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The difference between TNA and WWE

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Hello once again everybody, earlier this morning I sat in my living room watching my weekly Sunday dose of Pro Wrestling. With me living in the UK, TNA is shown on Saturday nights (Or at least the one I watch is on Saturdays) so I record it and watch it Sunday before I watch WWE Experience. Well today I saw the "Whole f'n Show" version of Impact. It was a great show with an amazing match between the MCMG's and Beer Money, throughout the match the fans were chanting "This is awesome" and "Match of the year", then I would like to draw your attention to the main event. A match that pitted Abyss vs. RVD in a "Stairway to Janice" match. A hardcore style match that featured a barbed wire table and tacs with glass.
Now after that match I decided to turn off Impact due to the fact that I already knew what the "Hogan surprise" was, so I turned the channel and put WWE Experience. I fastforwarded to the Dolph Ziggler vs. Rey Mysterio match and that was when it hit me. In the audience all I could hear was a huge group of kids chanting "619 619 619". It was then that I realised the HUGE difference between TNA and WWE, that being that WWE really is a kids program. Sure they have the occassional comment or two that might be a bit touchy, or maybe a match that stretched the boundaries of PG.

Then I really got depressed because that's not what I want to be a part of, I don't want to go to a show and be sitting around large groups of ten year old kids constantly chearing for the good guys. And then the occassional small group of "smarks" who are there to enjoy Pro Wrestling as a whole and they are the ones who chear for who they want to chear for, not who WWE want them to chear for.

Then I looked at the TNA crowd and instead of seeing an audience filled with kids (granted there are about three in that crowd somewhere), instead you look around and you see an whole audience of "smarks". Now that is the audience I want to be a part of, throughout every episode of Impact the crowd is always torn between the Heel and the Face, because they aren't afraid to voice their own opinions.
Now don't get me wrong, I love the WWE, always have and always will, but TNA offers somthing the WWE can't and that is an environment of free will and choice.

Leave your thoughts on what I just said and feel free to disagree.

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  1. Enlgish_TNA4LYF_FAN's Avatar
    wow i more or less agree with everything u just said there mate
  2. DavinDibiase83's Avatar
    Im a 20 year plus fan...

    I disagree a small bit my friend. I read an article in FSM a couple of weeks ago about how great the Attitude Era was but the wrestling world is paying for it now with all the deaths. Everyone pushed themselves so hard i the AR because of how hot the product was and how everyone from the opening card guys to the main event guys were making huge money. If the WWEs PG era prevents early wrestler deaths in the future im behind it.

    TNA though are promoting tag team wrestling like no one else with the exception of ROH. Guns/MCMG was a great series possibly the the greatest ever but at the same time the KOs division is suffering terribly,the KOs division was on fire in 2008-2009 and now its been misused badly.
  3. king of nexus's Avatar
    knockout division went down the pan wghen madison rayne took on the title if it had been velvet sky things would be different now angelina love is by far one of the best with hamada and taylor wilde lacey von eric is good too. they need to bring back the way the x division used to be with jay lethal picking it up soon would help the divsion alot i like doug williams as he's from reading like i am. but hes had the title for a long time now
  4. Stoney's Avatar
    It is really simple WWE is family friendly TNA is adult related whats hard to understand about that.
  5. Enlgish_TNA4LYF_FAN's Avatar
    stoney u r ryt there, but its the fact that what wwe has turned into
  6. ch.brooks24's Avatar
    Yes. Pretty much WWE has, more-or-less, turned into a kids program. The last time I went to a WWE Event, which was the SmackDown where Rey injured Taker earlier this year, I coudn't believe how out of place I felt. (Im 25 btw) It was just a very creepy feeling to be honest. So creepy that the next time WWE blows through town, I won't be attending. Unfortunately TNA doesnt make its way around Cleveland all that much cuz I would love to attend one of their shows as I have just recently began watching their program semi-regularly.
  7. wrestlinggrl77's Avatar
    I think that we all have to get over the fact that the Attitude Era is dead and gone. We live in a new world now and WWE is trying not only to build it's future fan base but also to appeal to families who will go and see their events. TNA is an adult show and there are definitely more than three kids in the audience but what new ground is TNA making? What WWE lacks in "attitude", TNA is lacking in originality.

    I applaud TNA for trying to appeal to those people who long for the attitude era and the Monday Night Wars but I wish they'd be a little more original and rely more on their younger talent and stop placing their focus on the old wrestlers who've time has passed.

    As a watcher of wrestling for over 20 years, I don't necessarily need blood, raunchy language, and soap-like storylines to keep me interested. I watch wrestling for the sport and though WWE is not as raunchy or as R-Rated as it used to be, you can definitely still find good matches in between the stupid story lines and talented wrestlers.

    Same with TNA.
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