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Tag Team Division

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Who remembers demolition? the hart foundation, the bulldogs, the rockers, fast forward an era in wwe, the steiners, money inc, headshrinkers, fast forward another era in wwe, New age outlaws, APA, hardyz, dudleyz, E&C rock & sock, Owen & Jarrett fast forward another era in wwe, kofi kingston & evan bourne Otunga & mcgillicutty and....and...erm.....

I remember watching Taker/big show vs Rock n Sock for the tag titles at the main event of a ppv. could you imagine that now? Cena & Punk v Orton & Christian for the tag titles? would nevr happen, but why?

I know this has been posted before but in my opinion wwe could fix this mess they have neglected quite easily really.

1. The New Age outlaws, they could come back for a part time role and would intise fans from the attitude era to start watching again. Just imagine if you heard "oh you didnt know" pumping out the sound system in the arena. The outlaws are prob the best tag team of the last 15 years in wwe, Bad Ass Billy Gunn & Road Dogg Jesse James, bring them back for 1 last run, and they could help put younger talent over and help with character development, but most importantly help rebuild the tag division. Yes they have had problems with wwe, but so did hogan and he has came back more times than I can remember and all you have to do is look at Bret Hart, he came back, so why not the outlaws?

2.The worlds greatest tag team, shelton benjamin and Charlie hass, probably, besides the colons, the last real tag team in wwe. 2 very talented wrestlers, who have a lot to give and could help rebuild the struggling devision.

3.Bring back Finlay, team him with sheamus, sheamus could learn a lot from finlay, and personally I reckon they would be a bad ass team.

4.Regal and Wade, likewise with above, Wade could learn a lot from regal, or even team Wade & Drew Mcintyre with Regal as manager... Actually, what happend to managers? remember the heenan family? Jimmy Hart? Dibiase? they helped draw heat. Bring back managers.

5.Rey Mysterio & Huncio- Rey is in need to slow down his career and Huncio is on the verge of breaking through (eventho he is better than Mistico at portraying Sin Cara) They could team for a year or 2, then fall out, have a fued, which could be at WM30 or something in a mask v mask match which Huncio would win and Rey would retire, and Rey would pass the Masked Lucha torch to huncio.

6.The Colons - WWE wasting talent, bring them back.
7. Kings of wrestling - we all know they will appear on wwe tv soon, I just hopw they stay a team and wwe dont split them up after 3 weeks.

8.X Pac & Kane - Like the outlaws, they could help relight the fire in the tag division, and Kane is nothing more than a jobber to the stars anyway, bring in Pac and they could at least help spark some interest in the division aswell as put over younger teams.

9.Otunga & McGillicutty
10. The Usos - they need to get used properly.
11. Kofi & Bourne.
12. Miz & Truth.
13.Trent Barretta & John Morrison - Trent needs a kickstart in his career & morrison is struggling to pick up victories, teaming them up would help Trent break out & maybe help Morrison get back to winning ways and rebuild his ww career.
After watching Vintage collection last week, which had a wwf tag team gauntlet, imagine wwe trying that now, would be impossible cos they only have 3 teams. & It would be nice if the WWE title changed hands on Raw once in a while like it used to and if the IC title had a bit more recognition and was defended regularly at PPV's especially bigger PPV's like WM, Summerslam, Survivor series. Titles dont mean what they used to, but its a problem easily fixed.

Also I know its not the Tag title, but I hope the Cruiserweight title returns and I hope they give the belt to Tyson Kidd, he would be a great heel to hold the cw title and would produce great matches with whoever he faces.

Thanks for reading. What is your thoughts on the tag title situation? who do you think should team up?

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  1. Poot-Hair's Avatar
    Overall great read! I agree completely that the 'E needs to do something drastic to their tag team division. I would love to see the New Age Outlaws in the WWE and Road Dogg just inducted his dad in the HOF not too long ago so you know he's been in contact. As far as Billy Gunn is concerned, I just don't know if the 'E would bring him back after that fiasco that he had with his girlfriend last year with the recorded tapes. It's all about the WWE saving face nowadays. Plus I don't think a PG product would have too much room for somebody with the name "Mr. Ass" lol. Would be awesome to see though. Other than that great blog, keep up the good work man. Can't wait to see the next
  2. y2jvspunkwrestlemania's Avatar
    i say bring back duece and domino

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