, Jack Swagger shouldn't be on this list. But in my eyes, the best is yet to come for Swagger. He may be the most promising of all the up and comers that I've got listed. With his amateur wrestling background, he's got in ring ability. His height and strength let him not only be a skilled grappler but a power wrestler as well. In addition to his ability and his size, he seems very comfortable on the microphone. I love hearing him come out and talk about all the things he's accomplished and all the trophies he's won. I'm sure to some its annoying, but he's a bad guy, he's supposed to get under your skin. I think that Swagger did really well with his recent 'main event / semi main event' push, and should continue to be used at this level.

4. Kofi Kingston - If Jack Swagger is the most promising wrestler on this list, then Kofi Kingston is a close 2nd place. Kofi is exciting to watch in the ring, with many moves like Trouble in Paradise and the Ranhei that he can hit at the drop of a hat. In addition to those moves, he also has the Boom Drop, which gets a great reaction from the fans. But Kofi's talents don't stop there, he's good at doing interviews, being humorous when he wants to be or being serious when the situation calls for it. Its the excitement from his in ring arsenal and his way of conveying emotion that helps give him such a great connection with the crowd. The fans love Kofi Kingston, and there's really no question as to why they do. Just as I mentioned with John Morrison, Kofi would add some much needed excitement to the main event of SmackDown or Raw.

5. Christian - Christian has done a good job of making a name for himself over the past decade. He's a former Intercontintal and Tag Team champion in the WWE and has even held the World Title in TNA. Since returning to the WWE Christian has had some great matches with wrestlers like Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Edge, and Shelton Benjamin. I think Christian is another performer that could be used in a higher position in the company. Christian could step up and challenge the World champion or even attempt at another run for the Intercontinental championship.

6. The Miz - I must admit....I'm a Mizfit. I love the Miz because he is so good at not only getting under the crowds skin, but also his opponent's. He is really good on the microphone and although he's no Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels, he's still a good wrestler. His match with Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) at Night of Champions was great. He's got a guaranteed World Title match in his future, thanks to his Money in the Bank win, and already has already been a multiple time United States and Tag Team champion. I think the Miz is on the fast track to becoming a main event wrestler in the WWE.

7. Cody Rhodes - When Cody first showed up in WWE I wasn't really impressed. But the moment that he turned heel I noticed an improvement. He seemed to fit his heel persona during his partnership with with Ted Dibiase. When Legacy split-up earlier this year, I was worried Cody was going to get lost in the shuffle. But recently with his new 'Dashing' gimmick, Cody is becoming one of my favorite parts of Friday Night SmackDown. Since becoming 'Dashing', not only has Cody's character and mic skills improved, it looks to me as if he has stepped up his wrestling skills as well. The only thing that I don't like about Cody is his tag team partnership with Drew McEntyre, as I would prefer Cody to be a singles wrestler at this point in his career. Cody's star is really just starting to shine, and I believe he's got a great future ahead of him. Its only a matter of time before he has multiple Intercontinental or US championship reigns to his name.

8. Santino Marella - I feel sorry for Santino. Marella is hilarious, but he's probably the most under utilized talents in WWE. In late 2007- early 2009, Santino was at his best. During this time he was used as a comic relief character, but still considered a contender on the WWE roster. Today Santino is used purely for comedy with wrestling being almost non-existant in his storylines. Santino should be used more like Kurt Angle, Edge and Christian, and even the Rock. These men are all examples of wrestlers that could be funny and still wrestle serious matches. Lets hope the WWE realizes this soon , because Santino could be a much bigger star and in turn could help others become bigger stars in the company.

9. Evan Bourne - My dad refers to Evan Bourne as 'the lovable loser'. Everyone loves Evan Bourne but currently he's just used to put other people over. He had a short feud with Chris Jericho a few months ago, but since then he's been moved to jobbing to random people and teaming with Mark Henry. I think its time the WWE starts putting Evan in a program with someone and starts to push him a bit more. I think after establishing himself a bit more, Evan would make a perfect Intercontinental Champion or United States Champion. Or Evan could be used to help revive the cruiserweight division.

10. Goldust - Goldust hasn't been used as a serious wrestler in years, spending the past so many years being used in the same sense that they use Santino. In recent weeks, the WWE has put Goldust in a program with Ted Dibiase Jr. And judging from the reaction that he got during the first week of this program, the fans are interested in seeing Goldust used as more of a competitor than a comedy act. I think Goldust is good wrestler, and that he could be used to help some of the younger wrestlers fine-tune their skills. I would love to see him work a program against his brother Cody.

11. R-Truth - When I think of R-Truth, I can't help but think of late 2000 and a wrestler known as K-Kwik. I never really was interested in K-Kwik while he was in WWF. However, everytime I see R-Truth perform he shows me that his skills have grown and he's come a long way from his days as K-Kwik. He's a good wrestler, and is able to connect with the fans really well with his singing gimmick. I did enjoy 'What's Up?!' more than his current song. I think instead of singing the exact same lyrics in his song each week, he should change it up a bit and say something about his opponent or the town that he's in. It would give a more personal touch to his appearances and may lead to some memorable moments. (Example: "Remember the time he said -this- about Nashville?" or "Remember that time R-Truth wrestled John Cena and said -that- about him before the match?)

12. Dolph Ziggler - As I've told someone before, Dolph reminds me of a mix of Mr. Perfect, 1992 era Shawn Michaels, and Billy Gunn. I enjoy watching Dolph compete and I'm glad to see him with the Intercontinental title. I think he's at a good spot for him at the moment. The main thing that I wish they would change about him are his finishing moves. The Zig-Zag looks sloppy and seems too much like the Codebreaker and the BackStabber. As far as the Sleeper Hold goes, I think it would be better as a finisher for a bigger guy than Ziggler. I would like to see Dolph use a finisher that fits him a bit better, something that he could execute fairly quickly.

13. Ted Dibiase - If there is a 2nd Generation wrestler that should steal their fathers gimmick, its Ted Jr. If the Million Dollar Man was filthy rich then why shouldn't his son be? I like the spoiled rich kid gimmick that Ted Jr has, its believable to me because I grew up watching his rich father. I think Ted still has some growing to do as far as in the ring and on the microphone, but I think he's on his way.

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  1. Cornzone2's Avatar
    Good choices. I would have CM Punk and Daniel Bryan at the top of my list. Punks proven himself both in the ring and on the mic, and is way over as a heel. And Daniel Bryan has proven himself in the ring, arguably stealing the show at every PPV he's been on. And I think in a little while his mic work will improve greatly.
  2. Ellis_D_01's Avatar
    Thanks, Well I did have Daniel Bryan on the list, but ran out of room. I've watched him wrestle in ROH a few times over the years, and he's even better than what they've shown on WWE so far. I think he has the ability to go far, if the WWE gives him the chance.
    I'm a huge CM Punk fan as well, the only reason that I didn't include him is that he's spend the majority of the past year or two wrestling in main event or semi main event matches. So I know the WWE knows what he can do, and hopefully will put him back in the main events again soon.

    There's actually a few other names that I would like to see where their careers go in the next few years; Kaval, Tyson Kidd, DH Smith, Drew McEntyre, Husky Harris, Joe Hennig, Lucky Cannon. I like what I've seen out of all of these guys, but it may be a bit too early to tell for sure.
  3. Stihltygre's Avatar
    ok i just don't get it ... i HATE Christian, he moves like a duck with a cheezeburger up his @$$, his promo's are good , not great but good and he's too far along in his career to really make them spectacular.
    most of your list i agree with, not as much a fan of Swagger the angle has been done to death. I didn't like Ziggler till he started with Bryan, now i see some story telling. Dibiase and Rhodes just need something , no clue what but they bore the hell out of me. I love Morella and i think we will see him learning to " hold his own" i suspect Morrison is going to take a "guru" role in a new Morella. MVP is one of the most wasted talents they have. i would have to say numbers 1 and 2 for my list would be Punk and MVP, followed close by Truth.
  4. 82ndlife's Avatar
    I agree the only problem is that when vince gets his guys hell let them live forever and if he doesnt like you screw u, example sheamus example mvp he hates the coloreds tna will have another did i say another black champ before wwe has its first the rock isn't black p.s. but its as dark as vince will go mvp, kofi even santino gets more pop then when irish eyes are smiling
  5. Ellis_D_01's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Stihltygre
    ok i just don't get it ... i HATE Christian, he moves like a duck with a cheezeburger up his @$$, his promo's are good , not great but good and he's too far along in his career to really make them spectacular.
    most of your list i agree with, not as much a fan of Swagger the angle has been done to death. I didn't like Ziggler till he started with Bryan, now i see some story telling. Dibiase and Rhodes just need something , no clue what but they bore the hell out of me. I love Morella and i think we will see him learning to " hold his own" i suspect Morrison is going to take a "guru" role in a new Morella. MVP is one of the most wasted talents they have. i would have to say numbers 1 and 2 for my list would be Punk and MVP, followed close by Truth.
    I'm not as big of a Christian fan as I was before he left for TNA, but I still like him. Swagger is really well rounded from what I've seen so far. He's got amateur wrestling skills, he's got size and strength, and he's good on the mic. The best thing about him though, is that he's just getting started in his pro career.
    I think Rhodes is starting to find his place with his 'Dashing' gimmick, he is loads better as a heel than he was as a face when he first showed up. I will definitely agree with you though, Ted Dibiase is missing something, but he's got potential. If he ever finds that missing ingrediant, he could be huge.
    I hope that they start using Marella a bit more seriously. Don't get me wrong, I love his comedy act, but he's just a big joke right now. I think its possible to be funny have a decent storyline.
    I also gotta agree with you on MVP. I don't know what it is but he seems like he's ready to step up if they would just give him a chance. There are guys in the company that can wrestle better than him, but he's still a good wrestler. And he has a ton of confidence and charisma.
  6. SaberToothTigerz's Avatar
    MVP will probably quit wwe anytime now..
    I predict good things for morrison
    same goes for jack swagger
    I believe kofi kingston will get far in the business but maybe not to a wwe legend status..but hey that's just me..i still support morrison more.
    Christian is already there man..
    The miz is certainly getting his push, hopefully he will improve alot specially in his in ring skills.
    Cody rhodes? We'll see..if yet to be impressed by him..
    lmao santino marella? xD u gotta be kidding me ok sure i should cut him some slack but seriously santino wont get far he may give us some good moments but i honestly doubt santino xD he is at the bottom of my list.
    Evan bourne...well..since wwe doesnt gives high flyers too much of a chance i dont see bourne getting too far..
    Goldust..for as much as i hate his gimmick..he very well might become one..
    R truth..I am not impressed yet all he does there is singing although i cant point out his agility the guy literally flies in the ring, but..still to early to be assuming he might be a wwe legend in the future.
    Dolph ziggler is impressive in the ring alright but it takes more than that.
    Instead of ziggler i see daniel bryan.
    ted dibiase jr great choice i agree with u
    also u should add cm punk to the list.

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