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Older Talents: Still Go Or Go On?

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Hey guys it's the Poot-Hair here again with another sphincter tightening adventure on your computer. I realize it's been awhile since I've laid a little golden nugget of pure bliss on ya so I figured it's time for some more doodoo slinging assgasmy I just read what I put and yeah...that was pretty bad but oh well I'm not erasing it

Okay now with that being said onto today's subject matter which is older talent. I have said in the past that I feel like older talent should be canned to make room for younger talent but I'm going to attempt to back track just a couple steps here if I can. I do feel that there is and always will be a place in professional wrestling for aging/older talent, but the question is what is that place? And more importantly can the older talent accept a new role if one is given to them? Also at what age should a wrestler finally hang up the boots and no longer compete? These questions I feel are extremely important to ask, and it may give me a chance to rant just abit. Let me preach on it.

Christopher Daniels, Kid Kash, RVD, William Regal, Fit Finlay, Triple Haitch, and Sting are all examples of guys that are starting to get up there in age but can still get in the ring and rock it. These guys are some of the very few that even as they get in their forties (or fifties in the Stinger's case) are still very much timeless when they get in the ring. Some like Kash and RVD are just as good now in their forties as they were in their thirties. Okay okay I'll quit with my fantasies about moonlit beach walks with Sting and Kid Kash but you basically get my point here that not ALL of the talent that is up there in age should lay it down just yet, but let's take a look at some other job's they can still do.

Put over younger talent. I've been watching this Kid Kash/Jesse Sorensen feud on TNA as of late and I keep thinking that this is the PERFECT way to utilize an older talent. I'm sure that when Kash signed with TNA he knew that he wasn't going to be "the face of the X-Division" but he signed anyways and was immediately put into a pretty good feud to help get a budding wrestler over.

Another example of this (and I'm sure I'm going to catch some flak for this) is the current Triple Haitch/CM Punk/Kevin Nash storyline going on in WWE land. I've read the comments recently that "Triple H is just hogging the spotlight" or "He's just jealous of Punk and is trying to get his two cent's in". I have to disagree on this, and let me throw another scenario in there for you. What if this is Haitch's way of ultimately lighting a rocket under Punk's ass to superstardom? What if Triple H is seeing something in Punk and is passing the torch to him? I'm sure that Trip's ego won't let him put CM Punk over without a pinfall over him at least once, but I think that ultimately this program between the two is Haitch's way of putting Punk over. The same can be said for Kevin Nash when him and Punk finally face. Punk is going to go over Nash to further help him get over.

Agent/Trainer. I think another good way to utilize older talent is for them to become a road agent for their respective companies or a trainer to the new up and comers. A good example of this is Goldust being the trainer for he Diva's division. Now I don't necessarily agree with Goldie retiring or semi-retiring just yet as i still see him as a viable competitor, but the point is there nontheless. Also with Al Snow/D-Lo Brown becoming talent scouts/road agents for TNA Wrestling. Both of these guys were in the business for alot of years and are very much knowledgable as far as knowing good talent when they see it.

At What Age Should A Wrestler Hang Up His Boots? This is the question every wrestler asks himself, and every wrestling fan asks. I'm sure the answer I get from the most of you is going to be "it depends on who it is." I somewhat agree and disagree. I feel as long as a wrestler can still "go" in the ring that he/she should be allowed to do so. What I disagree with is putting the main focus of a company on ONLY older talent and squashing all the young guys (see TNA up until about a month or so ago). If William Regal wants to wrestle until he's 60 and can still safely compete, he should be allowed to do so on a part-time basis. Just a little example there for you.

This blog is getting entirely too lengthy so I won't drag it out much longer but I feel as though I've made my point. A wrestler's age doesn't necessarily take away from his worthwhileness (if that is a word) to an organization. It took some studying on my part before I came to this conclusion and I hope maybe you can too.

Welp that puts and end to this one. Am I right, wrong, full of shit? Feel free to comment, bash, whatever below. I hope maybe I've posted another one to get you guys thinking. Until next time....PEACE!!!

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Marx's Avatar
    I agree a great deal, certainly on the HHH part.
  2. Poot-Hair's Avatar
    Thank you Marx!! I honestly feel (and triple h has stated in the past) that Trips is not getting any younger and is getting close to retiring. Haitch sees Punk as the future and longevity of the company and is putting this kid over because he knows that right now Punk is gold. Appreciate the feedback, and anymore is welcome!
  3. Poot-Hair's Avatar
    Also what do you guys think my next blog should be about? I always try and be as thought out as I can when I write a blog so you guys help me here. Tell me what you want the Poot-Hair to lay on ya noggins
  4. Amerinaine's Avatar
    HHH v CM Punk is much more entertaining than, Kevin Nash v CM Punk. Kevin Nash just isn't a believable character anymore. He doesn't move as well as he did, and his mic skills are very rusty. They should keep at the HHH v CM Punk angle. For the first time in a long time, I have been glued to my TV watching WWE instead of flipping between MNF and RAW.

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