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The Phenominal One

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If you ask any well informed wrestling fan who they most think of when they hear the words TNA, 90% of the time they are going to say 'the phenominal' AJ Styles. But why is this??

The answer is quite simple. AJ STYLES IS TNA WRESTLING. Dixie Carter can try and bring in any former WWE guy to get a cheap pop in ratings but the die-hard TNA fans will always want the TNA originals to come through on top. A prime example of this is when Rob Van Dam was brought into the company. Does he have star quailty? Yes. Is he athletically gifted in the ring? Without a shadow of a doubt. Does he capture the hearts and minds of the TNA audiance? Yes and No. Let me explain that last one in more detail.

When RVD was brought into TNA the fans were estatic and were making out to be the thing TNA needed to cross the line (no pun intended). However TNA goes and fucks it up by having him beat AJ Styles a month removed from his debut. WHAT THE FUCK WAS RUSSO SMOKING. Not only did RVD win the title way to quickly he also beat the heart and soul of TNA (yes I know AJ was heel). My point is RVD lost all momentum after his victory and it has to be put down to how he won it and more importantly who he won it from. AJ will never, ever be hated by TNA fans as much as creative try it simply wont happen.

To make matters worse in recent months he has been taken under Ric Flairs wing so to speak and has been made the figure head of Fortune. He isn't putting on the matches that us fans know he can and to be honest it's pissing me right of, AJ needs to be the focal point of the group not some lacky behind Flair.

The final point that I would like to make is that I truely believe that AJ need a face turn. Here's my take on how it should go down. Firstly he loses his TV title to Joe, after the match he is shown walking to the back and the rest of 'they' as well as fortune are looking at him in disgust and wispering among themselves. I would then follow this up with him losing week after week against 'they' and fortunes rivals whoever they may be. I know most people will think well now he just looks like a weak jobber, but he doesn't if he puts on strong matches and just loses. Finally I would have 'them' and fortune turn on AJ at the end of a iMPACT! and beat him to a bloody pulp with just Joe coming down to help him. After several months off and I mean no one sees or hears anything from him so it seems like he is legit injured. Then on a live impact have the main event of Hardy, Jarrett and Flair against Joe, Christopher Daniels (who returns to seek revenge for his best friend) and the returning AJ Styles. This would not only be a welcome suprise but also catapult AJ back into the main event scene and bring together Joe, AJ and Daniels. Overall AJ Styles is because grossly misused by TNA at the moment and he is a natural babyface and not a damn heel.

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  1. Daniel Wilkinson's Avatar
    I think the chances of AJ going face are over for a while given recent story line developments. I agree entirely with you about the AJ/RVD title change as a month in it was way too soon & also RVD did'nt hook the leg on the pinfall which was disrespectful to AJ Styles. The only thing to say on that was the ratings rocketed for that show but like you i ask at what price?
  2. Austin Mcintosh's Avatar
    Ric Flair ruined AJ Styles. i love his in ring work. but the Suit gimmick with Flair doesn't work.

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