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My Night of Champions Reaction

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First time blogger here typing immediately after watching Night of Champions and here are my thoughts.

I have a lot of respect for John Cena, he's clearly a work horse and he makes a hell of a lot of money for the WWE, but for the love of god when are they going to realize that he doesn't need the WWE Title?
Once again Creative ruin an up and coming star by giving him a month long title reign not only cheapening the WWE Title by having so many title changes but also boring fans by giving it back to Cena for the millionth time and crushing another chance to build a new star.

I know Alberto Del Rio has his haters and I must say i'm not his biggest fan, but for me, he was doing enough to be interesting as champion.
We already know that Cena has a programme coming up with the Rock, starting at Survivor Series where they will team together in what is thought to be a 5 on 5 traditional Survivor Series Match... so why the hell does Cena need the title?

In my opinion I would have left the strap on Del Rio and set up a match with CM Punk at Survivor Series for the championship.
Cena can then move on to his stuff with the Rock and Triple H can move onto a clear up and coming power struggle feud with "Johnny Ace" and Kevin Nash.

As for Smackdown, again I know Henry has his haters, but I think its actually a step in the right direction.
Even though the world strongest man has been around for 15 years, it still feels fresh.
I also like what they are doing with Sheamus and Christian and echo the ideas of others that they will be in the title picture soon.

In my opinion Orton should take some much needed time off giving Henry a chance to have a decent run.
The most important thing here is that they don't screw everything up by giving Orton back the title at Hell in a Cell.
Like Cena, he doesn't need it right now. Sure I would bring him back into the title picture later in the year or maybe even early next year around Royal Rumble/Wrestlemania time but right now is the time of year the WWE should be pushing their young stars and building them.

Other things I liked at the Night of Champions PPV:
The Miz and R-Truth are building some good momentum right now, at first I thought it was crazy to put these two together as in my opinion they should be getting pushed as singles competitors.
However, every time I see them it shows me that actually, Creative do get some things right.
They are a huge plus point right now.

I also liked Cody Rhodes vs Ted Dibiase, In my opinion a solid match between two guys who are massively under rated.
I expect at some point that Dibiase will win the Intercontinental Title and hopefully Rhodes will move on to bigger things.

Things I Didn't Like:
I thought the main event was a little chaotic.
Don't get me wrong I thought it was a good match and helped build a few storylines (Awesome Truth, Nash Return, Johnny Ace etc.) but it felt a little rushed with so much going on in the last couple of minutes of the PPV.
I just thought it could have been planned a little better.

R-Truth Stopped The Count?
Truth has been complaining for weeks about conspiracy theories surrounding Triple H as COO, CM Punk was about to win a match which would remove him from the job but Truth stopped the count.
This made absolutely no sense what so ever.

No Daniel Bryan?
Isn't this guy in the main event at Wrestlemania?
Shouldn't you really be pushing him by now?

Thanks for reading, and please let me know what you think but remember, this is just my opinion, I hope you respect it, as much as I will respect yours.

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Updated 09-19-2011 at 02:53 PM by wphill

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. jelle1809's Avatar
    Hey new blog member

    You've made a good blog. As for the points you gave with Cena & Orton I completely agree with you. They both really don't need them right now. Also you are right what you state in your negative poitns. Everything felt kind off rushed in the last minutes of the PPV, Creative should have made some better plannings.

    Good job.
  2. mrfargo's Avatar
    Great Blog, I agree with most, but when you say the ref was counting HHH out, this was a no DQ match, there was no counting out.
  3. AOF666's Avatar
    I don't like Cena being champ neither but in this case it was a good idea. Let's face it, Cena buried Del Rio in one promo, he exposed him as a fraud and a coward. Also look it at WWE point of view, Del Rio embarrassed WWE, they gave him a title, then he had a hard time getting a work visa. For 2 weeks their WWE champ wasn't their, he wasn't liable, they couldn't count on him being there when they needed him. Del Rio should of make sure everything was taking cae of before they decide to make him champ.
  4. EricChampion's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mrfargo
    Great Blog, I agree with most, but when you say the ref was counting HHH out, this was a no DQ match, there was no counting out.
    He said Truth stopped the count as in the pin fall.
  5. wphill's Avatar
    Yeah sorry mrfargo, I should have been more clear, I meant he stopped the pin fall.

    AOF666, I never thought of it like that but I agree with you, Del Rio did embarrass the WWE... I just wish they didn't give the belt back to Cena.

    Having just watched RAW im sure you would have heard about the Triple Threat Hell In A Cell match which includes Alberto Del Rio, they could have made this match on Raw last night without giving the belt back to Cena and the main event would have been exactly the same.
  6. lastcall's Avatar
    I would have liked to see Del Rio keep a hold of the title a little longer...doesn't make sence for him to loose to Cena then squash someone like John Morrison the very next night...if he was that good he wouldn't have lost to Cena in the first place....
    Couldn't agree more about Byran...why is he not actually makes the money in the bank weak as even if you win it and cash it in you just loose it at your 1st ppv defence.
  7. LoGik's Avatar
    i disliked how cena go the belt back so quick but...maybe its a way to get the belt back on punk without giving him another win over cena and not having punk use cheap tactics. i was glad mark henry got the WHC because he deserved it. it was nice to see orton lose clean. the miz and r truths entrance was the best of the night "YOU SUCK"!

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