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Please Just Release Matt Hardy Already!

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For years, people thought that Matt Hardy was underrated, and being held back in the WWE. People thought that he should be a world champion because he was that good. With each passing year, people would say, "Matt Hardy is going to win the WWE Championship this year!" Every year, when it didnt happen, they were disappointed, but kept hoping that one day he would win "The Big One." However, after watching some of his Youtube videos, I fully understand why the WWE never pulled the trigger with him. The main reason is the fact that he's unreliable, and an ego-maniac. He relies on the IWC to feed his ego. After watching his videos, it's pretty obvious that he wants to go to TNA. Personally, I feel that it's time for the WWE to just let him go. It's not like TNA is going to gain anything from getting him. The best they can do is a Hardy-Boyz reunion. Even that doesnt sound to great now-a-days. In his videos, he talks about "Wanting to be there for his brother", and "Crossing the line." Well, his brother just turned heel in what may be one of the worst flops ever. Right now, Matt is being payed to sit on his ass and do nothing but complain. So, I think the time has come for the WWE to finally release him, and let Matt Hardy V1's WWE Career...Die.

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  1. Mikey81's Avatar
    Why are we even talking about Matt Hardy? The guy is a mid carder at best...
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