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Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle (Bound for Glory)

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Sunday September 11th we saw at TNAs PPV No Surrender, Bobby Roode defeated both Gunner and Bully ray to become the winner of the BFG series making him the Number one contender and main event at BFG for the world Heavyweight Championship against the current champion the Olympic gold medalist Kurt angle.

For a while maybe even when i first started watching TNA in 2006/2007 i saw major potential in a wrestler by the name of Robert Roode. He had just left team Canada and started to proclaim himself as the hottest free agent in TNA. During this time it would seem that TNA was Pushing for a Roode world title run around this time but we would never see it happen. Then of course in 2008 we got Beer Money inc, and needless to say they became one of the best tag team today in wrestling.

So now in 2011 all that hard work is paying off for Bobby Roode he is now getting a well deserve title shot on the biggest stage for TNA BFG. This match against Roode and Kurt angle is a match honestly i cant wait to see. well all know kurt angle can make anyone a star and we also know that roode preforms well in the ring one of the best Wrestlers in TNA. This might even be the best match ever taken place in BFG or even to say TNA.

Things i like about Bobby Roode
1. He is a TNA original.
2. A great look. Roode has a believable factor to him. He can be a world champion.
3. Great on the mic.
4. a solid in ring performer
5. Can play both a Heel or a Face and still be great to watch.
6. a new Face to the title contention tired of seeing Sting,anderson, angle,Hardy, Van dam.

Why this is good for TNA

this might be the match that could possibly help fix TNA. what they need to do is make this the Main event not sting and hogan. Put roode face on posters . TNA needs to make the build up to this match as good as possible for people to even get behind this match and want to by the PPV. Last but not least have Angle lose the title to Roode (passing the torch) and then Start building a new Era around him and others who have not had a title shot or had one in a while. Have roode fued with Styles, Storm, Kaz, Joe, Morgan,Abyss. even throw in Jeff hardy, Van dam, Anderson. But There needs to be a change in TNA just for TNA to survive, this could be the first step in the right direction.

Thanks for taking in reading my blog. Quote the Raven Nevermore.

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  1. kiltbill's Avatar
    Good article, Jus10, and I'd love to see TNA really push this match. But I don't think they will.
  2. JUS10's Avatar
    i know it sucks to think that most likely they will push Hogan Vs Sting more so then this match but hey as long as they sell tickets, get a good PPV buy rate im happy.
  3. Dubs's Avatar
    Great blog man. Bobby Rhoode finally getting a World Title shot on BFG is pretty big for his career, no doubt. I just hope TNA gives him a propermatch against Kurt Angle without a screwy finish.
  4. kiltbill's Avatar
    What I can see happening is no mike time for either Angle or Roode, but a heap for Hogan v Sting.
    Then James Storm will interfere, either to turn heel himself or distracting the ref trying to stop one of Immortal and in the process losing Roode the match, and we'll be without the best tag team and worthy ending to this feud.
    They've had plenth of chances to use Angle and Sting to buld TNA's roster into believable opponents, but each and every time TNA decide that no wrestler should be able to win on there own.
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    THis shud be hilited as the main event; a clean finish with Bob's victory is needed...I always felt Bob is a gr8 wrestler n he's awesome on mic too....he can be the face of TNA....

    Make him World Champion (cleanly) n TNA is saved.....let the BMI fight among themselves..both of them r individually 2 hellsome wrestlers with gr8 mic skills...

    Bob's victory on Kurt will not just push his career but also needs some new n young world champs...
  6. JUS10's Avatar
    All we can do is hope this turns out good. but recent events i would now start to think angle beating roode at BFG
  7. kashani1984's Avatar
    I dont watch much TNA these days, but will be watching Bobby Roode hopefully get what he deserves and help put TNA back on the right track, but personally what I see happening is typical WCW... I mean TNA... We will get a screw job finish, Angle will keep the belt, thus making the whole BFG series pointless, keeping TNA pointless and going down fast. Please, just let Hogan & Sting end eachothers careers at BFG, Sting, Idont mind, but whoever is writing TNA, and thinks we want Hogan v Sting for the 67th time....WE DONT!!!
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