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TNA: Educaing Your Audience

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Dear TNA,

I have faith in you. I may not watch you like I use to but still, your property of one of favorite pure wrestler in America today: AJ Styles. But we have a problem. Its about your audience, I undertsand that the ratings are down and this that and the third. But we have a BIGGER problem. Educate your audience. What I mean on that is not the ones in Orlando.

I mean if Total Non-Stop Action had an actual classroom and all 50 states of the US was in attendance, Florida would be the class nerd. For the simple fact that it knows you like the back of your hand. Other places like North Carolina, Las Vegas and recently Alabama would have some what of knowledge about you.

But you see, being in Orlando stuck in the Impact Zone is really hurting you. And after low morale backstage, money issues and other negative things, you dont need anymore hurting in 2011. Go out and expand your product!!!!! I dont mean house shows I mean actual Impact Wrestling. I mean what is wrong with having Impact Wrestling in New Jersey, St. Louis, Chicago, New York, etc. etc.

Does that means you have to sell-out Madison Square Garden? Heck No but still go places with good enough seating a nice building and put on an heck of a show. You know what that says to wrestling fans?It says that your trying to be fresh and come out with an alternative product and its avaliable to fans all around the world. Even though our job is to watch whats going on in the ring, its a job nevertheless and we also brings magic into a wrestling event. Dont believe me? Look at the first WrestleMania in MSG. No it wasnt the most techinally sound event but it was the crowd reaction that made it specail and had the fans wanting more.

Still dont believe me? Look at WrestleMania 13 during the Steve Austin and Bret Hart match, not only the match saved the card but it was the double-turn by the audience I may add that also made it memoriable. Its a game about give and take in this situation, you give us a good product and our crowd reaction makes the product better. You give us a shitty product and you will hear our wrath. I mean isnt Hogan and Bishoff isnt in the company. I mean wasnt they was in Atlanta in 1998 when Goldberg won the WCW Championship.

Do you know what made that moment special? The crowd reaction. Another great prime example was in Chicago this year at Money In The Bank 2011 with CM Punk, before the bell ring for the match to start the crowd reaction for both Cena and Punk increased the impotance in the match. You cant get that when your giving the same fans the same product. Thats what I mean when I say Orlando knows you like the back of your hand. You try and be unpredictable all you want but as long as your in Orlando its going to water-down your product. And while your moving from place to place also change your daily routine when it comes to wrestlers.

AJ Styles should be the face of the company right now. Instead of having Sting in the main event of every Bound For Glory match, Instead bring out someone who is ready for the main event.

WCW problem was that it was so infatuated with the nWo they didnt know what to do with the likes of Benoit, Jericho, Mysterio, even Bret Hart. They waited until the nWo was a thing of the past to push Booker T, Lance Storm and countless others. A Booker T/Chris Benoit match would have rocked the house at Starrcade. A Bret Hart/Dean Maleko match would have rocked the house at Starrcade. But they waited until they lost a shitload of money and their minds based on the creative ideas they had in their heads to push this talent and you see where they at.

In October, you have that chance. Philadelphia. Bound For Glory. Robert Roode and Kurt Angle for the Impact Wrestling World Championship. The biggest show in your company at one of wrestling most notorius cities. Dont screw this up. You have a plethora of talent who deserves to wrestle for the main event spot. Robert Roode, James Storm, Gunner, The Pope, Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, Brian Kendrick, Doug Williams, Mr. Kennedy, Alex Shelly, Chris Sabin, Eric Young, Kaz, Christopher Daniels and can I say the X Division. This isnt the WWE ya know. Let those X Divison guys do what they do and take the crowd breathe away.

I mean do you see with you can do with the guys I just mention not let alone the ones I didnt? Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy, Doug Williams and Kaz, AJ Styles and Robert Roode. Yeah we may have seen this before but still if you take what I say into conceration, You push the young talent and take them around diffrent cities and educate your audience that this is what we have and let them go at it then you will get a historic crowd reaction.

There is power with noise. You have a historic crowd reaction in Philadelphia, then that will educate the audience at home to want to come to your shows whenever you are nearbye. Educate your audience that is live at the show that this is what we have, Educate your audience to say say that AJ Styles, Robert Roode, Matt Morgan and others are the future of your company and lat go of the infatuation of ECW reunion remakes, nWo remakes and for Christ sakes Hogan/Sting/Fliar remakes. Those days are gone and never coming back. And also educate your audience who is sitting at home that this is what your missing when you watch it live.

I have faith in you and wrestling is in a very troubling time. If you want to get the fans all around the world attention? You got to let go of Orlando, Hogan, Sting and Flair. Thats the only way you can be looked at as a threat to the WWE and most of all makes it better for us wrestling fans


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  1. tchocky360's Avatar
    Thanks mate, much easier to read. I def agree about AJ Styles, seeing him wrestle and getting in title pictures is what made me be more interested in what TNA were doing.
    Couple years back their Knockout's division was excellent and the 6 sided ring seemed odd, but then refreshingly different.
    I don't really wanna see Hogan or Flair wrestle, I'd be happy to watch Sting if he got rid of his Joker look.
    They just seem to have started well and faded off a bit, hopefully that'll change soon
  2. Theiconsting's Avatar
    Its time for impact to be on the road every week its sooo obvious. I think atm they should take Hogan, Easy E & Flair off tv for a while & have only Sting on impact from every now & then so the younger guys can shine on the road

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