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My Letter To WWE

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Dear WWE,

I wrote a letter to your rival but that doesn't mean your out the woods with me. Look at that statement, look at it long and hard. It was said by one of your employees. Who was employed at the company during the time! The irony. I have a bone to pick with you and I had it a long time. Look at your top superstars. Randy Orton and John Cena. CM Punk really dont count in this letter. Am I saying that you pushed the wrong guys? No. Is this an anti-Cena/Orton article? No. But the question I ask to you is that do you see the potentail stars that you have? I just dont mean in this "PG/Reality/Universe Era" but I mean in all eras that you were apart in? Let me go down a list of superstars who were over with the crown in the WWF/E who could have been the top champion in your company: British Bulldog, Mr. Perfect, Rick Rude, Mr. Kennedy, MVP, Shelton Benjiman, Rikishi, Umaga, Ken Shamrock,Vader, and may I say the only person who deserved it more than anyone who I just mentioned: Owen Hart.

Let me tell you something WWE, If Owen had survived that fall at Over The Edge in 1999, decided to come back and you didnt give him the WWF title, I would have switched my channel to TNT and deal with the BS that Russo and friends had to offer on WCW.

The only time when you pushed the right talent was during the "Attitude Era". Dont get me wrong you pushed the right talent but you pushed them at desprate times. You pushed them when WCW/nWo was kicking ass in the ratings and almost put you out of business. Your owner saw the talent you had and it was a good counter move because while you was pushing younger talent WCW was still making storylines for stars of the past generation. So I give you that WWE but I also noticed that during the "Hulkamania","New Generation" and "Universe Era" you had the same stars for a long amount of time. You pushed Hogan and made the "Hulkamania" era and that was it, You pushed Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart during the "New Generation" era to prove to the government of the United States that wrestlers dont need to shoot up steriods to be the top champion in your company and the reason why Brock Lesner was pushed like he was during the "Ruthless Aggersion" era was because The Rock and Stone Cold was minutes from leaving.

You see what Im trying to make here? 4 out of the 5 eras that you pushed a certain superstar wasnt based on that you had competiton. With that being said I have a question of the day for you: If the nWo didnt exist and never took control of the ratings during the "Monday Night Wars", what value would WrestleMania XIV would have in 2011? Imma answer that question for you: NONE!!!!! Because it was competiton that pushed the talent, if you had no competetion the WWE would have been stuck in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Fans would be bored and move to another product, Stone Cold would have been pushed like he did, the "Austin 3:16 speech" wouldnt have been made, Austin would have been over with the crowd and WrestleMania XIV wouldnt have been as legendary as fans thinks it is now.

The key word is competiton. And you have plenty of it. With TNA, their bookings maybe shitty but the wrestlers there can run circles around superstars of the 'E. You have Ring Of Honor where they are not promo-heavy compared to the in-ring action, they can alson run circles to your guys as well. You have New Japan Pro Wrestling, AAA, CMLL, New Japan Wrestling, Dragon Gate USA, Chikira where international talents who work their asses off and the countries like Japan treat it like a real sport instead of "Sports-Entertainment". You have Wrestling Revolution coming soon with loaded talent. And may I say the UFC and NFL?

Usually in the wrestling world they would be the top three: WWF, NWA,AWA then WWF,WCW,ECW now its WWE,TNA,ROH and with the other companies I just mentioned it feels like a reincartion of the wrestling promoters that the owner during the time ran out of business. Each company I just mentioned have a stacked and loaded roster of talent that is ready to prove to the world that they are the best.

Meanwhile, the guys you do have with talent are not even being pushed properly. I will give you Cody Rhodes, but really, Mark Henry should have been pushed the way he did late in the "Attitude Era" early in the "Ruthless Aggersion" era. Instead you have him fueding with Jerry Lawler, then being the strong man in The Nation Of Domination, then Sexual Chocolate, teaming with D'Lo and fucking Mae Young, have him flip flop from heel to face, then the lovable teddy bear to now a monster. Im only 20 but thats how much I follow you as a fan. Daniel Bryan for crying out loud, Im not looking at it as he wrestled all around the world and won numerous titles but you can tell in that wrestling ring that he works for now that he want to show the fans how and why he paid his dues for ten years. I dont care if wrestling is scripted or not when I found out the The Miz was Bryan's mentor on NXT, I was shocked and pissed. Not because he got his claim to fame in Ring Of Honor and Im a Ring Of Honor fan but you have a guy, who was trained by Shawn Michaels and William Regal being trained by a guy who made his national television debut on "The Real World". Really? Really? I dont give a fuck how much you worked your ass of to entertain the fans in the biggest company in the world, when you get respect from the fans from the underground/independant circut for your wrestling skills you are a better wrestler than an superstar or entertainer in my book.

You have a guy like Zack Ryder who oozes charisma and you barely pushes him. Being Teddy Long's asstant is not good enought because I know he didnt sign that contract to be somebody else's lackey, for a non-wrestler at that. Do you see what Im trying to point out here? I can go on and on on this subject in particular.

So meanwhile for a period of time, you choose to put Santino Marella on TV, I was never a fan of his. You choose to put Hornswoggle on TV for a period of time and it made the product unbarable to watch as a whole and almost ruined the legacy of DX as a whole. Im glad that you somewhat toned down the fuckery that went on during that time but if you think that the reaction of CM Punk's promo was a sign of good thing, think again. It was an awesome promo but if you think 100% of the eyes on the WWE, think again. You still have ROH, NJPW, AJPW, DG:USA, UFC and some may find it hard to believe but TNA. You may think that the NFL is kicking your ass in the ratings but if you dont push new superstars NOW, you not only lose good wrestlers, but you will lose a fanbase as well.

And if you minus out DG:USA you have a former employees that wokrs in the majority of the compeanies I just mentioned. A bunch of pissed off employees who didnt get the push they deserve because you had your faith set up on Cena and Orton. Dont get me wrong, both are great wrestlers, yes even Cena. Some people may say Money In The Bank opened their eyes but it was the "Cena/HBK 1 Hour Classic" on RAW that got me. But back to the point, you have a bunch of pissed employees who want to show the world what they can do. What they can REALLY do. MVP is proving that in Japan and soon Wrestling Revolution along with Luke Gallows and Colt Cabana. Matt Morgon and Mr. Anderson is proving that in TNA, The Worlds Greatest Tag Team is proving that in Ring Of Honor.

To sum this letter up is this is the perfect time to push new talents, Cena and Orton will soon join the list of Batista, Jericho, HBK, Edge, JBL and many more.
Push the talents who the crowd can relate to in the mainstream and underground wrestling world. And you have plenty of wrestlers who can supply with the both. You do have competition. Its 1996 all over again. Do something about it or the WWE will soon join the same companies Vince ran out of business

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  1. bladesyGTS's Avatar
    amazing letter! but the sad part of it is if anyone from wwe reads it, they wont take any notice
  2. TeeTheHedgehog's Avatar
    I know right lol
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    Amazing One!!!
  4. Rick Starr's Avatar
    WOW! No disrespect intended, but that was a mouthful! If you truly sent this letter to the WWE, you would want to keep your letter short and too the point, not over 2 pages long. I almost felt like I was reading a term paper, rather than a letter or a blog.

    However I do agree with you on several things. I do think that the WWE has not always pushed the right people at the right times, or even enough people for that matter. On the Owen Hart issue I tend to disagree with you for a legitimate reason. Owen Hart said in his own Documentary "The Life and Death of Owen Hart", that he hated wrestling. He was planning to leave wrestling forever as soon as he made enough money to by the dream house for his wife & kids. But sadly we all know the outcome.
  5. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    dang, some letter but pretty fucking accurate. The only correction would be your grammar, if you plan on writing another letter and they do decide to read it you would want to improve on this asprect. I personally wouldn't care but "big shots" in big corporations will stop reading anything when they spot the slightest mistake, be it spelling, grammer, length or even paragraph spacing. But yeah, points are pretty immense. Are you CM Punk?
  6. TeeTheHedgehog's Avatar
    Well thanks everyone!!!!! This isnt an real letter Im sending to the WWE or anything...Its just venting and thanks for the advice....And no Im not CM Punk lol
  7. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    For the purposes of this blog's credibility (and my naivety though initially sceptical that you had written a letter)I am going to believe that you have sent in a letter to WWE. Thanks CM Punk, you blow my mind dude - Pipebomb!!!
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