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Why Rock vs Cena isn't such a great idea.

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The Rock vs John Cena. These two have been compared by fans for years. Some say that Cena has reached Rock's level while others dispute this with all their might. Regardless of who's your favorite, everyone must agree that this is a big attraction. It will undoubtedly improve ratings as we get closer to the big day, aswell as increase the actual PPV ratings. My question is however, is it a good idea for the long term ?

What i'm trying to say is that all this is temporary. Yes, more people will watch when Rock starts making more appearances as we approach WM and even Survivor Series, PPVs that he attends will also have better numbers, but where does it all lead to ? One match and then The Rock is back in Hollywood land ?

I was just as excited as everyone when he returned on RAW and had his now famous promo, telling people how he is back and all. But then after a few days, I realized that he is not back like we want him to be, more like staying for a quick lunch, before he leaves in his expensive limo. But whatever. It's The Rock, better to have him in some form or another than not at all right ? But is it ?

See once he has his match with Cena and regardless of who wins, he will sooner or later leave again. Like I already said, yes it will draw money and improve WWE's business but only for that short temporary time-span. It doesn't do much for WWE in the long term, bringing back The Rock for one match/angle isn't giving them a foundation to build from. It's more like taking a pain killer. The pain goes away temporarily, but before you know it the gaping wound is hurting again.

Someone argued that he is bringing new fans to the WWE because of his movies, but I disagree. Or rather I don't think that Rock has a considerable enough fan-base outside of wrestling for it to make a difference. The Rock is still -and probably always will be- bigger than Dwayne Johnson.

And what about the winner ? If Rock wins he is not putting over the WWE and doing them much good. I would prefer for him to lose and put over the person he is working with. But than I remember that it's Cena, who by this point has been pushed so hard he is like a giant among sitting midgets. So if he wins, how will that reflect on people he will work with later if he's already beating everyone within the company, now he's also beating legends. Cena is not a guy who needs to be put over, he should be putting others over by now instead, but why put over the Rock if he is a one and done deal ?

In the end what I am saying is that it will be interesting and I am looking forward to it like everyone else, but what WWE is doing is basically focusing everything they have on an angle that will lead to one match instead of focusing on talent that will actually be there for years to come who are the future of the company. I'm sure many guys are pissed off that they are there busting their ass year-round but get pushed aside as The Rock makes his one match comeback.

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  1. Lowki's Avatar
    It's better than Cena vs Orton part 15.
  2. aznpinoy1031's Avatar
    You have to look at this from a business standpoint not a fan's POV. Alot of businesses tend to look for short term fixes instead of long term. There's a high probability that something could change in the long term than short term. WWE went a little too far out on a limb booking this match a year before the actual event, because there's alot that could happen within the time span of one year. This is why feuds start about a month or two before it reaches its end at a PPV. This is why everyone is tired of Cena being champ or always being #1 contender. I'm sure alot of people would not be hating on Cena right now if he wasn't always the champion or always vying for the belt.
  3. aznpinoy1031's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by twoot2
    ... i doubt the Rock would come back after 7 years just to lose and it would piss alot of fans off and personally i would stop watching WWE if Cena did win .
    Unfortunately, I see this as the Hogan Vs. Rock Match from Wrestlemania 18 and I see Cena winning. Regardless of if Cena has the belt or not he's going to win this match. Here's how its going to go: during a championship match at a PPV, the Rock will come back and screw Cena out of the title. It'll probably be against Del Rio or maybe even Swagger. Then the feud will be rekindled where the rock will continue to do his promos on the titantron one week and Cena comes out and does his promos the other week. This will continue on until wrestlemania where we see an Undertaker vs Shawn type ending. The both kick out of each other's finishers until Cena finally puts the exclamation point and gets the 1..2..3. They shake hands, hug, pose and then its all back to normal. End.

    Hate to see it like that, but Im 99% positive thats how its going to go.
  4. Parallax's Avatar
    "These two have been compared by fans for years."

    That seems like an odd statement to me. Until recently, all I've ever heard were Hogan/Cena comparisons. Which is also odd to me. Simply because Hogan actually drew money while he was the face of the company, and Cena being the face of the company has only produced lower ratings, house show attendance, and PPV buys.

    Cena shouldn't be compared to guys like Rock or Hogan. He hasn't even come close to having the same level of success.

    Rock and Hogan = money. Cena = far less money.
  5. DM Tea's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Starr
    I have a few problems with the Cena/ Rock WrestleMania Match. 1. I am tired of the WWE shoving WrestleMania down our throats, all year long...
    Dude, WM is the biggest fucking show of the year. It's their Superbowl. Of course they want to plug it and make it a huge deal. But shoving it down our throats all year long? That's ridiculous. I'd like you to explain how a couple months of "Road to Wrestlemania," a few promos for the NBC highlight show and a few segments with The Great One amount to "shoving wrestlemania down our throats all year long."
  6. john25uk's Avatar
    alot of people are debating weather that the rock will just have the one match at wrestlemania with cena i read online that he has signed up to appear/wrestle at other wwe events through out 2012 so its rubbish and think rock is not actually employed by wwe so we all should appreciate that he even bothers to appear at wwe events let alone wrestle i for one are over the moon the rock is back and is actually involved in matches example he actually is wrestling at survior series teaming with cena and 3 others in a traditional 5 on 5 tag match hes risking injurie and he is not even employed so i think we should start showing the man some respect im that much of a rock fan ive got his brahma bull tattoo permantely tattooed on me have done for several years no ones comments or oppinions will change the fact that i follow the rock and always will do he is from the best era of wrestling in my oppinion bottom line.
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