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The TNA Bound For Glory Review

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This is it! It's time for TNA to step up or shut up! It's Bound for Glory!! Their biggest show of the year!!! The WrestleMania of TNA!!! I'll review each match and give my thoughts and opinions on them.

Match #1: The MotorCity MachineGuns vs Generation ME for the World Tag Titles

Ok, I was expecting this to be the opener of the night and it delivered once again. The TNA Tag Division is just awesome and will always be awesome with these kinds of teams in it. Generation ME looked spectacular against the Guns and it was a fun way to kick off the PPV. The Guns retained the titles in a very good opening match. Still nowhere near as great as the feud with Beer Money though!

Match #2: Angelina Love vs Velvet Sky vs Madison Rayne vs Tara for the Knockout Championship with Mickie James as the guest referee

God, I missed Mickie so much and I am glad she's back. Now this match has had a lot of build behind it ever since Madison became champion at Lockdown! It was actually a good match although I did not like the tagging in thing. I would have preferred all four in the ring at the same time. Velvet also showed some improvement in her ability here but Tara got the win and is the new TNA Knockout Champion!! For a women's match this was actually pretty good.

Match #3: Eric Young and Orlando Jordan vs Ink Inc.

They had this match on Thursday!! WTF??!!! Anyway piss break match. The worst match I've seen in a long time. 3 on 1 against Orlando basically with Young either acting as a referee or tagging with Ink Inc. Worst match of the night. Btw, from this match forward the entire PPV goes downhill...big time!!

Match #4: Jay Lethal vs Douglas Williams for the X-Division Title

Kind of a random match but at least the X-Division Title got some exposure. Lethal would obviously win but I just don't like him. He has no gimmick whatsoever and that simply buries him. Williams was just amazing in this match and shows us why he should be higher up on the card. After the match Jersey Shore attack Lethal. Really??!! Great way to fuck everything up with the Shore. This gimmick will never work.

Match #5: RVD vs Abyss in a Monster's Ball match

I'm not a big fan of hardcore wrestling so the various spots in this match didn't really catch my attention. No blood for once. Shocking move by TNA here Anyways RVD obviously wins and actually uses Janice although it's obvious he didn't really hit Abyss since he would have easily killed him. Nothing special here.

Match #6: Sting/Nash and Pope vs Jarrett/Joe

This whole thing is just one big headache. I'm still confused as to what exactly all this is about. If someone can actually explain it to me leave a comment and explain it cause I'm really confused. Anyways, a pretty slow match with Jarrett turning heel? Or was he already a heel? You never know with TNA. He abandoned Joe and Nash gets the pin; probably Nash's last match now. I knew this match was gonna be bad and it didn't prove me wrong.

Match #7: EV2.0 vs Fourtune

Yes, your eyes did not deceive you. Dreamer pinned Styles at Bound for Glory. Anyone know of a way to bury Styles some more? I sure don't! This was one of the biggest booking mistakes I have ever seen. Lethal Lockdown matches are always the same. Just watch others and compare. This match was boring. You had 5 guys in their 50's against 5 guys in their prime with two other old guys fighting outside and a maniac called Kendrick hiding on top of the cage. Great job letting EV2.0 win TNA!

Match #8: Kurt Angle vs Anderson vs Jeff Hardy for the vacant TNA World Title

First thing I will say here; this match was awesome. It was a great main least until a certain point. These guys were throwing everything they had at each other until the referee got KO'ed. That's when I face palmed. Bischoff came out! Yes he actually appeared on the main event. He had a chair in his hands...but oh that's not all. Mr.EgoMania himself appeared. Apparently his back surgery wasn't so serious after all. Why can't these two put their egos aside for one night??!! Jeff looks to play peacekeeper then grabs Hogan's crutch and smacks Angle with it. He takes the other from Bischoff and takes out Anderson. Twist of Fate on Anderson and the now heel Jeff Hardy is the new Champion. Abyss and Jarrett come out and ladies and gentlemen, THEY have arrived. Are you kidding me????!!!!! What an atrocious ending to a PPV. It ruined the entire main event. Is Kurt gonna retire? Guess TNA forgot about that fact. Fans throw trash into the ring as they should. TNA robbed those fans of their money as well as their viewers at home. RVD comes out and Jeff knocks him out. PPV over! Wow!!

This PPV was horrible. It it wasn't for MCMG vs Gen Me and the Knockouts doing everything they can to put on a good show, this PPV would have been the worst I've ever seen. If this is what TNA can come up with then I'm sorry but get ready to publish the "Rise and Fall of TNA" while omitting "Rise". Madison Rayne said on the last episode of Impact the phrase, "Bound for Failure." That phrase sums up the PPV.

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Updated 10-12-2010 at 01:06 PM by Frank

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Kayfabe's Avatar
    They (not "THEY") will attack you with horrible grammer and spelling; "whyz d00d you dun't no nething bout wrestlun. stfu. tna rulez1111!1" Look at what happened to my BFG review.
  2. Gansher's Avatar
    Ye I get what you're saying. I read yours and agreed with everything you said tbh. I call them trolls which should be ignored. Let them attack me with horrible grammar. They simply do not understand how horrible TNA's booking is. No reason to stop writing because of them really!
  3. Enlgish_TNA4LYF_FAN's Avatar
    no i respects ganshers review, at least he watches TNA and noted that when he said OJ and EY vs ink inc happend at iMPACT.
    i have poor grammar its a wrestling site lol, we wont get marked and get an A or sometin so chill lol!
    TNA bookin is poor il be the 1st to admit that. russo needs 2 go, thats why i wanted paul E and/or JR 2 join em!
  4. Gansher's Avatar
    Well, JR ain't gonna join them for sure. As for Paul E, i'll write something up about it when I have the time. TNA have the talent, but the talent is victimized to backstage politics, which ruins all their chances of making it to the top.
  5. el gabo's Avatar
    forgot to mention that Abyss was supposed to retire also. No consistency in the writing whatsoever.
  6. Gansher's Avatar
    Abyss wasn't supposed to retire. Dixie wanted him fired. It's obvious he wont since he's with both Hogan and Bischoff now
  7. Enlgish_TNA4LYF_FAN's Avatar
    hmm JR wont join em as of now, dont forget he had talks with them earlier in the year, i think hes with WWE now so his book is properly marketed to a wider audience. then he will leave, they just arent treatin him with the respec he earnt and deserves!
    hmm paul E asked for TOO much thats my view and i cnt wait for your blog on paul E man.
    yh ure ryt, but pro wrestling is ALL politics and we gotta get used 2 that, but the young guys are all champs so that kinda contradicts that statement.

    el gabo, ganshers ryt, hes with hogan and bischoff.

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