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Sin Cara vs. Rey Mysterio: Match of the Decade

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Hey guys hope all is well, Knox here. Today I'm blogging on two of the best luchadors of all time. Now let me start off by saying I've never cared for Mysterio but I give him all the respect in the world without a doubt. This guy has done alot for the smaller guys and people like Evan Bourne, Justin Gabriel, JTG, and Trent Baretta wouldn't have a job if he didn't pave the way for them.

I want to see Sin Cara vs Rey Mysterio booked at Wrestlemania 28. This match needs to happen because Rey Rey doesn't have much time left in the ring with all his knee injuries he's battled over the past 15 years.

We can't wait till Summerslam 12' or Survivor Series 12'. This needs to be on the grandest stage if Mysterio is healthy enough and healed by Wrestlemania 28.

Why book this for Mania 28?

Millions of reasons.

1. They are the 2 best wrestlers from Mexico today, they both are in the WWE, make this damn thing happen on the grandest stage of them all.

2. The WWE will break the record for most people in a building with masks on lol something they've been targeting for a while.


4. THE MATCH WILL STEAL THE SHOW. Every big card needs a show stealer. All people are talking about is Rock vs Cena and the whole night thats what they'll talk about. But all I'm saying is there is no way in hell The Rock and Cena can top what Sin Cara and Rey do in the same ring.

5. BUYS BUYS BUYS. WWE is very popular with the Mexican community and the Hispanic population has rised drastically in the United States. Can you imagine how many people in Mexico will order this PPV? I truly believe this match could draw 1 million buys alone, not to mention what the Rock & Cena will draw.

How to book this match? Rey Mysterio Heel Turn

The writing is on the wall. The real fans wanna see one solid Rey Mysterio or Cena heel turn. Even if its for a month.

THE OPPORTUNITY IS HERE. Sin Cara will dominate for the next couple of months. He is quickly becoming a huge huge fan favorite especiall when it comes to kids wearing his mask. Have him start giving away masks to kids in attendance.

While this is going on, he's pretty much taking all of Mysterio's fans. Mysterio is home being jealous of how Sin Cara has taken his fans.

During a TLC PPV match wit Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes, have Sin Cara get screwed out of nowhere by a returning Mysterio. The crowd will go nuts.

The next few weeks have him cut promos bashing the fans like this, "You people used to love me. I broke my body for you all for over 15 years, and you all up and replace me once I'm seriously injured. You all are traitors and I'm not catering to you people any longer".

Meanwhile, since Rey still won't be fully cleared to wrestle, he only takes periodic cheap shots but for the main part appears via satelite after all his matches explaining what he will do to him at Wrestlemania.


This match needs heavy promotion. Just like how Mark Henry gets now. We see a Mark Henry promo video during just about every Raw & Smackdown.

We need to get Mexican celebrities like George Lopez involved in speaking on this match. Have him help out with promotion.

Get Mysterio on shows like Jimmy Kimmel.

Send Mysterio to places like Mexico to promo while he's still injured. Hell, have him appear live via satelite from Mexico with a huge rally of Mysterio fans and Mysterio could say, "The people of Mexico love me and they know I'm the best".

The Match?

This match must take place as the 5th match or somewhere in the middle. This must be a 30 minute or longer match. And we must see them kick out of eachother's finishers alot.

Who goes over?

Honestly, I have no idea. It would benefit each star. If Sin Cara loses, the match will be so good that it will elevate him to the next level.

Honestly, I would book Msterio to win. The good guy always wins at Mania for some reason so seeing a heel Mysterio win would be cool and it would be a bonus to see the greatest Mexican of all time win.

The Aftermath:

This isn't a match if it doesn't end with a handshake. Let them shake hands, hug, the whole nine. The Miami fans will be on their feet giving these two the ovation of a lifetime. No matter how sucky Wrestlemania might turn out to be, everyone will be talking about how Mysterio and Sin Cara saved the show.

Thank you all for reading this. Please leave feedback and let me know what you guys think. Thanks and please check out my song below. Thanks and be safe guys.


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  1. daniel bryan mark's Avatar
    I didn't think a Mysterio heel turn would work, but the way you described it, it would be amazing. I really like this idea. The only problem is that Mysterio might not be healthy by Mania. If he is, though, WWE should absolutely do this. Great job.
  2. KingOrton's Avatar
    I just jizzed buddy. And that is the first time on this website that someone has made me do that. BRAAAAAAVO.
  3. nrb6304's Avatar
    won't lie when I read the title I already had arguments ready. But after reading it it sounds quite plausible and I could see it happening....if you hadn't posted it on the net lol jk.

    The only thing is that I don't see it being given 30 minutes. I mean when you look at WM 28 as it is already you're already looking at 2-3 LONG matches.
    Rock/Cena is probably going to A. Close the show B. Be at least 18-20 minutes long. The Hogan/Rock match was around 16 minutes long so you imagine that with Rock and Cena both in better shape then Hogan they can go 4 extra minutes.
    The Undertaker match will probably go just as long Last year UT/HHH went 30 minutes. So you figure that UT has had the entire year to rest and SHOULD be able to go 30 full minutes depending on his opponent. Now obviously if the rumored Mick Foley/UT match happens I wouldn't expect a full 30 minutes. But if HHH/UT 3 happens yeah I could see another half hour.

    And besides those two matches you STILL have 2 championship matches. WWE and WHC. And if Daniel Bryan is going to challenge for the WHC then you KNOW that match will go long because D Bryan shines when he's in the ring for more then 5 minutes.

    Okay I went off a little my bad lol
  4. The Brown One's Avatar
    The Mysterio heel turn is pointless. It wouldn't really do anything for Mysterio, since hes near the end of his career anyway. But this is a great idea for both men. I couldn't see them doing anything before you made this blog, and its a win-win situation:
    * Mysterio vs Sin Cara at the biggest PPV of the year
    * Neither man is left out
  5. Tyler Durden's Avatar
    Epic. Brilliant post.
  6. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    The Mysterio heel turn is the only thing i didnt like, It would be a diaster.... I dont see Why Rey and Cara cant have a match just to see whos the better man, a match of respect to test them self...... It would be much better if they are both faces. It will give The Match that anyone can win aura. It will give it that big time Face vs face Wrestlemania match, just to see who is the better man like HBK vs UT or Hogan vs Warrior.

    I loved your ideas, but the Heel turn ruined it so bad, They can have a great feud with them both being faces and the reason they are having the match is to see whos the better man between the two.... I loved the Latino actors and celebs making pretaped comments on "ho they think is gonna win"Great touch.
    Updated 09-19-2011 at 03:45 AM by THE_CRIPPLER
  7. Poot-Hair's Avatar
    Agree with the other's on this one. A Mysterio heel turn would never work anyways. It would be like sting when he turned bad, people still cheered him. All around great read though. I can't wait to see this match, and the sooner the better cause Mysterio's knees are made of glass nowadays.

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