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Wrestling: For Better Or For Worse

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I've been a wrestling fan for most of my 22 years of life. When I first saw it, i fell in love with it and it's something that I just haven't been able to give up even through all the ridicule of my family and friends. For the past few years, there has been lots of talk about competition between the two mainstream wrestling companies, which are TNA and WWE. Of course, most of us have been watching WWE since birth and we are all familiar with the different characters, as well as the way they put on their shows.

My first glimpse of TNA came when they first started to air it on Fox Sports Net. I couldn't believe that there was another mainstream wrestling company that was even established, since WWE had taken over WCW, and that they were doing some of the things that I was seeing. They had a six-sided ring, great characters, most notably some monster that they called Abyss that reminded me of Mick Foley. They had Canadians waving flags and working as a team. The Canadians had a man named Petey Williams that did the most devastating move that I had ever seen in the Canadian Destroyer. It was instant love and amazement. Then, they had this guy that was like my idol, Shawn Michaels, and his name was AJ Styles. The way he didn't say much, but his ability to out wrestle any opponent out of the ring just mesmerized me. There were awesome X's on a pole matches that they called Ultimate X. A cruiserweight division, which I wasn't getting in WWE. I mean these guys had it all. Jeff Jarrett, who I'd learned to like by watching the shows, had established himself as a champion and was destroying people with his guitar. It was great.

At the time in WWE, things were beginning to take a turn for the worse. Stone Cold and Rock were leaving. They ruined a great storyline with a guy named Ken Kennedy and it turns out that he wasn't Vince's son, but some leprechaun named Hornswoggle. The PG era had hit and Cena was beginning to take over the company. The transition had begun and Shawn Michaels was no longer winning any of his title matches against the younger guys. The final straw for me came when they made him tap at WrestleMania to Cena. I had chosen TNA as the company that I was going to back.

Right when I made this decision, it seemed that TNA had begun to make their transition. Things began to go downhill and the next thing I knew, Bischoff and Hogan were on the television screen. There was no more six-sided ring and no more X-division. No more excitement. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that it bothers me when I read on this site that people are clearly choosing TNA over WWE. I'm a huge fan of wrestling and I love both companies, but it's clear to me which company has the better product and which company has an identity. WWE is still in their transition stage, but it's nearing an end. Cena is about to turn heel, new stars are being established and are beginning to take the place of the old stars, i.e. Miz. This is something that I have accepted. I'm not asking people to follow in my footsteps and accept the transition of WWE, but you have to realize that what they are doing right now is going to happen.

TNA used to mean something. It stands for Total Nonstop Action, but now all I see is total nonstop talking. I read a blog where someone said that they October 14th episode of Impact was the best ever. While there were some great promos by Jeff Hardy on the show and some storylines were established and furthered, there was no wrestling. We're not seeing the original wrestlers of TNA anymore and I personally don't want to see the washed up WWE superstars compete in the spotlight of TNA. I don't think that anyone else realized that the main event for the Bound For Glory PPV, which is the WrestleMania of TNA, contained 3 ex-WWE superstars. I mean it's getting ridiculous. TNA is going downhill and it seems no one else is seeing it. Two matches on your 2 hour wrestling program is ridiculous, especially if the matches are 8 mins each and one of them extends into your B-team program. In reference to my title, what I'm saying is that as bad as TNA or WWE gets, I'll still be there to watch, though TNA might not have a chance to recover from what it's doing now.

These are just some of my thoughts. I appreciate anyone who took the time out to read the entire thing, as I know it was rather lengthy.

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  1. Rassling_Fan's Avatar
    Great article and a great point of view. But if you dislike WWE or TNA, there are alternates you can see. ROH is very good and some of the independent scene is a real hoot. CHIKARA does PG wrestling and it's frikkin funny. Also try to search out some international wrestling. Lucha Libre and Japanese Wrestling are frikkin amazing.
  2. cluntslandwich's Avatar
    You say you don't think anyone else noticed that there were 3 ex-WWE wrestlers in the BFG main event. Come on with that shit. That's a ridiculous thing to say. How stupid do you think we are? Do you think you're the only wrestling fan with a good noodle? Maybe you didn't mean it that way, but if you're going to throw something up here you might want to go through it first and make sure it's not insufferably stupid and condescending.
  3. rayrocket915's Avatar
    great article and points...100 percent agree with you... although from the looks of it Cena might stay face cuz wwe creative might crap out something stupid in this cena-nexus storyline... other than that totally agree with your article. why build wrestlers in your company like AJ styles and samoa joe only to crap on them and have ex wrestlers come in like jeff hardy; who f ing f'd over wwe after failing the drug policy time after time even when wwe gave him so many chances, main event your biggest ppv of the year... sad to see these events happening but lets hope for the future... gotta say i really like The Miz right now for WWE... i wish i can say something for TNA but if they r relying on someone like Jeff Hardy...

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