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This week in wrestling: Revelations and Immortals

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This week was actually pretty good if I do say so myself. We've seen 2 very good shows in Impact and Smackdown and RAW was better than usual. Can't believe I'm saying this but TNA may actually make this thing with Immortal work!

Monday Night RAW

Just like Smackdown, which I'll talk about later, RAW was focused on finding out who will be on Team RAW! So we're treated to a good number of matches, when RAW normally has more promos than matches. The matches were good really and the main event really put Miz over. I'm enjoying his work more and more with every match he has! Team RAW consists of The Miz, R-Truth, Morrison, Santino, Sheamus and Punk. There is still one more vacancy to be filled but I don't understand what Santino is doing there. Yes, he's over but he's not really going to do anything in the match is he? I would have preferred to see Regal take the spot or actually let Ryder in. Overall, this RAW was nothing special as usual but much better than what we usually get. Matches were pretty good and Natalya's promo wasn't bad and it actually did a good job in promoting their match at Bragging Rights.


I love entrance themes really; I can name them when I hear them. Does that mean I qualify to become a Superstar?? HELL NO!!! I don't understand what the entire objective was with the music challenge but I'd better not speculate. Naomi remains impressive at least and the Punch challenge thing actually put her over in my mind. AJ also got a win over Aksana and Goldust actually proposed. This is great for both of them cause it puts Aksana in a storyline while continuing to help Goldust. Perhaps this could influence his rivalry with DiBiase. Kaitlyn probably is the favourite to win this season but I'll talk about that in another blog. I'm still behind AJ for this win.

TNA Impact

Normally, RAW is full of promos and irrelevant matches. This week, its TNA that's doing this but it wasn't really a bad thing. It actually made this whole mess of a storyline look strong in my eyes. I don't know how they're going to work this now since they have more than half their roster as heels. Angle is storyline injured now and Nash and Sting apparently walked out. Don't think we've seen the end of these guys tho. Main event was good but right now, I just don't see anyone beating Hardy. They can't have him lose the title after just 1 month of action. My bet is on RVD to become the challenger but we'll see. Also, Tara loses the title to Madison... Umm...that's just did nothing for the Knockout title. Actually, having any champion just lay down is disrespectful in my opinion. Let's just hope this storyline goes well now that Mickie is in the mix.


Smackdown was just awesome this week!!! The qualifying matches were very well done and WWE are already kinda teasing a Kaval heel turn here. Tyler Reks is on the Smackdown team so its obvious they'll keep having Kaval losing until he becomes a heel and goes on a rampage I'd reckon. Cody vs Rey was THE match of the week; seriously. I enjoyed every second of it(match of the week not counting MCMG vs Gen ME from BFG). Rhodes looked great against Mysterio and Team Smackdown is actually looking very strong. Don't like the PPV gimmick though. I liked it when they did it in 2005 but now it's gone stale. Taker and Kane will be in a Buried Alive match at Bragging Rights but we already knew this.

General Thoughts

The Cena/Nexus storyline is actually working out pretty well and its keeping me entertained. RAW ended with Wade looking very strong. Impact surprised the hell out of me and Smackdown put on a very good show. Not a bad week at all.

Best Show of the week: Smackdown
Weakest Show of the week: NXT
Biggest Surprise: TNA storyline may actually work(which is a good thing)

And just for the record; I wrote the Paul Heyman blog BEFORE watching Impact so I had no idea that TNA would actually make it work. A 1.4 rating is decent when you consider where they were a couple of weeks ago.

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  1. the wrestling shade's Avatar
    completely agree with you on everything accept nxt i think naomi is going to win and you said it all impact truly made an impact this week and the raiting are the fact that they are getting better right now raw as allways but i liked the last promo they are realy pushing wade to the top smackdown as usial broduces a very good wrestling in the ring but i realy wished that they would have kept kaval in the ppv match and iam duying to see alberto del rio turns face so he can show us his great lucha lebries style
  2. Gansher's Avatar
    I don't see Rio turning face right now. He's got a good gimmick going and with a personal ring announcer it won't make sense for him to turn face right now. As for Kaval, it is probably a heel turn. With a losing streak like that, I don't see any other reason. Hell, the guy already has a PPV match
  3. creativewrestling's Avatar
    I'm betting RVD joins Hogan.

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