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BFG - Big Failure Guaranteed?

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TNA's annual wrestling bonanza and their answer to WrestleMania, the holy grail of PPV events, "Bound For Glory," took place last night for what was supposed to be a night that changed wrestling forever. I'm not denying that it did.

However, I did not see last night's festivites. Why, you might ask? I was watching this week's iMpact on Sky Player, which actually aired on Saturday, because everything TNA related in Europe is either late or not there at all. Towards the end of the show was a Battle Royal. As the match continued, I was beginning to wonder what the outcome would be. Just as an interesting fight between D'Angelo and Abyss was shaping up, we're told that "we're out of time" and that we should "stay tuned." Stay tuned for what? TNA doesn't show reAction in Europe. They gave us an unfinished show.

Things like this have often happened to European wrestling fans over the years, but we keep watching, because we love the buisness. Maybe things will pick up with their biggest event of the year?

Now, to the point of this blog. I recently read an interview with Mick Foley in which he pondered the shortcomings of TNA's viewing figures and waning PPV buy rates, stating that he "doesn't know what to do" regarding the situation. Anyone else find this answer a little... short sighted? TNA PPVs are shown 5 DAYS LATE in the UK, and yet the company actually expect these broadcastings to recieve high figures? Dream on. The company only cares about American viewers, and American PPV audiences, yet they wonder why they can't seem to match WWE for viewers? It's no mystery to me.

The fact of the matter is this - if over half the world are not given official access to a company's magnum opus event, something is definitely amiss.

This is not a TNA bash. I enjoy their product. I just find some of their decision making (or lack of) very frustrating, and if this lack of care for their overseas fans continues, TNA's lifespan is only ever counting down to zero. Thanks for reading.

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  1. VKM's Avatar
    I agree with this. TNA should start worrying about overseas. After all, i remember at a TNA broadcasting in Europe, their rating was very high. So they should go for it!
  2. Splattered-Dreams's Avatar
    In addition to Europe, TNA gets BETTER ratings in India than in the US. They have a market out there and they don't even realise it!

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