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WWE: Who are my entertainment

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i just wanted to give my thoughts on what members of wwe rosters actually have the ability to be entertaining outside of the ring e.g promo work.

I want to start with my favourite, the Miz. When he first entered the wwe i just found him really annoying but over time he has improved beyond belief. He doesnt just shout and scream, or just try to be funny he actually understands how to be an entertaining heel. I remeber when he destroyed christain on the mic on NXT season 1 and i was so impressed. he just continues to develop and evolve and it is only a matter of time until he cashes in the money in the bank opportunity. Then he will not only be awesome but be the champ! I think he will make an excellent heel champ. But why is he so good and entertaining? I think its just because he is very natural, focussed and forceful with his delivery. And like any good public speaker is excellent in his timing.

Cena - yeah i know his act is stale but his promo work is very entertaining and damm funny. Now he's part of the nexus his work has improved and i think he has a new lease of life. A heel turn will just improve this change which is imminent.

Randy orton - i think the guy is useless on the mic restrained by his gimmick. I do believe that he could be better but im just bored everytime he talks. sorry

Sheamus - probably my secong favourite entertaining star. Plays the tough guy and slightly scared guy so well. He's intense and vulnerable at the same time. He will only get better as his character matures, possibly into a future face of the company. He's just unique in a bland company where everyone has similar styles.

Punk - he's just brilliantly funny and excellent. god i know i said that sheamus was my second but punk is more than his equal. The guys just makes me wanna watch the show. It just a shame he is not rolling on the SES society thing, wwe dropped the ball there i believe

Wade barrett - started off really well but im disspointed recently with him, he's being made to look strong but he needs to ram this push home. Maybe he has just had a couple of bad weeks and thing will be better. i do think cena kinda steals some of his glory!

stars who are just rubbish on the promos - bryan, morrison, dibiase, the harts, otunga

that is all!

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  1. Cornzone2's Avatar
    Punks my favorite on the mic, the man is amazing. I don't think Bryan is "rubbish" on the mic, he was an amazing heel in ROH, and his feud with Michael Cole was one of the few reasons to watch season 1 of NXT, and you need good mic work for that since Cole has no in ring ability. And his feud with the Miz has been good ever since NXT all the way to the triple threat at HiaC.
  2. AndyWonder's Avatar
    You're right about these guys. The ones you mentioned except Orton, I like the way those guys talk. You are definitely right about Orton; I think he is too monotone. And Barrett.... once his verbal bashing of Cena is over, I wonder what else there would be for him.

    You're also right about the guys you said were "rubbish" except for David Otunga. I like that guy. Daniel Bryan is socially awkward; John Morrison is almost that as well; DiBiase is boring and his dad was the much better promo guy; The Harts are also kinda awkward, as if they have no idea how to respond to a question.

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