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Rich Cranium

Matt Hardy - Trapped in his brother's web

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What can you say about WWE superloser (oops, meant "superstar") Matt Hardy that hasn't already been said? We are all aware of the numerous videos uploaded on YouTube containing the pleas for his release,
as we are aware of the characters of Matt and Matthew. The question at hand is why does the WWE simply not release him and my opinion of why he really wants him freedom.

First, lets discuss why he wants to "cross the line". Whatever organization Jeff works for, he tends to bring the spotlight and wins gold. When he is in the WWE he does the same and at the same time Matt is pushed and receives much TV time. When Jeff leaves, Matt seems to fade into the background and is rarely missed. So if Matt has been smart with his finances, why not go to the other side? Jeff is the TNA champ and could definetely leave a door open for his older bro.

Second, why doesn't the WWE just let him go. What are they concerned about. It's not like letting their Holy Grail in Triple H go to TNA. Matt's just drawing an easy paycheck and has plenty of time to upload videos on the net. Anybody have an idea?

Finally, did you notice how Matt stated that he was going to have a one on one, behind closed doors conversation with his bro about the heel turn. Sounds like a possible brother vs. brother feud could be in the works, but that's just my opinion.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Tha Crows Nest's Avatar
    Well just my opinion but I believe the reason the WWE is keeping him is because although he is collect somewhat of a check from them he isnt getting any PPV bonuses or anything like that and the WWE is making more of Hardy Boys merch than what they give to him.
  2. jaxxvsyou's Avatar
    Matt gets burried everytime, there is a good reason behind it.. logical atleast.. look at edge took his girl and became a main eventer.. why? jeff has 0 mic skills..but he looks so damn cool everyone wants to be like him. Matts mic skills are MUCH better but his ring work slacks only slightly when he is actually used properly..he came in as a jobber not a star.. if they keep him down it ruins jeffs credibility and any credibility of the hardy boyz being a good team (which TNA is kinda pushing the tag team thing) goes out the window, if Matt goes in and win titles when he couldnt in 10+ years in the wwe besides some throwaway championships what does that say about tna? sucks to be matt
  3. shanethewolf's Avatar
    Matt Hardy really shone when he came up with the V1 character. For the first time he was a much more interesting character than Jeff. When he was fired from WWE after the Edge/Lita thing he was one of the biggest names in wrestling and could've gone to TNA and been world champ within months.

    That was his biggest career mistake in my opinion because people saw that he had no dignity and WWE just used him to further Edge's career.

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