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Divas and Knockouts: An Overview

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Long time reader, first time poster.

For all intents and purposes, the first diva is generally considered Sunny. She could not wrestle. Than came along Trish Stratus. She started out pretty bad, but turned into one of the best female wrestlers of all time. Lita came in about a couple of years afterword and gave us a different change of pace, in that she was a risk taker. Trish was more gifted as a technical wrestler and Lita a striker/high flyer. They were good for each other. Later on you add Molly Holly, Victoria and Ivory, than you get 5 really talented wrestlers. Add Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie, and several others, you have a lower card for your diva wrestlers. Kinda like what goes on in the Men's division. That sets up what most call the best period for women's wrestling. Sure it was good, but you had 5 talents, and a roster full of crap talent. (I'm not gonna mention WCW, as they didn't really have a good women's division. Medusa is the only one of note, IMO.)

Fast forward to today, you've got Kelly Kelly as the WWE Diva's Champion. Winter as the TNA Knockouts champion. You've got some OK talent in both companies. You also have a few standouts as being extremely talented. None of which are the champions on either show. The WWE has Beth Phoenix, Natalya Neidhart, Eve Torres, and Maryse.

Phoenix brings you unparalleled power for a woman and makes it believable and doesn't really botch her move set all that often. Like many divas, though, she needs to improve her microphone skills considerably.

Natalya is a gifted technical wrestler. Why not though. She is a Hart member, having been trained in the dungeon. She also seems to have a good move set, and can properly execute the sharpshooter.

Eve, (I will definitely understand the criticism I will receive regarding her.), has greatly improved in the ring, and it shows. She doesn't botch near as many moves as she used too, and although, not even close to as talented as Lita, takes on that type of role as kind of a risk taker. Especially here lately.

Maryse is probably the most gifted on the mic, and probably the best all around of the WWE diva wrestlers. She doesn't do any one thing great, but is good at almost all aspects of wrestling. I don't even remember a match she truly just messed up.

With the exceptions above, the WWE divas are notably sub-par overall. Yes, as a whole, they are getting better, but even the 4 of the current roster of the WWE is lacking when compared to the other five I had named from WWF/E.

The knockouts, you have a few that are really good at what they do. Mickie James, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Tara (Victoria) when she wrestles.

First off, the knockouts, IMO are a better overall quality when it comes to in-ring performance. When it comes to actual looks, Velvet Sky is the only one who even looks good, so the WWE divas get the nod. Let us look at reality, Angelina Love's chest is most of her body weight. (Figured I'd get the comments about appearance out of the way in the middle of the Blog vs at the beginning, and having everyone quit reading because I mentioned anything doing with attractiveness.)

I think James move to TNA has actually helped improve the quality of the other knockouts she wrestles. She is probably the best overall talent of either product. Her mic skills leave a bit to be desired. Her move sets are believable, and she doesn't make many in ring errors.

Angelina Love is also a wrestler you can look at as good at many, master of none. And although she doesn't make a huge impression, she doesn't make many mistakes inside the ring, and I count that for something.

Velvet Sky is kind of like what Trish was when she started out. Total eye candy for the world to look at. However, as time progressed, she has proven that she can learn and pick up the basics of wrestling. She has been using a spear as part of her move set, and although I am not sold it is a good move for her, she isn't messing it up. I'd kind of like to see her become more technically gifted, as the Knockouts are missing that desperately, and since she is a really good mid-card, would be worth trying that with.

I'm not gonna dwell on Tara too much since if you read the Beth Phoenix part of my blog, you pretty much have the same thing to be said about Tara.

TNA's Knockout mid-card is pretty good too. Sarita, Rosita, Ms. Tessmacher and Winter all have a bunch of potential, and great upside. The addition of ODB (Return) and Jacqueline (Jackie) doesn't hurt as you get a couple of people who could put other talent over.

The WWE divas aren't as good as the TNA Knockouts of now, or the WWE Divas of the past. I'm wouldn't even say the Knockouts are as good as the WWE divas of the past, because, they aren't. However, the overall quality of the matches in the WWE and TNA today are better than the Quality of the matches back than.

I'm willing to debate and stuff on this. If it is kept civil. I will only talk about the Big 2 (WWE and TNA) since that is all I have access to and care about anyways.

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    One think I will disagree, there times I've seen Natalia not properly execute the sharpshooter! Don't think Winter had time to showcase what she can do! Other than that good blog.

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