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Bragging Rights - Opinions on the Card and Matches

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Bragging Rights is all about the Bragging Rights match. But I don't think the WWE should have one match for the Bragging Rights trophy. If it was up to me, the entire card would consist of the following 5 matches every year (obv dependant on who is on what show and who are are the champs). With the overall winning brand winning Bragging Rights:

Match One: Dolph Ziggler (SmackDown) vs Daniel Bryan (Raw) - IC Champ vs US Champp
Winner: Ziggler (SmackDown 1 - 0 Raw)
This match is on the card anyway

Match Two: McIntyre and Rhodes (SmackDown) vs The Hart Dynasty (Raw) - Tag title match, SmackDown team vs Raw team
Winners: McIntyre and Rhodes (SmackDown 2 - 0 Raw)
This could have been done if they wouldn't have rushed through there short rivalry

Match Three: Layla (SmackDown) vs Natalya (Raw) - Divas Title, SmackDown diva vs Raw diva
Winner: Natalya via DQ (SmackDown 2 - 1 Raw)
This match is on the card anyway
Or instead of this match, perhaps have a multi diva tag team match between raw and smackdown

Match Four: Kane (SmackDown) vs Randy Orton (Raw) - World Champ vs WWE Champ
Winner: Randy Orton (SmackDown 2 - 2 Raw)
This could have happened if Undertaker took a beating at Hell in a Cell and had to take a few weeks off, and costing Kane the match upon his return, have the Buried Alive Match at Survivor Series. And if the WWE could have had Barrett and Cena doing something else until SS where it could have been Orton vs Barrett

Match Five: Team SmackDown (Big Show, Edge, Swagger, Del Rio, Rey, Reks) vs Team Raw (The Miz, Sheamus, CM Punk, Ezekiel Jackson, Santino, Morrison and Truth)
Winners: Team Raw (SmackDown 2 - 3 Raw)
Which is on the card anyway

So therefore, Raw win the Bragging Rights Trophy with 3 wins to 2

I'm not saying that this should have happened, but I think this type of style to win the trophy would make the PPV more unique.

What do you think to my idea of what the concept should be?

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  1. CMhuw24's Avatar
    I like the sound of this because it seems at the moment they have three matches to decide, and im guessing this year will be smackdown win one, raw win one, and then its all dramatic for the final.
    AT least with 5 matches youu can have variation
  2. THUNDER's Avatar
    True.It's not a bad idea,but maybe it's better to stick to the story(I mean not talking about Orton vs Kane).I hope Daniel Bryan wins with Natalya afterwards.Later...I don't really care about the Tag Team Championship so let's say that The Hart Dynasty breaks down and looses.Even though I wouldn't like it Taker's gonna lose because of his real-life injury,but the ending of the match may be something better than Kane winning ordinarily.I think someone is going to interfere and maybe screw both brothers in some way.And finally there've been talkings about Miz's star rising at Bragging Rights,so he'll probably be the only survivor of Team Raw at the end of the match.And in the end I'm puzzled with what might happen.I have 2 versions of what's gonna happen with the WWE championship match.The 1st one is Orton beating Berrett and Cena getting in trouble with Nexus,and the 2nd one is Cena helping Berrett win,than Cena beating Berrett down for all that he did before,Orton wakeing up and RKO-ing Berrett and finally Miz cashing in his contract

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