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TNA October 14 2010 Review

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After Bound For Glory, which i did not watch, I tuned into watch TNA. It's been a long time since I actually watched TNA on Thursdays. When i read the Bound For Glory results on EWN, I was amazed at the finish. Before BFG, I didn't care who was Abyss's "They". I figured it would be some thrown together stable like they do most of the time. When I read the Angle vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Anderson results, I was very pleased and satisfied with the finish. Jeff Hardy, Abyss, Hulk Hogan, and Eric Bischoff!? Who would've thought they were "They"?

Well, on Thursday i tuned into see what was going to happened. Now I remind you, even with the big finish at BGF, I was still saying to myself "Let's see how TNA does with this stable. It might be a disappointment"

The opening started with Eazy E and Hogan coming down explaining their entire plan of how since day one of entering into TNA, they've been plotting to control the company. As they begin talking more and more, I found myself liking this stable. Then, Abyss comes down and does the regular Abyss (nothing special with him). They then introduce Jeff Jarret, and it made sense why Jarrett would be apart of the stable. I mean Dixie literally took his company. She even suspended him!

While E cuts a promo on Dixie, Fortune comes down and at first i said "well okay this is dumb. It's now two stables in TNA. And they're huge. It's not needed." But low and behold, Ric Flair and fortune are also apart of the stable. I just love when a plan comes together.

And finally, what I've been waiting for, the TNA champion himself, Jeff Hardy comes down to some heel type music. Jeff Hardy seems very heelish too. No face paint. I guess he wanted to stop being like some emo kid. Hardy begin to cut a promo. His promo had to be the best promo he ever cut in his entire career because believe me when he was in WWE, his promos sucked! He talks about how he doesn't care about any of the fans anymore and that he was the one who made Abyss attack RVD. His mic skills were different. I liked the flow. For the moment, I thought he was going to rhyming because his flow seemed almost poetic.

Sting and Kevin Nash watch on a TV backstage and Eric tries to bring them down to the ring. They come and they explain how they don't want any part of their stable known as immortal (which Jeff Hardy called them.) Sting and Nash walk away from the ring and Eric say's the offer stands when they change their mind.

Now Madison Rayne cuts a promo on how Tara should do the right thing. Boring. Zzz. Then she makes Tara give her a rematch for the Knockouts title and Tara gets down to the mat on her back and Madison pins her and becomes the new TNA Knockouts champion. Boring. Zzz. Fatty James...Oops, I mean Mickie James comes down and tries to get her hands on Madison but she escapes. Boring. Zzz.

Kurt Angle comes out! Yay! Not boring anymore. Kurt Angle says he re-injured his ribs and neck and before he retires he wants answers. Well that makes two of us! Jeff Jarrett comes down and OMG!!!! This is Awesome! This was a great segment. Jarrett complains about when Kurt came into TNA he made his life a living hell. Jarrett says ever since then, he's been trying to make Kurt's life a living hell. They even throw the whole ex-wife into the segment. I see a great feud between the two. Kurt tries to get a piece of Jeff but the security helps Jeff and they almost destroy his neck until the only and only Tazz comes and stops them with words! lol. Tazz knows all about broken necks doesn't he. Jarrett and the security leave, and medical people help out Kurt.

Abyss vs. Samoa Joe...
Okay match. Joe wins by DQ when Abyss hits him with the ring bell. RVD comes out to stop Abyss from doing any damage. RVD then cuts a promo and Jeff gets on the screen and talks about friendship. Eric announces that for the main event, Anderson and RVD will fight for the 1 contendership for TNA world title. Another great promo!

Fortune goes against Pope in a four on one handicap match because Pope wants to stand against Immortal. During backstage, Pope tried to get Sting and Nash to help but it looks like they're leaving for good. Anyway, the match was quick of course. Fortune won.

Jersey Shore cuts a promo at about 10:50 pm which is crazy because they are worthless! Why are they getting screen time! Anyway this isn't any point of saying what happen. No one cares about them.

With 5 minutes left of a main event, Anderson and RVD fight for the main event in a no contestant because Eric pulls the ref out of the ring. Then Jeff Hardy shows up nails both of them with a chair. TNA needs to start timing these matches correctly. The match had to continue on TNA reaction because they used up 7 minutes of that dumb Jersey Shore promo.

Anyway this episode of TNA was actually good. If you didn't watch it, you should try to see it on youtube or something. If anything, this episode should be at least close to 2.0. It has to be. It was better than Friday Night Smack down on Si-fi that's for sure.


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Updated 10-15-2010 at 11:17 AM by VKM

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  1. sherinator's Avatar
    Whilst I agree with almost everything in your review, it was indeed and excellent episode of iMPACT, what's with the "Fatty James" comment? I really don't understand why everybody seems to think she's overweight. She's nowhere near fat.
  2. VKM's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sherinator
    Whilst I agree with almost everything in your review, it was indeed and excellent episode of iMPACT, what's with the "Fatty James" comment? I really don't understand why everybody seems to think she's overweight. She's nowhere near fat.
    I wasn't trying to be mean. I don't think she's fat. I just did it to put a little funny comment in there. That's all.
  3. Enlgish_TNA4LYF_FAN's Avatar
    i agreed with sherinator lol nut u explained
    wow wat a great review and spot on, i hope i watch tna from now on
  4. faby119's Avatar
    really a good impact! but the ratings are not good yet should have scored 2.0.whats wrong with real wrestling audiences?
  5. xAzureSkye's Avatar
    what's the deal with the snoozing during a Knockouts segment? they are KOs, not Divas, they are entertaining & a lot of people enjoy watching them.. back in 08 - 09 they got a lot of high ratings which obviously helped TNA a lot! Don't diss the Knockouts, even though a lot of the great ones are gone :l
    Updated 10-21-2010 at 03:24 PM by xAzureSkye (Did not see author's comment)
  6. Bralon23's Avatar
    Are you guys serious? I'm a TNA fan, but they had 2 matches on that Impact. 2 matches in 2 hrs and one of them extended into their joke of a program, which is basically like a Sunday night heat with all promos. If you guys can't figure out that this is why they're not competing with Smackdown, then I don't think you'll ever realize it. I want wrestling and they used to be about that. Now, it's 2000 WCW all over again. What happened to Team Canada, Elix Skipper and Christopher Daniels, the X-division, the real AJ Styles, the real Abyss, Kazarian, the six-sided ring, Don West, the two Impact entrances? All of this made TNA unique. Now, they're nothing but a future wrestling company of the past.

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