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Top 5 Best Highflyers

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Top 5 Best Highflyers

Let me just say that this is my opinon of who I think are the best Highflyers,so that doesn't mean that they actually are the best.

Highflyers have been in wrestling for decades now.They wow the crowd many times in a match, and normaly makes fans stand on there feet whith amazement.Anyway lets get to it.

#5 Jeff Hardy

Hate him as a man but not a in ring performer.This man has put is life for us so many times just to get a reaction from the crowd.What kind of man would put his body through all of that.Jeff Hardy is the type of man capable whith that.I know some of you may be thinking he is more of a extreame wrestle like mic foley or something but he is quit a highflyer and not just a extream risk taker.I think if he never got removed of WWE for his drugs,we would probbably see something like him vs randy orton for the World Heavy Weight Championship,or maby even him vs Cristian or you never know a triple threat match from them all.WWE realy trusted Jeff Hardy to maby be the future face of the company that is why they let him defeat people like The Undertaker.I think sooner or later it would have been Jeff vs Cena at a Wrestlemania to find out who is the better.There no hope for that happenning anytime soon or ever.

#4 Rob Van Dam

This guy is just unique.Sheer athleticism and creativity made him into the star he is now.When he is going to wrestle you just know its going to be great,he does things like spring of the the rope so he could slingshot himself on his opponent.When he goes on the top turnbuckle its kinda cool,hes fearless in the air that is why he is one of the best.He can do frog splash from far,I know he does that a lot but its still worth metionning.WWE knew they shouldn't waste him,thats why they let him not only hold the ECW belt but the WWE belt as well but I wish he could of held the WWE belt longer.Sending him to ECW was a bad idea.That was the main reson why he left.At first he was all for it but after a while,he didn't like what Vince new idea was for the show,which was to forget about ECW original fanbase and make it a kid friendly show(between 3 and 4 yaers later)the show is canceled.Looks like RVD was right sad aint it.

#3 Jimmy 'Superfly' snuka

Jimmy Snuka the leaping master clued Millions of us when ever he showed up on TV.He use one of the most spectatular high flying moves in the history of WWE in his time.There weren't much highflyers in his time,that was one of the resons why he was so popular and over whith the crowd.Snuka was highly known for his famous leaps,remember when he jumped of the steel cage onto Don Muraco with a Snuka splash.That was epic.No wonder WWF gave him the nickname Superfly he earned it.Snuka was also a two time World Heavy Weight champion, and the first ever ECW Champion,not to metion winning the us belt from king kong bundy.I feel when Snuka teamed up whith Piper and Ricky steam boat to fight Jericho at Wrestlemania 25,it disgraced a bit of his career,who would do that? three lengend in a three on one match against Jericho and they still lost.They don't get anything out of beating him and its not like there pushing Jericho,he is already over in WWE.Other than that Snuka is a Highflyer that no one can ever forget.

#2 Rey Mysterio

He is the master of the 619 rey mysterio.This man is a great example of what makes a good highflyer.When he first started to wrestle(not in WWE)he showed many people that he was very orignal and had the charisma in the ring.Inventing incredible moves that shocked the people watching whith amazment.He has had a good run in the WWE,other than his WWE title reign it been quit entertaining, but all good thing must come to a end.He is not as good in the ring as he was 5 or 6 years ago he is ageing.Just like Taker,Shawn,HHH and Jericho.The thing about the guys im metioned there all older than Rey Mysterio,im not saying he is getting to old but his body may not be able to take it anymore.The best thing he could do when he comes back his have a fued whith Sin Cara that leads to a wrestlemania match so he can put Sin Cara over.There is one thing that has been buging me for a while and thats people always say how rey is overrated or underated.I personly think in some cases he is overrated because he is so over whith his mexican kid crowd,that there always behind him no matter what.That is true indeed but it is also true in other cases he is underated,because when you think about it he could accomplish more in his time in WWE for being one of the greatest high flyers of all time.It almost seems WWE were purposely holding him back hmmm.

#1 Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

Ricky The Dragon steamboat was one of the first people to pave the way for high flyers in the WWE.He truly is one of the greatest legends that should of been a multi-time World Champion.Steamboat never realy offered us poor matches in the ring.He had many classic matches whith the likes of the "nature boy" Ric Flair,Cowboy Bob Orton,the magnificent Don Muraco,Jake "the snake" Roberts,Rick Rude,Lex Luger, and of course Wrestlemania 3 where he faced Randy "macho man" savage.Ricky The Dragon Steamboat at wrestlesmania 25 was the only person in pipers and Snukas team to actualy put up a decent wrestling match against Jericho for his age. I still feel it disgraced his legendary career along side piper and snuka but atleast we got to see the Dragon at it one final last time.Now you might be wodering what Ricky the Dragon steamboat is up to.Well he is a road agent,helping teach young rising talent a thing or two of what he knows.

Thank for reading hope you enjoyed my blog, feel free to comment if you have something you would like to say.

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  1. AWrestlingGod's Avatar
    Lol if independents and japanese wrestling account to me it would be

    2.Jushin Liger
    4.Ultimo Dragon

    1.A.J Styles
    2.Samoa Joe
    3.Christopher Daniels
    4.Chris Sabin
    5.Sonjay Dutt

    1.Ricky Steamboat
    2.Rey Mysterio
    3.Billy Kidman
    4.Evan Bourne
    5.Chavo Guerrero

    Big list Sorry...
  2. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Brian Pillman and Jushin Liger should also have a mention........ I agree Steamboat should be on the list but not as 1., maybe 5.... Also Dynamite was a amazing High Flyer in his day.
  3. Marx's Avatar
    I can't pick. KENTA, Jushin Liger, AJ deserve a mention, but I don't know who I'd bump.

    Two things though. Why hate Jeff Hardy as a man?

    @ AWrestlinggod: how is Samoa Joe a high flyer.. OK he does a outside dive, but that would make Undertaker a high flyer. I don't want to take anything away from Joe's amazing mobility for a guy his .. ehm.. fatpercentage, but he's not a high flyer in my opinion.
  4. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    you forgot Jack Evans
  5. the-rocks-stunner's Avatar
    i was looking at the title and thinking if jeff hardy isn't in this list i was going to keyboard rage!!!!
  6. goldie's Avatar
    I have a top 4.
    These 4 are the most dynamic high flyers because they can do more than just one move from the top. A lot of the guys mentioned basically have one high flying move, but there are 4 wrestlers in particular that come to mind, who can do many, many different flying moves.
    4.Jeff Hardy
    2.Van Dam
    Best high flying woman:
  7. The Real Choosen One's Avatar
    Worst list ever!!!! Any list with Jeff Hardy in the top five of best High Flyers is a Fn joke and should never be taken serious. Big difference is Flying and following, go check the tape...PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

    To have a list like this to not include Jushin Liger, Dynamite Kid, Ultimo Dragon, Dragon Kid, Juventud Guerrera, Mistico, or Billy Kidman is just poor thinking.

    Research your topic and you will see there is more than just Jeff Hardy and Jimmy Snuka.

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