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Night of Champion Review

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So, this is my first wrestling blog in a LONG, LONG time! So, please bare with me on this one. I'm actually a pretty educated wrestling fan and I actually want to at some point in my life get into the business as booker, or something behind the scenes. Not really sure how just yet, but I'll do it some how. Anyways, enough of that synopsis here is my Review of NOC.

IC Title Match: Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase

It was a good match, it just made Cody look really good and reminded everyone that DiBiase can actually work a ring. But if anyone expected a different outcome they were obviously just started watching on Friday. I expected a much more decisive victory then we got, maybe they will actually take this feud somewhere. But not likely since Ted lacks charisma more times than not.

US Title Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Alex Riley vs. John Morrison vs. Jack Swagger

I went into this match expecting it to be awesome and it did not disappoint. I think Swagger came out of this match looking the best. Resilient and dominant which I think are all things a future champion should be. I knew for a fact that Riley and Morrison weren't going to win this at all since the real program is Swagger/Ziggler. However, the false finish between Riley and Swagger had me on the edge of my seat. Anyways, Ziggler retaining wasn't what I thought was going to happen. I expected a Swagger victory and for him to take Vickie, but I think this storyline is going down the path of turning Swagger face. Which may not be a bad idea. But I'm happy Ziggler kept the belt I'm really enjoying that the mid-card is getting some action.

WWE Tag Team title match: Air-Boom vs. Miz and R-Truth

I figured Air-Boom would score the upset after getting beat by Miz and Truth in singles action on both Raw and Smackdown. However, I thought the booking and psychology of this match was BRILLIANT! It really kept the conspiracy thing going and didn't stale out the tag team division with a decisive win or loss, like what happened years ago with Jeri-Show. I think the match was great wrestling, the storytelling was great. I literally couldn't find one thing wrong with it. I hope to see a rematch at HIAC.

Diva's Championship Match: Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix

Let me be the first to say that I, along with the rest of the world, thought that Kelly Kelly had no chance at Summer Slam and more so at NOC, regardless of it being in Buffalo. I think this is the best match that Kelly Kelly has ever put on. Beth played well to the crowd, even though she is supposed to be a heel. I'm shocked by 1) the superplex and 2) Beth losing a second straight time to Kelly Kelly. I really don't like Kelly, I literally have no idea how she has gotten so over, but I can see why she kept it. But I expect to see a rematch in 2 weeks.

World's Heavyweight Championship Match: Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry

I want to go on record and say that I totally called a clean Mark Henry victory tonight. It would of been extremely poor booking if Henry didn't go over Orton. I thought the match was well done. The psychology was great. The best ring work I think I've ever seen from Henry, and lets also say mic work for this post match promo. I think Orton really put on a great show and carried Henry to a great match, like so many people thought was impossible. They even had me doubting if Henry could get it done and I've been behind Henry since taking out Show. Great match, I'm excited to see where the "Hall of Pain" goes from here.

WWE Championship Match: Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena

After all of the Punk/Cena stuff it would seem that it took TWO transitional Champions, Punk and Del Rio, to make it look like Cena was out of the title picture. But it was not to be. I was behind Del Rio the whole time. I thought the match was great, Del Rio looked awesome and credibile throughout the match which is tough against Cena. I thought ADR needed the belt more than Cena did. But upon further analysis. Del Rio is just really, really boring. He's great in the ring don't get me wrong, but he's really boring and repetitive on the microphone. At least Cena's repetitiveness is entertaining to a degree. So, I'm actually pretty happy that Cena is champion again. It means we'll see an increase in Raw ratings and Cena Merch sales. More money for the WWE I guess.

No DQ Match: CM Punk vs. Triple H

Can you say over-booked? It started off great! The passion was there. It was definitely a fight all the way to the very end. Punk looked awesome as usual, HHH looked as if he had been wrestling all year. But at the end of the day, I just got really confused. The Miz/Truth run in doesn't surprise me, but the fact that they attacked both HHH and Punk does. Then Johnny prevents the ref from counting out Punk, that was cool. but then Truth prevents Punk from pinning HHH? Which confuses me because 3 mins ago they wanted him to win. Then Nash, predictable, runs his course but yet Punk saves HHH? Seriously? Thank goodness for Sledgehammers to end the chaos! A HHH win is perfectly fine and what I expected to keep the story rolling. But goodness over-booked to the MAX!

I thought NOC was a great show. Left a lot of questions for all the feuds, has created the possibility to start more as well. I look forward to Raw tomorrow night and HIAC in two weeks. I give the show a 8/10! One of the best shows of the year. That is the end of my blog. Leave comments let me know what you think. Until next time!

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  1. steveorton's Avatar
    Nice blog mate. I also think it was a great show and Punk vs HHH lived up to the hype, ie. to leave us asking questions so we would tune into Raw the next day. Hope you get your dream job too man.
  2. jrsckilla23's Avatar
    Great Blog but what you said about your glad John Cena is champion again is just plain sorry and it won't bring ratings HELL NO!!! but yeah he will sell merchandise cuz that's the only thing he's good at and only entertains the people who buy his merchandise Nuff said cuz I've CENA NUFF
  3. Tall's Avatar
    After reading your blog I attempted my own. Always the sign of a good blog if it inspires others to write about the same topic. If you are interested in working behind the scenes for WWE you should listen to the Formerly Creative podcast by David Lagana. He was SmackDown head writer for years and if you want real insight into the business and how it works, as opposed to what some guy on the internet says, you should give it a whirl. Good luck though
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    Mixed reaction frm my end...In India..we have a broadcast of all events with one week delay..thatz why I'm not on EWN for this week...

    It ended in mixed reactions...I luvd the IC was gud story telling...US title is one of teh best for the night...I luvd the way story is goin b/n swagger n ziggler...I though swagger wins..never the less a gud ending..n I want to see Swagger as US champ..u know who can be a better US champ than ALL American American?? The title suits his gimmick and also he's a class in ring performer...

    Tag Team match is very gud story telling n I luvd the way it ended in Utter Chaos I am luving Awesome Truth!!! n also AirBoom as a team is lukin very gud...

    Worlld heavy weight championship match is an awesome one...n I was very very glad that, Henry became a world championship..he can be a gr8 heel..I hope he stays for a long time..n I can imagine many rivalries for him..with RKO coz, then there is sheamus..may be with Xtian..returning show or Kane n teh list can go on...his post match promo was awesome...actually i heard some sections chanting Henry Henry..thatz gr8!!

    I'm dis appointed by the ending of Women's championship match..

    WWE Championship match happened gud..but teh ending is SICK!! Damn SICK!!! Cena AGAIN??? come ON!! I got a feeling that, Punk's promo was not a prepared one..but, it mt hav been a shoot promo..but after the ratings..WWE mt hav used it...n now they wrote some stories only to make cena a champ appease US cena haters..they gave a story to Punk...

    I'm very much dis-appointed by the ending!!!

    Punk/HHH made me go I felt like I was inthe middle of monday ni8 wars...watching WCW NWO era...its gr8!!!

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