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Bragging Rights Predictions and General Thoughts

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Let me get one thing out of the way here...I do not like this PPV mainly because of the whole RAW vs Smackdown thing which worked out great in 2005 but did not last year. Now this year its elimination rules so at least it will be a good match but still, the concept is dumb and lets hope the other matches can put on a good show. Last year Orton vs Cena was an entertaining 60 minute match with a bad ending mainly because it wasn't believable. Anyway here's the card:

Unified Divas Champion Michelle McCool or Layla VS Natalya

WWE could do so much with these matches. Both McCool and Natalya are extremely talented and have the potential to put on a very good match. The one at Hell in a Cell was just really bad mainly because of the ending but one has to admit that the submission move exchange between the two is something we haven't seen in the Divas division in a VERY long time.
Prediction: Natalya

United States Champion Daniel Bryan vs Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler

This has the potential to be the best match of the night. Why? Firstly a champion vs champion match is always a good idea to have. We can now see who is the better man in the midcard and could potentially elevate the winner to main event status like what happened with Miz. He won this match last year and his star power only kept rising thus far. In terms of ability Daniel Bryan would be the obvious pick but considering the way both Ziggler and the I.C. title are being pushed right now, Ziggler has a better chance of winning this thing. And if WWE decide to unify the belts, the match is rumored to happen at Survivor Series so this one would end with a disqualification or count out to build up the match at Survivor Series. I HOPE THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN!
Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

Team RAW vs Team Smackdown!

Like I said, I don't like the concept but the upside to it is that it's an elimination match, which also kinda diminishes the whole point of Survivor Series -.- I love elimination matches so there's no reason for this match not to be good. You have two very formidable teams, with the exception of Santino who's obviously gonna be the first guy eliminated. The guy who will stand out in my mind is Ezekiel Jackson but ultimately I will go with Smackdown for the victory! Not much else to say here.
Prediction: Team Smackdown!

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett with John Cena

Here's the match I'm mostly looking forward to. Barrett has been extremely impressive as of late while Orton has been ugh.... With Cena in Barrett's corner Wade can easily dispatch of Orton but as we all know it won't be that obvious. Ultimately, I just do not know what's going to happen in this match! This storyline is only growing and it is still very strong in my eyes...and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks so.
Prediction: NO IDEA!!

World Heavyweight Champion Kane vs the Undertaker(Buried Alive Match)

Their match at Night of Champions...GOOD! Their match at Hell in a Cell...BORING!! This's gonna be bad, I just know it unfortunately. I hope for all the love of god that Bearer doesn't turn again. This storyline has elevated Kane so much that he has finally gone over the Undertaker and it has done Kane justice. He definitely deserves this push. But I see Taker winning this one now. Undertaker has been dominated by Kane in 3 consecutive PPVs now. Knowing how much Vince loves Taker and the fact that Taker is the face basically certifies that the Undertaker will win this match. I just hope the match will be good. The problem I have with it is that it is just way too slow, knowing both guys are powerhouses and Taker isn't what he used to be.
Prediction: Undertaker

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  1. wallyman's Avatar
    braggin what....meh only match i care about is danielson vs ziggles...the rest of the card is trash and idc about i gonna order it NO! i gonna try to watch it for free...DEpends if i am free but i wont make a big fuzz on it
  2. hartfan1k's Avatar
    As for the Orton/Barrett match, I think Otunga costs Barrett the match. It gives Cena an out. On Raw the following night, Nexus tease that they are going to have Cena fired, but in the end, turn on Otunga with the help of Harris and McGillicutty making them full-fledged members of Nexus. This could also create a situation where WWE starts to hint that Barrett "saved" Cena from termination which could help further a possible Cena heel turn. If I am wrong and Cena does "help" Barrett win the title, then Cena is a heel by default because Orton will more likely go after him before Barrett.
  3. Justdawg08's Avatar
    WWE HASSS to let Wade win, otherwise TNA is going to end up soaring past them with what their doing right now.
  4. cubco's Avatar
    Michelle McTaker vs Natalya - Divas Title
    Winner: Natalya

    Dolph Ziggler (IC Champ) vs Daniel Bryan (US Champ) - Champion vs Champion match
    Winner: Dolph Ziggler

    Team Raw vs Team SmackDown - Bragging Rights Match
    Winners: Team Raw

    Randy Orton (c) vs Wade Barrett w/ John Cena - WWE Title
    Winner: Randy Orton *

    Kane (c) w/ Paul Bearer vs The Undertaker - World Heavyweight Title - Buried Alive Match
    Winner: Kane **

    * At Survivor Sereis it will be Team Orton vs The Nexus (Cena will be on Nexus) in a 5 on 5 match, with Nexus winning, then at TLC Barrett wins the title from Orton in a TLC match

    ** Undertaker will just be about to bury Kane, but someone will interfere and cost Undertaker the match. Maybe Sheamus to kick start their WrestleMania match?
  5. Rassling_Fan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Justdawg08
    WWE HASSS to let Wade win, otherwise TNA is going to end up soaring past them with what their doing right now.
    WWE can probably show rorschach test for two hours and still do better then TNA. I stopped watching it because of what they've been doing recently, and also the fact that they make how WWE treats their talents like a week at a spa.

    Though I think Cena is going to "quit" which will break the agreement and cause Barrett to lose. Which in turn will lead him to Smackdown, where he can make an excuse that the audience there weren't treating him right as on Raw and turn heel.

    And Undertaker has a terrible record in Buried Alive matches. I bet by the end, Undertaker will be buried and won't be around on TV for a few months.
  6. Gansher's Avatar
    After what I've seen on this week's Impact I'm just gonna watch the Knockout matches and that's it. At least they give me something to look at.
  7. Verdammung's Avatar
    Natalya vs. Layla - I pick Layla. I admit, I don't watch Divas wrestling much anymore, as I pretty much just skip through it, so I really don't have a qualified opinion on this. As much as I am inclined to say Natalya is the better wrestler, I don't see her winning, as apparently she needs work on her promos and I've been waiting a long time for LayCool to lose the title to the point where I've just accepted they're never going to lose it.

    Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler - Bryan. Don't get me wrong, this is pretty much a 50/50 guess for me, as Ziggler has a very real chance of winning with the way Ziggler's character has been built by the WWE. However, I feel Bryan needs the win, as he's not won a whole lot of matches in his short time in the WWE. Of course, the WWE has overlooked this plenty of times in the past, but I still think they'll do the right thing eventually.

    Team RAW vs. Team Smackdown - RAW. I think Team Smackdown will self-destruct, despite having more talent and that it would be kind of weak to have Smackdown win twice in a row.

    Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett - Barrett. I've seen a few good ideas floating around on these forums, including Otunga screwing Barrett and Team Orton vs. Team Nexus, but I still feel that they need to make the Cena heel turn official, and have him help Barrett win the WWE Championship.

    Kane vs. The Undertaker - Kane. I believe this website posted a rumor about Undertaker taking some time off (again), so I'll base my prediction off of that. Sure, it will be weak to have Undertaker lose three times in a row, but I liked Cubco's idea of having Sheamus attack Undertaker.

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