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Marks in glass houses (A WWE/TNA blog)

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So yesterday WWE had yet another dissapointing PPV. Many of us watched it even though we predicted how crappy it would be. That being said I can get to my points:

Title Changes

Let's see John Cena went a whole year last year without being the champion (or so I've read) so naturally WWE had to compensate by making him the champion for the 3rd time in 6 months this year. Of course in the process Super Cena burries legitimate wrestlers making their reigns seem insignificant (ADR and Misterio). Personally I don't see the point in giving ADR the title if they were just gonna have Super Cena take it away again a month later. Feels pretty similar to what they did to Christian even though Christian deserved the belt more and had it a shorter time.

Also in my next dissapointing title match of the night Kelly Kelly beat Beth once again to retain the Diva's title. Poor Beth can't even pull off a win against the horrible Kelly Kelly in her home town so her odds of winning it from Kelly any time soon seem to be nonexistant. After 2 consecutive losses at the hands of Kelly it's clear that the Divas of Doom are all bark and no bite (at least from a storyline angle since they can't pull off a win). I find it dissapointing that some people actually defend Kelly by saying she's gotten better. Am I the only one who thinks that a championship shouldn't be held by someone who's getting better during her reign but by someone who's already good? At this point I can see WWE moving Beth away from the feud with Kelly and having Eve go for the belt next probably winning it (which would be a step up from Kelly's constant botching).

Only title match I was glad to see was Mark vs Orton and mostly because finally after some time Orton wasn't the best and didn't pull off the Super Cena win in the end. Mark Henry may not be the best at promos but anyone can see the man can hold his own and is a good wrestler so it's about time he got his title run. Having his win be over Orton cements him as a main eventer.


Ok so overall the PPV was pretty predictible. Besides the people who seem to always win (John and Kelly) we had Triple H winning. Now I don't know about everyone else but the moment that special stipulation was added to the match I knew HHH was winning it. His run as COO just started and it wans't gonna end that soon. Regardless if people got involved in the match or not in the end he got a clean win over Punk which doesn't help his image at all. While I can see HHH later giving Punk a clean win it might not happen any time soon with his role of COO which leaves Punk looking just like the Divas of Doom (all bark and no bite). The match also featured the surprise return of Nash which everyone had to see coming. I really feel they should've kept the match without that special stipulation and have HHH put over Punk, but either they wanna pronlong this feud (which doesn't need prolonging) or they wanted to show HHH still has it even if he's been gone a while.

I'll admit I didn't predict the John and Kelly wins exactly, but that was the optimist in me thinking maybe WWE would give ADR and Beth an actual chance as opposed to having them lose yet again to the superior (by WWE standards) Jhn and Kelly.

As a side note regarding WWE programming in general does anyone else think Punk's promos have become almost repetitive lately? I mean sure the words are different but the overall message seems to be the same. Seems that ever since his ground breaking promo a while back all WWE wants to do is have him repeat that kind of impact he got, but it's less interesting now because as they say once you've reached the top there's nowhere else to go but down. Can't say anything else is worth mentinoning on this subject so I'll move on.

TNA/Impact Wrestling

TNA is far from perfect I'll say that righ now. They do indeed rehash WWE storylines and feuds, do boring angles and change titles around often. However, I'll also give credit where credit is due and fact is they put on a hell of a show. I have been bored by parts of it and also extremely amused by other parts of it. WWE's no different and it sure has some lame segments that remind me why DVR is so valuable.

Thing is that as a fan of both products who's been labeled as a TNA mark at times merely for pointing out its value I find that the title of my blog is very fitting marks in glass houses because there are some people who while knowing how bad WWE can be at times defend it to the death even justifying what they know is crap all the while attacking TNA for their shortcomings and refuse to acknowledge that maybe in some things TNA is not as bad as they wanna say. Both feds have some bad wrestlers, both feds do boring storylines at times and as proven by Cena and in general the fact that the title has changed hands 7 times this year alone we can see that TNA is not the only place where titles switch hands like a hot potato.

So in closing I'm not saying people should stop watching WWE and watch TNA instead, I'm also not saying everyone who watches WWE should also try watching TNA, all I'm saying is before we start pointing fingers maybe we should look at the faults of the fed we support and realize they're not so different after all.

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  1. AOF666's Avatar
    I completely agree, I watch both companies. I see the flaws both companies have, they seem to be almost identical in most cases.
  2. Theicon's Avatar
    I also agree & i watch both companies also. Its pretty clear to me that the negative comments come mainly from the biased E fans who think the sun shines out of Vinces ass.
  3. HCollins-TNA1's Avatar
    Very good... and true.....
    Both does have their problems..... Both seem to do old story-lines.... or all wrestling companies does.....
    That why I'm a fan of all Wrestling.... TNA/IW, WWE, ROH, NWA, and Indys and International....
  4. kjell's Avatar
    I thought the PPV was good. And although some of the matches were predictable, others were not and there was not a bad match on the entire card. Every match on the card contained some good wrestling.

    Now, I don't follow TNA so I don't know how good/bad it is, but I think you are beeing too harsh with WWE. Much can be improved, but i think you are painting everything too dark. It seems to me like you are bashing WWE waaay to much just to justify your "marks in glass houses" phrase.
  5. SilverGhost's Avatar
    Very good blog!
  6. Glamour Girl's Avatar
    I don't really think I'm being that harsh. I'm not saying WWE has nothing good, in fact I specifically pointed out I watched both. But the point of my blog was to discuss how they do just as many bad things as TNA. I'm by no means a TNA mark, but I do appreciate an alternative to WWE at times and don't think it's fair that people always seem to point out their shortcomings without realizing WWE has the same problems as pointed out in detail by this blog. However, I'm willing to accept any points against my own.
  7. kjell's Avatar
    yep. thats why we are here right? read each others opinion and voice our own. I personally think that talking to people with the same opinions as me is boring, so reading opposite opinions of my own is interesting, and quite frankly healty to see things from the opposite site
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