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The Miz-Road To Stardom!

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Just to get this out of the way like alot of people I have seen on this site I am a big fan of The Miz. I respect him and I look forward to his future and this blog is simply to inform everyone of the reason in which I feel this way.

Mike Mizanin was born on October 8th, 1980. I like to refer to this as the day Awesome was born lol. But seriously he lived his life and ended up on the reality show The Real World on MTV in 2001. We first saw a glimps of the Miz on the Real World/Road Rules Challange for anyone who ever watched that which was simply a character The Miz like to play when he was drunk and pretended he was a wrestler. Thats the things alot of people may already know, but what alot of people may not know is that everytime the Miz won money on those challanges or got his pay checks he would use the money to fund his dream of becoming a professional wrestler.

The Miz didn't use his star power to get into the WWE and take him to the top he work his way up by paying for some of the best wrestling training he could find. The Miz started out on Tough Enough and almost won the thing. Losing to Daniel Puder and we all know the success he has had....NONE. When the Miz finally arrived in the WWE he was basically the new Micheal Cole. He was the host of Smackdown and pretty much the person everyone made fun of. Did the Miz stop there? No, he continued to train because he knew what he wanted to do and what he wanted to become.

He was sent to OVW and won the Heavyweight title and also earned the Tag Team titles. The Miz finally debuted in September of 2006 and worked on Smackdown until being drafted to ECW and becoming tag team partners with John Morrison. Together they won both the WWE and World Tag Team Titles and were won of the most successful tag teams in recent history. Of course after the Miz was drafted to Raw he became the United States Champion and we all know the story from there.

Basically the point is that for anyone who doesn't believe the Miz has paid his dues is dead wrong. We all know the JBL backstage incident and how he was first treated in the locker room. Since then The Miz has become a 3 time Tag Team Champion, a 2 time United States Champion, and is currently Mr. Money In The Bank in which no person has lost when they have cashed in so it looks as though he may become a WWE Champion. The time for The Miz is now and with his increased mic and in ring abilities I defenitly think he has earned his spot as a World Champion. Why?

Because he is The Miz and he is AAAWWWEEESSSOOOMMMEEE!!!!!

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  1. Enlgish_TNA4LYF_FAN's Avatar
    i just hate miz dude, end of cant stand that guy.
    and its not how he portrays his chracter, i hated him from tough enough.
    hes a love or hate guy. some ppl like u love him and some ppl like me hate him.

    but hes a future champ for sure!
  2. drumgod's Avatar
    The MIZ is the future of WWE... This guy has everything needed to be a main event guy. You will soon see the strap on the MIZ. You can take THAT to the bank!..
  3. drumgod's Avatar
    The MIZ is the main reason i still watch WWE...

    Cena sucks!!!!
  4. creativewrestling's Avatar
    I can't stand the Miz but that's what makes him special. Creative has done better with the Miz than anyone else they write for. They're pushing him in the right direction and setting him up to be the favorite heel for many years to come. WWE's greatest mistake is not utilizing talent the way they have the Miz. As long as they can keep Sheamus and the Miz out of each other's paths, they'll have a great route to travel with their heel talents. Now if they can only do something out that pesky tag team division. And why can't we bring back the Cruiserweight division?
  5. Pratiik's Avatar
    i can see Miz cashing in the MITB at Survivor Series and holding the Champion ship for a very very Long time.
    That would be Great but Moving on to the main picture and to the Future If
    WWE is considering a both Major Title Unification at Wrestlemania 27
    then What would be bigger than Daniel bryan Vs The Miz for the
    Undisputed World cha...mpionship? think about this guys if out of nowhere
    WWE gives
    Daniel Bryan a Surprise Push and makes him the Smackdown World champion
    against The WWE Champion The Miz at the Grandest Stage of them all
    Wrestlemania..Cant get better than this!
    and if we turn the Tables this time and have a Heel Daniel Bryan Vs baby Face Miz ......Wrestlemania would be the Perfect Place for Miz to fill Cenas Shoes for Cena to Turn Heel and Miz becoming the Undisputed Champion and have his awaited Face Turn.Finally!
  6. isetal's Avatar
    when the miz beat down brian on monday night raw, that definetly made me believe he is worthy of being a wwe champion. he reminds me of chris jericho, seriously. no one took jericho seriously until he defeated the rock and austin in one night! imagine the miz vs jericho at wrestlemania 27 to unify the world & wwe championship. i would definetly pay to see that match.

    so the miz, is the real deal!
  7. Xpacfan's Avatar
    The Miz is a prime example of how the standards for quality wrestlers has gone way down hill! The guy's physique is laughable...ok, average at best and the fact that calling himself awesome is an exceptable catch phrase is just sad. John Morrison on the other that guy has champion written all over him. He and The Miz need to trade places because this is a clear example of the WWE not pushing the right people.

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