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Classic Pay Per View : WrestleMania XIX (part 1)

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In my opinion, WrestleMania XIX was the perfect WrestleMania. It was also great to see a Mania outdoors in a stadium again, reminded me of Mania 8 which is a favourite of mine. During the Attitude era years I expected the card of Mania to go into double figures cause it was fricking WrestleMania. WrestleMania 19 only had 9 matches, but it was a supreme card from top to bottom and made me appreciate that cards (especially at WrestleMania) have no need to be overly stacked, its the quality not the quantity that WrestleMania should be about. I have just found a brilliant link for everybody here, read this review first or use this link and check out a truly great event.

Heat Pre Show
RVD & Kane v Chief Morley & Lance Storm (World Tag Titles)
Even what didn't make it onto the card was great. Originally a late addition to the card, it was pushed back for the all important Bunnymania match (or pillow match I don't really remember). Val Venis had been revamped into Bischoff's right hand lackey Chief Morley, and I personally thought it was great for him, Bischoff let him have alot of power. He held the Dudleyz jobs in the plam of his hands, and the story here was that they make sure him and Storm remain champs (Morley never actually won the belt, but made himself tag champ when Regal was suspended off camera). This was an entertaining match that didn't last too long, a lot of spots, near falls and signature moves, a HUGE pop when the Dudleys appeared to help RVD/Kane get the win, til Bubba had a change of heart and cost the faces the match.

Out of 5: ***

WrestleMania XIX
3.2.1........Here we go again

Matt Hardy v Rey Mysterio (Cruiserweight Title)

I'll be honest. I was a huge MF'er and I wish the gimmick was never de-pushed/fizzled out. I never expected Matt Hardy to be a relevant singles star, but he was hugely over as a super douchebag who thought a lot of himself. What is it that is usually said, wrestlers best gimmicks are usually somewhat related to their own personality? Mysterio made his Mania debut here and one thing you can count on Mysterio for is that he will always jazz up a crowd for an eventful night. Shannon Moore was a nuisance at ringside as Hardy's follower here too and was sporadically involved. A short entertaining spot filled match where Hardy got the dirty win.


Undertaker v A-Train & Big Show

The story here was that Undertaker's planned partner Nathan Jones was blindsided by the FBI and the big guys before the match, thus making it a handicap match. Now before the match, the one thing I remember this for is Limp Bizkit's performance of Rollin for Undertaker. It was a nice touch as Taker was known for the theme recently, and you may as well make Limp Bizkit earn that money and publicity. But this isn't what I remember. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN PLEASE WELCOME THE WWE'S FAVOURITE BAND IN THE WHOLE WORLD, LIMP BIZKIT". Hilarious! Taker really looked like he approved, nodding his head and so on for Fred and his band. Nonetheless what I think of that tosser and his group, very well done entrance. While on entrances, I also liked Show and Train's entrance, where Train got to combine his steam pyro with Show's music and Pyro. Anyway, twas short but I enjoyed it, all in good fun I thought, was good for a big man match and presented Taker as a face against the odds. The story here was Show press slammed Taker off a stage, and when he returned a feud occured. I was disappointed not to see the monstrous Nathan Jones wrestle, but WWE thought keep him away from there. He made an appearance in the match, with a terribly acted roundhouse kick taking down one of Taker's foes. Was nice to see a Tombstone after a long absence, and Taker goe's 11-0.


Jazz v Victoria v Trish (Womens Title)

The story here was Trish was having a feud with Victoria for some time, and then eventually Jazz got involved, setting up a triple threat. Not much to report here, but It was great to see sexy Trish with the sexy little pants pick up the win and make me happy.


Team Angle v Los Guerrero's v Angle & Rhyno (WWE Tag Ttiles)
Since No Mercy 2002, WWE really did a great job of making their new Smackdown tag titles a big big deal. Very talented pairings had frequented, and Benoit and the Guerrero's had been indirectly and directly involved respectively since October 2002. In the meantime, the Guerrero's (who turned into lovable faces) had lost the belts to young upstarts associated with the great Kurt Angle, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. They were a fresh addition and worthy champions to a hot tag team product. Edge and Benoit had formed an alliance around the time (Edge was also integral to the new tag division) but Edge got a career shortening neck injury and Benoit had no partner. The return of Rhyno was well received by me, for in his breakthrough year he was easily one of my favourites as the definition of ferocity. The match was great fun, real fun tag team wrestling that may have had a couple of fuck ups, notably at the end, but superb fun nonetheless with Team Angle rightly holding onto the straps.


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