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Daniel Wilkinson

Breaking down TNA Wrestling

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The view from over the water here in the UK regarding the current status of TNA is that the product is on the move generally in the right direction. Without discussing the financial state of the company or who controls the two hours of Impact & the hour of Reaction are pretty watchable.

It's rather annoying for me that TNA themslves created a 'comparison' problem to the WWE by moving to Monday night, setting the company back quite some distance without a suplex in sight.

So for the good points in my opinion, the tag team compettition which is quite frankly appalling on WWE is really strong with MCMG, GEN ME & Beer Money all looking superb in recent months. I am also a big fan of Kurt Angle, Mr Anderson, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles & RVD as their headline group. Mr Anderson has been their star mic worker since the day he got there & his promo's in particular the mocking of the Pope being great value.

The splitting of DC & EB/HH was a long time in coming but thankfully they are there now with a heel group aka NWO threatening to run amock. This is where their major problem will be as this still story has plenty of milage in it but run too far & you end up with the arse end of the NWO plot which was as dull as dish water.

I for one also like the commentary team of Taz & Tenay but i hope EB will join commentaries at PPV to give a colour commentary as the two regulars are face. Reaction was a masterstroke with the docu' style camera angles that have really brought on the staged supposed off camera fall outs to life. That is now something TNA alone hold on to the WWE cannot replicate that even if they wanted to be that blatant about it.

TNA wrestling inside the ropes is generally decent & a fair bit of it is outstanding but they do have alot of deadwood on their books. Orlando Jordan, Rob Terry, Eric Young, Brian Kendrick, Hernandez, Sting & Nash(TBC). Now some of the people in this list i personally quite like but they have been buried or forgotten about by TNA & just clutter up the rosta.

The venue is a problem or the number of the people in it, TNA 'looks' small time even when a legend like Angle is stood in the ring. When you can here individual calls from people in the crowd over the mic then you know there are not enough people in the building.

TNA is also the victom of a culture of internet based criticism where any old joe (including me) can bang out an opinion in seconds & on mass we spark a 'trend' that exagerates the problems. If it was bad then the internet said it was terrible, if it was terrible then the internet said it was the worst wrestling product ever.

Even those of you who laugh/mock TNA should appreciate the fact their is a legitimate alternative to WWE if you want one. Were TNA to fold the same folk bashing TNA now would screaming down their broadband that there is no decent competition to WWE & it's the end of the world.

TNA has a contribution to make to the wrestling industry & i for one support their content (overall) & hope they remain on tv for years to come. Lets be honest here, last weeks episode of RAW was dreadful was'nt it?

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  1. Tai Night's Avatar
    Man I couldn't agree with you even more. Good job man and nice read.
  2. wallyman's Avatar ur wrting
  3. Gansher's Avatar
    Good read mate! Keep them coming
  4. faby119's Avatar
    i think we fan should write more about tna just like daniel. good writting

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