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Mark Henry: A Beast Awakened

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It has been a while since I wrote a blog so I apologize if you spot any mistakes here and there. This one, I am proud to say, is about a man I thought I would never really support as a world champion. That man is Mark Henry.

Let's be honest. When it comes to Mark Henry being showcased as a top heel, WWE has had numerous opportunities to present him as one and they have let the ship sail on almost all of them. For 15 years, Henry never really got his chance to shine in the same light as superstars like The Rock, Stone Cold, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Edge, Big Show, Kane, or Undertaker. The sad part about it is, he has been in WWE longer than some of the superstars I just named. From his days as Sexual Chocolate to his current "World's Strongest Man" gimmick, the most memorable moment Mark Henry has under his name ... is helping Mae Young give birth to a hand. He has never had a breakout performance and, for a man of his size surprisingly, has never really wrestled that one match that said, "I am someone to take seriously". It is hard to believe after 15 years of not being showcased as someone important that anyone would take Mark Henry seriously as a world champion again.

Ain't it amazing what can happen in a span of months.

Ever since Mark Henry turned heel on Cena during the RAW DRAFT, he has been an unstoppable beast. All the opponents that stood in his way, he has decimated. Not only has he single-handedly taken out big men and former world champions, Big Show and Kane, but he has also made a statement off of superstars like Sheamus, Zack Ryder, Christian, and recently, Randy Orton. The smiling, sexual chocolate, kool-aid man with personality is long gone. Now, it is just an angry, strong black man with a mean streak and all he wants to do is HURT people. In fact, he plans to make a career out of hurting people and recognizing it as the HALL OF PAIN. Nobody is safe. Hell, not even the backstage crew members.

People. THIS IS HOW HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN SHOWCASED FROM THE VERY START. There has never been a time when I saw Mark Henry as a legit threat like I do now. He is more intense than he has ever been and everything he does just screams monster heel. The Cutting Edge segment he had with Randy Orton this past Smackdown! was fabulous and it added so much hype to their match at Night Of Champions that I honestly believe Henry can beat Orton. Is it going to happen? Most likely not, because it's Randy fucking Orton and nobody beats the golden boy. However, if I was booking the match, Henry would definitely go over. This is the best he has looked in his 15 year career. His push has been one of the best pushes I've seen in a while and I will be completely disappointed if he does not culminate with him getting the championship at Night Of Champions. If Orton beats Henry cleanly, his entire push will be meaningless. In my opinion, the right move should be to put the belt on Henry .... however, knowing WWE, they won't do it.

If there is anything I can take from this, I will say that if Henry was to retire next month, I am proud to say that he went out with a BANG. The work he has done over the past few months has been some of his best work in a long time. He has taken the bull by the horns and made the most out the push he has now. We've seen a beast awaken inside Mark Henry that has been sleeping for 15 years and now that it is unleashed, who knows what to expect. Alls I know is, I will be sitting back as a wrestling fan and enjoying the ride. Henry's hourglass is about up so let's enjoy him while he is still here.

Feedback is appreciated. Hope you enjoyed the blog.

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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    I just think they are short on talent so they have to push Henry.
  2. The Brown One's Avatar
    I'm glad they made the right choice and put the world heavyweight championship on Mark Henry. They better not screw him over by having Orton winning the title back on the next Smackdown like they did with Christian.
  3. Theicon's Avatar
    Mark Henry deserves to be champ im hoping Orton is out of the title picture for a while & a new face who hasnt been champion is pushed

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