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TNA, WTF episode 3: Eric and Terry piss all over the "World Title"

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Actually, it's not even a World Title. Not even a little bit. Why? I know I keep harping on this, but it's only because they keep doing it: RUN-IN AT THE PPV TITLE MATCH AGAIN, GOD DAMN IT ALL!! I've been harping on this for awhile so I just decided to compile some notes on the PPV title matches and a couple of notable title changes on IMPACT!!! This does include a No Surrender *spoiler*.

But first I want to talk about what it means when in an entire year you've got 3 big title matches with clean finishes, and one of them had a stipulation that heavily favored the Immortal guy.

It means that your championship is bullshit, and even in this post-kayfabe world that's a big fucking deal!! Every time that shit is defended, you already know what's probably going to happen. The shocking swerve! Just like last month! Oh my god, wow!! Think about this, too. I'm betting on Bobby Roode to either win at BFG or get screwed, but either way Eric and/or Terry will be personally involved. So if Roode's first title win comes after about 4 minutes of outside interference and bullshit, what kind of first title win is that? It's another example of these old pieces of shit tainting the careers of great young wrestlers.

Here's my little list of TNA "World" Title goings on since Eric and Terry showed up.

Impact 4/19/20: Abyss tears up RVD with Janice and he vacates.

BFG 2010: Jeff Hardy vs. Angle, Hardy heel turn and title win. This was the one where "THEY" were revealed. Hogan came out during the match, and this took FOREVER. He had the big entrance with music and he was on crutches and everything. Momentum of the match was killed. Then a bunch of other bullshit happened and Jeff Hardy hit Angle with a crutch and won.

Turning Point 2010: Jeff Hardy defends against Matt Morgan after referee shenanigans. That's not so bad, but the rest of the match wasn't so good either.

Final Resolution 2010: Jeff Hardy defends after Bischoff gets involved.

Genesis 2011: Truckloads upon shitloads of fucking shenanigans. Anderson wins a #1 Contender's match against Matt Morgan, then Bischoff comes out and tells him that he's got his title match "TONIGHT!!" Anderson wins the title after appearances by Mick Foley, Ric Flair, TNA security, Matt Hardy, RVD, and ERIC BISCHOFF AGAIN.

Against All Odds: Hardy retains over Anderson in a ladder match. No outside involvement, I think. I just skimmed this one. I can't totally remember but this match may even have been pretty good. However I'm sure Eric Bischoff was soaking in some spotlight during an 8 minute Immortal segment when he announced the stipulation.

Victory Road: God damn, the less said about Victory Road 2011, the better.

Lockdown: Sting retains after outside involvement from THE HULKSTER, BROTHER.

Sacrifice: Sting retains, clean finish. Not a bad match, not a great one, with a botched Scorpion Death Drop at the end.

Slammiversary: Anderson def. Sting after involvement from Eric Bischoff.

Destination X: This was a really fun PPV but in the title match the entirety of Immortal and the X-Division had a huge fucking brawl run-in. Now I know it wasn't the "World Title" but it's relevant.

IMPACT! 7/14/11: Sting beats Anderson for the title, clean finish, he's doing this stupid Joker bullshit now and he's over 50.

Hardcore Justice: Angle heel turn and title win. He beats Sting with a chair that he got from THE HULKSTER, DUDE! On the next IMPACT he tells everyone about how Hulkster was on his side when Jarrett was fucking his wife and all this other shit. Well, Jarrett's in Immortal, remember? Kurt Angle was the one who lost the strap when Hogan and Bischoff and Hardy screwed him at BFG, remember? Who's booking this bullshit? Oh yeah...

No Surrender: Kurt Angle wins after some involvement from, WHO ELSE, BROTHER?! THE HULKSTERRRRRR. God dammit, Terry.

So the only guy who can get a fucking clean title win is Sting and he's like 52 years old. He can still go but now his gimmick is terrible. This Joker bullshit? Why does he keep ripping characters off from recently deceased actors?! I know that the crow thing wasn't his idea and it was a huge success, but now doing it a second time is fucking shameful and it looks to me like the basis for the next installment of TNA, WHAT THE FUCK?

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  1. abarasch523's Avatar
    good blog/rant brother
  2. AOF666's Avatar
    WCW all over again!
  3. kiltbill's Avatar
    "WCW all over again!"
    100% agreed.
  4. Marx's Avatar
    Agreed. Sting did amaze me though, during No Surrender. I was looking at him move around and thought: pretty damned good for an older dude.
  5. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    I haven't seen tna in months cause it is SHEEEEEE-ITE!
  6. KingOrton's Avatar
    Thought this was about Rob Terry and Eric Young... Damn.
  7. Theiconsting's Avatar
    Your blog is a complete load of bullshit, its not like any other wrestling company eg the E hasnt had dq finishes before you fucking retard. All you dumbass spoon fed E marks on here make me sick the E has been shit for years apart from a few good Punk promos how blind are some of you morons!
    Updated 09-15-2011 at 01:22 PM by DM Tea (This guy is a huge douche)
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