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Kane Vs Taker Fued

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just my idea on how this fued should go:

To be honest I'm glad that Kane is getting the camera time and championship title that he deserves, I was a huge Kane fan back in the attitude days and the way they have destroyed his character makes me feel sick. I'm not saying that is all WWE's fault, Kane himself has clearly let himself go and isn’t as quick and powerful as he was 10 years ago. However the biggest mistake as most people agree was unmasking the 'Big Red Monster'. This feud with Taker has had its ups and downs, the fact taht they both have a well documented history is a huge positive as it seems that apart from the NEXUS storyline there is actual not one storyline within the whole "WWE UNIVERSE", unfortunately the way some of these angles have gone (the Hell in a Cell finisher) and the OMG not another dimming of the lights, it seems as though they are repeating the same attitude era storyline but only a PG limitation. Like making a Rambo film using water pistols.

I do believe that the conclusion could be epic if done properly my idea is this:

- the finisher for the buried alive match end with Kane Chokeslamming Taker into the pit, just as he starts to bury him Sheamus attacks Kane and throws him into the pit as well.
- Sheamus them pours petrol (gasoline) into the pit and sets fire to both men.

- the reason...
- Sheamus wants to make an impact and prove to his critics he deserves to be seen as a top taking out the brothers of destruction he does this
- Kane also cut a promo with Sheamus a few months back intimidating him, Ever since he has been thinking of a way to prove him wrong.
- with Kane and Taker gone the World Heavyweight Championship is Vacant opening up a new storyline within Smackdown.

- A funeral is arranged for the 2nd week of smackdown for Taker and Kane
- It is revealed that Kane isn’t dead but fighting for his life in intense care and received 3rd degree burns across his body. Taker was never found.

- This allows Kane and Taker to have a well needed break...the storyline is then set for Taker vs Sheamus at Wrestlemania

- the break allows Kane to lose some weight, get into great physical shape, when he returns he is still in the peak of his career as he never actually lost the title so wants the title back....and also he can now come back with his proper mask!!!

well that’s my idea at least...obviously wont happen but let me know what you think?

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  1. wallyman's Avatar
    i am sick of kane taker was good 10 years ago...but now no matte what u do i dont think u can make kane look strong as he was back then....
  2. Razorblade's Avatar
    dude the whole idea is great . btw , thats the only logical way to bring back masked kane . great post mate
  3. THUNDER's Avatar
    It's not a bad scenario but I don't think Sheamus is going to try and make such an impact yet.Comments about a mini-draft are still running around this site and it might include Sheamus but let's not forget that a certain someone has to get his hands on him first .And as much as I like both Taker and Kane I think it's about time to end the feud.Doesn't matter who wins and how,as long as both of them continue a nice,clean and mystic career
  4. cubco's Avatar
    I dont think that Undertaker vs Sheamus will happen at Mania, but I do see something happening in the Kane vs Undertaker match at the ending, but Im not sure what. I see HHH costing Sheamus the rumble (when he returns) and then at Mania we get get HHH vs Sheamus 2

    Imagine if Undertaker finally beats Kane, only to have The Miz cash in on him
  5. THUNDER's Avatar
    Dude...Firstly never mention Miz screwing The Undertaker,and second-Miz won the Raw MITB...not Smackdown.You're not the first person I know who says that.Please people pay more attention to what you watch
  6. sameer150's Avatar
    when will the undertaker win back the whc belt. It's been long since he has hold that belt around his waist.i will be more than happy to see gold around his waist

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