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Some of My Analysis of NXT

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I actually never cared about the previous seasons of NXT, I would watch about one or two episodes then I was done. Season 3 is actually the first time I would record, now, watch online when it involves NXT.

In the previous seasons did they do all these stupid challenges? It's insane just thinking that about 3/4's of the show are about challenges, and not meaningful challenges either. Jokes? Musical Chairs? Dancing? Really? I don't know, I'm just speechless right now. Let me get this straight....this is a wrestling show right? or is it America's Got Talent? So, whatever.

I do what do talk about the contestants. I'm going for Kaitlyn, she's funny, and cute, her wrestling needs improvement. Take Kelly Kelly for example, when she first started off with the WWE, she, to put it lightly, sucked, now she's decent in the ring, or better than what she was on ECW. The thing is she has, I like to say charisma, I don't see that at all with the other DIVA's. I see no personality, so I came up with, unless you're a heel you have NO PERSONALITY, I see it with Maryse and with LayCool as well. So Kaitlyn has what I want to see in a DIVA, well....the wrestling could be improved.

If Kaitlyn is eliminated (hopefully not) I wanna see Naomi win. She's athletic, and has some personality, but it's like a dim fire, it could go out, or it could catch something ablaze.

Aksana (did I spell that right? I don't think so..) She's cute, her looks remind me of Trish Stratus, and her accent of Maryse...and she seems like a sweetheart, but I don't see her contributing anything to the Double Double E...(now that people say that, I wonder if I sound like I say that instead of WWE.)

Maxine, could be a great heel, and she's great on the mic. But at the moment I can't think of anything she could do, and it's not that she couldn't, I'm just too dumb to think of anything .

And last but not least.....AJ!!! I do not like her. She seems fake to me, if she just tone it down on the energetic hair flipping, and the bouncing off the walls, I might be able to support her. OMG...and does the hair flipping annoy the hell outta me..But just because she likes video games, and she loves animals, and adores nerds, doesn't mean no one else in the female locker room doesn't enjoy those things...but I feel the need to say something nice about her.. AJ is different, she's isn't 5'6 with long blond hair, with the need to wear high heels, and that's what I like about her. But please...just please leave the hair flipping to Maryse?

I feel this 'blog' was sorta organized...but could have done a lot better. But it's whatever right??

See ya peeps

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  1. Tommy Thunder's Avatar
    Agreed that Kaitlyn should win. She's ok in the ring atm, and she indefinitely will improve (like Kelly Kelly has). Naomi is talented too. Maxine as you say has potential to be a good heel, but I haven't seen anything special in the ring from her. Aksana is ok, the storyline with Goldust will be interesting to see. I like AJ. she's got something about her, not sure if she'll hold up in the ring, but it's the Kelly Kelly thing again, she can only improve. But i think WWE are behind Kaitlyn to win, and in my opinion, she is the most complete package from the remaining ones.

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