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Can Paul Heyman save TNA?

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For the past couple of months, there has been talk of Paul Heyman negotiating some contracts with TNA until things died down eventually. The problem? Heyman wants full control but Dixie wants to retain her power. The question here is whether Heyman can actually save TNA from the brink of annihilation or make some mistakes which I actually forsee him doing.

When it comes to a guy like Paul Heyman, you can't tell what he's going to do. One should always note that TNA currently has an ECW stable consisting of guys like Dreamer and Sabu. With Heyman being the guy who ran ECW when it was still in business, what do you actually see Heyman doing? Will he push them just like Hogan and Bischoff did at Bound for Glory? Or will he realize the importance of having a stable like Fourtune go over? In reality we cannot realize the answers to these questions unless we actually see Heyman in action. Should TNA take a chance with Heyman? YES THEY SHOULD!!

The problem is have guys like Hogan and Bischoff who obviously are not ready to cede their power to Heyman. Then there is the problem of Dixie Carter, who despite being a very weak president, still wants to retain her power. Heyman is asking for full creative control and more should he sign with TNA. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Lesnar appears with Heyman.

Now I never experienced ECW in its prime; the closest I ever got was when Big Show was ECW Champion, which I think most would agree was the last great thing about WWECW before Lashley got the title. But in that time, I saw Heyman as that guy who can make just about anybody look strong and a strong leader. Sure ECW went bankruput, but ultimately wasn't that bankruptcy a result of the war between WCW and WWF? Heyman could be that controversial guy to actually rebuild TNA. Hogan and Bischoff have proven that they failed miserably, although I do commend them for creating a strong tag team division.

TNA is already that mix of WCW and ECW. You have the attempts of being as hardcore as possible to counter what WWE doesn't do anymore while you have a constant return of old WCW storylines. Me personally, I don't like hardcore wrestling. I prefer a good 1 on 1 match under traditional rules any day. Heyman can obviously build on the hardcore thanks to his background while perhaps attempt to create a midcard, an essential aspect that TNA lacks, and also stray from all the conspiracy angles and complicated plots. Till this day I still don't know what Nash and Sting are talking about.

Heyman to TNA..could be a good thing! I don't see him as the kind of guy who's ego outmatches his brain(something we saw at Bound for Glory)! Then again I might be wrong!

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  1. ratedy2jayz's Avatar
    Right now with the "immortals" running around there's no way heyman is going to tna. He said he doesnt even want anyone over 40 wrestling.
  2. Wars's Avatar
    Exactly! Tna is slowly turning into the attitude era, which for me is a really good thing. they have a strange way of developing stars... But you really have to think outside the box whn they take the crazy risk they take. Look at what they're doing now, a huge heel faction which now gives them lots of space to see who's got waht it takes to be the top faces. I always thought turning Anderson face was dumb... But now I see exactly why they did. Tna isn't going out of business anytime soon... But heyman, bischoff, and Hogan Could possibly be the dream team of mainstream wrestling.
  3. ThomasEGunnz's Avatar
    I cant see Heyman, Bischoff, Hogan, and Flair in the same building at once. Way too much ego for even the biggest arena. Paul E. can definetly bring some great TV to TNA, but, unless he can work with Bischoff and Co., I dont see Heyman coming in anytime soon. Thats what I love about wrestling though. You never know. I want to see Shane Mcmahon involved in TNA. Thats a BIG wish.
  4. westy's Avatar
    TNA are doing fine, they need to continue with what they are doing. Ratings are rising in the US. Here in the UK they are higher than the WWE. Huge in India and elsewhere. I'm loving TNA right now!
  5. wallyman's Avatar
    thats funny i could of swore they going up....the ratings lol
  6. Tim's Avatar
    TNA's ratings are going up largely due to bringing in the ECW people and other stuff like that, which may be good for the short term, but once the novelty wears off, we'll have to see how the ratings look. And just because ratings are going up doesn't necessarily speak to the health of TNA. Think of a company that starts buying cheaper parts for its products. This is going to save them money in the short term, and their profits will rise. However, once people start realizing that the product's quality has gone downhill, they stop buying it, and at that point the profits really dip.

    I'm not saying that TNA's ratings are guaranteed to drop in the near future. However, they need to find some long-term strategies and solutions. A lot of what they're doing is purely to boost up ratings short-term. They're bringing in older wrestlers with name recognition, and ditching younger ones to make room, but are they really making a better product that's going to be able to get by on the current roster for the long-term?
  7. THUNDER's Avatar
    Honestly I haven't been watching as much TNA as WWE but from what I remember Paul Heyman is a heel pro.If he comes back to fight the immortals that would make him a face,would,t it?Anyway,I doubt that Heyman is too interested in going to TNA.If it's just for the old ECW days,maybe,but those days are numbered.
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