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Why Rock vs Cena isn't such a great idea.

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The Rock vs John Cena. These two have been compared by fans for years. Some say that Cena has reached Rock's level while others dispute this with all their might. Regardless of who's your favorite, everyone must agree that this is a big attraction. It will undoubtedly improve ratings as we get closer to the big day, aswell as increase the actual PPV ratings. My question is however, is it a good idea for the long term ?

What i'm trying to say is that all this is temporary. Yes, more people will watch when Rock starts making more appearances as we approach WM and even Survivor Series, PPVs that he attends will also have better numbers, but where does it all lead to ? One match and then The Rock is back in Hollywood land ?

I was just as excited as everyone when he returned on RAW and had his now famous promo, telling people how he is back and all. But then after a few days, I realized that he is not back like we want him to be, more like staying for a quick lunch, before he leaves in his expensive limo. But whatever. It's The Rock, better to have him in some form or another than not at all right ? But is it ?

See once he has his match with Cena and regardless of who wins, he will sooner or later leave again. Like I already said, yes it will draw money and improve WWE's business but only for that short temporary time-span. It doesn't do much for WWE in the long term, bringing back The Rock for one match/angle isn't giving them a foundation to build from. It's more like taking a pain killer. The pain goes away temporarily, but before you know it the gaping wound is hurting again.

Someone argued that he is bringing new fans to the WWE because of his movies, but I disagree. Or rather I don't think that Rock has a considerable enough fan-base outside of wrestling for it to make a difference. The Rock is still -and probably always will be- bigger than Dwayne Johnson.

And what about the winner ? If Rock wins he is not putting over the WWE and doing them much good. I would prefer for him to lose and put over the person he is working with. But than I remember that it's Cena, who by this point has been pushed so hard he is like a giant among sitting midgets. So if he wins, how will that reflect on people he will work with later if he's already beating everyone within the company, now he's also beating legends. Cena is not a guy who needs to be put over, he should be putting others over by now instead, but why put over the Rock if he is a one and done deal ?

In the end what I am saying is that it will be interesting and I am looking forward to it like everyone else, but what WWE is doing is basically focusing everything they have on an angle that will lead to one match instead of focusing on talent that will actually be there for years to come who are the future of the company. I'm sure many guys are pissed off that they are there busting their ass year-round but get pushed aside as The Rock makes his one match comeback.

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  1. johnnydropkicks's Avatar
    It would make a real difference if the other stuff in WWE was good and Rock helped show people that. It would just get them over that culture hump just so they tune in. But really all he did was show them one of the worst Wrestlemanias ever. so yeah unless WWE gets more fun it's no good to have Rock back just to show them nothing. if they want Rock to have an impact long-term the other people in WWE have to be good too to make people watch.
  2. daniel bryan mark's Avatar
    This is the right move. Did The Rock need to be put over Hogan at WMX8 in 2002? No he didn't. It just solidified him as a legend in this business. Same goes for Cena/Rock. Solidifies Cena as a legend.

    Reply - Let me show you how your example doesn't fit. The match at WM18 was the right thing because it put over both wrestlers, Hogan got his fans back and Rock got put over further. And the point is, is that they BOTH went on to work with other people after said match and continued to put people over. Is The Rock going to wrestle anyone else after Cena ?
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  3. twoot2's Avatar
    First of all Cena will never ever reach The Rocks level its just impossible too unless your Stone cold himself. Is it good in the long term ? maybe not but what you dont realise is Rock is back for one more match not as a full time wrestler were hel stay for Wrestlemanias to come. This match is what people would call a "Dream match" a once in a lifetime match and whatever the outcome is there would be no reason for the Rock to stay after WM28 unless ofcourse the WWE decide to do a best out of 3 between them or he just wants to appear every once in a while to host a RAW or something which would be more than awesome. The Rock has already solidified himself as a Legend and 1 of the greatest of all time now its just about giving back to the fans like he said and i think he should win at Wrestlemania considering he lost his last match and his match at Mania with Foley and i doubt the Rock would come back after 7 years just to lose and it would piss alot of fans off and personally i would stop watching WWE if Cena did win and i dont see why he should anyway because he doesnt need too hes already had the torch passed to him by Austin and hes beaten some of the past greats already. WWE really do need to start thinking about the future though because the Undertakers , Rocks wont be there every Wrestlemania now its time they started building the right talent and turning them into big stars but i dont see how theyl do this by giving the spotlight all the time to people like Cena or Orton.
  4. ratedy2jayz's Avatar
    Has everyone not realized that after Hogan beat The Rock, Hogan went on to win the WWE Championship..
  5. Rick Starr's Avatar
    I have a few problems with the Cena/ Rock WrestleMania Match. 1. I am tired of the WWE shoving WrestleMania down our throats, all year long. 2. Despite what Dwayne has done for the WWE in the past, I do not feel he deserves to headline WrestleMania, when most of us agree he will probably be gone once again after WM. 3. If Cena has the Title at WM time (Which we all know know he will) I would not put it past WWE creation to have Dwayne win the match and the WWE title one more time. That is just unacceptable in my book!
  6. AOF666's Avatar
    Agree Cena vs Rock is a bad idea. Who ever wins will be a loose loose situation for WWE!
  7. EricChampion's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ratedy2jayz
    Has everyone not realized that after Hogan beat The Rock, Hogan went on to win the WWE Championship..
    When did Hogan Beat The Rock? If your talking about WM 18 Rock won that match.
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