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NXT: a total flop of an idea.....

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Let me begin here that I do not watch wwe programing but I do read and study some play by play reports of their shows to see if it's worth the watch. And like always it isn't.

So this whole planned reality thing where they were supposed to do this ala Tough Enough was down the drain as soon as the first episode aired. ratings showed the same (now we know why it's on I actually thought NXT was gonna be held at the FCW camp in Florida and have basic training there with retired wrestlers. One wrestler would be there to sharpen their skills, one to help cut a promo, and have judges oversee if that wrestler has the "it" factor of becoming a wrestler for wwe. But instead we see some useless competition like boot camp and name that tune competition. If I wanted to watch an episode of Family Feud, I would've done so and like I said, thank god I don't watch that load of crap. And they pre-determine the wrestler that wins the whole thing (which I find isn't really fair). I would have at least added a voting line so u can call in and vote for your favourite guy. At least the whole thing would be fair for everyone. And for those who lost the competition would just go back to training and the winner would go to the brand of their choosing with a guaranteed world title shot.

Now wwe's onto the third season and we're seeing a competition on who can give McMahon the biggest erection. Seriously these girls have no talent whatsoever nor can they cut a promo. And another thing that bothers me about the "diva's" season is what did Vickie Guerrero deserve to be named a pro? She's not a wrestler, and certainly not eye candy. She can barely wrestle, I saw that frog splash at WrestleMania (sure was a channel changer there too and it was on youtube, I'm not nuts to buy a $60 ppv to see $20 worth of matches).

Like I said this is stricly my opinion, oppose if u may, but this is a free country.

"Beat me if u can, Survive if i let u" ~Taz


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    Quote Originally Posted by Slartibartfast
    How can you be telling the truth without actually watching the program? All you have to go on are bits of news you get on here, some anti-Vince sentiments, and a keg-load of unsubstantial, opinionated bullshit.

    NXT, despite its flaws, is a way of getting new talent air time. Air time they aren't going to get on RAW, or Smackdown, or even on TNA. And what have they done with it? They've made the most exciting angle of the PG era.

    And sure. Run your mouth about how the PG era is just Vince profiteering. Lay on us all your views about how restricting wrestlers in the ring so they don't pick up severe injuries whilst working a hectic schedule has ruined the WWE for you. Tell us about how you only watch ROH because they are the only wrestling company willing to try something different.

    But please. Don't chat shit about a program you can't even be arsed to watch.
    i rather watch a wrestling program rather than sports entertainment....look at all the great talent they hired and they all get watered down and have become an embarrassment to the true fans that have followed them. and like i said i was bashing the idea of nxt not being the way it should've been, a tough enough like contest where the fans vote for their favourites and not a bunch of writers and the owner saying this guy should win cuz he's better than any other guy in this competition. what does that make the other guy feel? i won't get the push like the winner and will be stuck as a mid carder forever! see i find this bogus shit dumb and unfair.
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