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Eddy Parera

Lance Cade's Death, WWE's Rating Policy, and Summerslam Predictions

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We've seeing news about everything and about everyone in wrestling, and just we think at our own way, and I'll write my way.

About Lance Cade's death: It's just a bit weird to talk about him, because I never saw him fighting, only one time against DX in 2006, in the DX DVD Pack. So I'll pass this thread.

About WWE's PG Policy: I think WWE has to change, I see people talking about WWE vs TNA, and most of Internet viewers, they perfer TNA instead of WWE, and why? WWE is limited by storylines, they can't use his fist, they can't use weapons, basicly, WWE turned into a WES (World Entertainment Show), only PPV's have the Big fights, TV shows are what? These shows are just to perform a storyline, and that isn't good to a Wrestling Company.

I see fights on Raw, and every match, they follow a way to end matches, like Cena, Cena has to perform 3 moves to perform AA, like The Undertaker uses his Tombstone Pelidriver just after his taunt. Like Shawn Michaels, he started the end of the match with an Atomic Drop, a Shoulder Clothesline, body slam, and the SCM.

About MY SummerSlam predictions:

WWE Champion Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

My prediction is in favour of Sheamus, and why? Randy Orton has the momentum and almost, who has the momentum loses. Sheamus is at one kick on the head away of a new defense. Like Randy is at one RKO away of another championship reign.

World Heavyweight Champion Kane vs. Rey Mysterio

Kane, and why? Kane is sheduled to be the attacker of The Undertaker fight. So, when the lights turns off, The Undertaker will just Choke Slam Kane on the mat and referee will call the bell to a disqualification. But a new way is Kane picking a clean win, and just after The Undertaker attacks Kane.

Team WWE vs. The Nexus (Elimination Tag Team Match)

I think it will be a victory to Team WWE. Team WWE can't coexist but Cena will be surviver.

1# Elimination: Darren Young
2# Elimination: Michael Tarver
3# Elimination: Chris Jericho
4# Elimination: John Morrison
5# Elimination: R-Truth
6# Elimination: David Otunga
7# Elimination: Heath Slater
8# Elimination: Bret Hart
9# Elimination: Edge
10# Elimination: Skip Sheffield
11# Elimination: The Miz
12# Elimination: Justin Gabriel
13# Elimination: Wade Barrett

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Tina293's Avatar
    you know, i have stated several times how much i hate the pg rating, but as i have thought about may be it's a good thing. tv influences out lives so much now. in fact most of what learn comes from what we watch. wwe is only thinking about their future fans, who are young kids right now. plus most of the wrestlers have children of their own and of course they want them to able to watch the product without setting a bad example.
    however i do think the content can be tweaked a bit just so everyone goes home happy after a show. for example, they should start having the major titles change hands on the weekly shows again. give us more bigger scale matches instead of stand offs or "near fights" between the bigger stars. i'll be the first to admit that i don't buy wwe ppvs simply because i can't afford them so i would like to stop feeling cheated when i watch raw.
    wwe can definitely use this pg better than they are, but of course doesn't have a clue as to what the fans want these days. may be this is a sign that someone much much much much younger than he should takeover the creative writing department.

    as for your team wwe vs nexus prediction...nice. however i have say that i disagree with you on cena winning. nexus members have been receiving a huge push in the past weeks and having them lose only to make cena look strong wouldn't be right. most likely barrett and cena will be the last ones in the ring, but i see wade eliminating john for the win.

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