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5 New X-Division stars

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Impact signed 5 new wrestlers to help bring back the X-Division and only one was with the company before now. Here are my opinions on them so far:

1. Kid Kash- The only one to have been with TNA. He has put on some great matches and would be a great heel for the X-Division. I like his mic skills and attitude he has when he cuts his promos. I love his finisher and I think he and Aries could be a heel MCMG if the formed a tag team since we have a lot of new talent that could go for the belt.

2. Zema Ion- He has really grown on me since winning his qualifying match. He has a good arsenal of moves and is great in the ring. I don't know how he is with the mic but we will see later. I hope Impact keeps him around and gives him some feuds and builds him up.

3. Mark Haskins- I don't know what to say about him really. He is my least favorite of the new guys. We could get another World X Cup with him on Team Britain I guess. But we'll see what he does with his time.

4. Jesse Sorensen- I like this guy a lot so far. His match with Evans and Neese on Impact a while ago was the best out of all the X-Division contract qualifying matches. He is good in the ring and I think he can be good on the mic. Right now it looks like he will feud with Kash which would be a great start for him. He could be a main-eventer if pushed right and given time to get over.

5. Anthony Neese- Another good new talent. He would be a good X-Division powerhouse and I see him going outside the X-Division like AJ in the future feuding for the TV title if pushed right. Neese and Sorensen can be main eventers if TNA plays their cards right.

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  1. the hybrid boxer's Avatar
    good blog its great tht tna is focusing da x division tht would made tna stand out
  2. Poot-Hair's Avatar
    Good blog. Great read. I also hope that along with these other guys they land jack evans and low ki. Both of these guys (especially ki) can rock the house down
  3. cymru96123's Avatar
    I think that Mark Haskins is good and the match against Doug Williams didn't really showcase what he can do. Add MCMG, Shannon Moore, Robbie E, Austin Aries and Kendrick and you've got a great X-division. Now, let's see TNA using them properly...
  4. jaymo's Avatar
    i'm happy to see kid kash back in tna hope they don't bury him.and for the new talents im going to have to go with zema ion i like everything he has done so far.
  5. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Poot-Hair
    Good blog. Great read. I also hope that along with these other guys they land jack evans and low ki. Both of these guys (especially ki) can rock the house down
    Evans just came over as part of a talent exchange from AAA, I heard they offered him a contract but he turned it down and I think Low Ki is taking a break right now.
  6. Sahu's Avatar
    Gud Blog!! I Love Kid Kash for all he r very much right..his finisher also luks gud...

    He can be a gr8 X-Div wrestler and also a gr8 Tag Team player...He can have a gud run as X-Div champion and also can help many younger wrestlers to come up..

    Zema ION is a gr8 Talent..hope he's used perfectly..

    apart from these 5 we already have gud wrestlers in the div..Hope TNA this time seriously consider this pool...

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