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What Rhode for Cody Rhodes?

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The evolution gimmick was a good way of introducing Ted and Cody to the W.W.E universe, but the time was always going to come that they were going to have to walk their own path. So far it has It has been pretty vanilla flavoured for Ted, however Cody has panned out to have more dimension.

The problem for Cody is that the heel character of a monster does not have long term believability. The commentary team cannot be expected to kept referring to his facial injury each time he approaches the ring. This is especially an issue considering his said injury has done by Mysterio and he is now on long term leave. The selling point of this is fast going to become irrelevant within a year.

If we look back to 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes, it becomes obvious the character of a vain, narcissistic heel wrestler is a lot easier to sell over the long run. I actually found his vignettes on beauty tips to be hilarious.

Now that Cody has the IC title, there is chance for him to really get some recognition, this is even more especially true while they are merging performers of both smackdown and raw currently.

I think the smartest move the W.W.E can do is put the Bella twins to good use on this subject. The Bella's are fantastic eye candy, they do sell the image of attractive women well. I think a well placed spot of Cody back stage walking the halls and the Bella's stating, "They're are glad his facial injuries have healed and he is back to his 'Dashing' good looking self." Would be an excellent start. Follow this up with a few well placed stooge women in the crowd with signs about his 'Hot' factor would support it. All the story line needs is to be drawn out over a longish time line. Have Cody regain his vanity, but keep everything that is good about his current monster character. Have him defend his face at all costs, still have him get extra nasty if people hit it..but put a Dr. Jekyll/Mr Hyde spin on it that after matches, he becomes particularly cruel with putting bags on losers heads, or he particularly focuses on punishing the faces of other wrestlers he considers to be as attractive as himself. If an angle like this is run, it is easy to always work a story with him. Have a stooge women in the crowd cheer any wrestler over actively and have Cody come down at the drop of hat and belittle her for supporting such an ugly performer. In the world of wrestling it is totally believable to see someone like Jack Swagger or Ziggler make a promo of where they claim, "I have ability, the talent and the good looks to..." At any stage, enters Cody.."You think you have ability, you think you have talent..but you definitely don't have the looks." In the position of IC champion, it is perfectly suitable for him to make such entries and comments to people who currently have no title.

The next thing that should be addressed is his match selection. As much as I enjoyed him getting the win over Big Zeke, the match was not believable. I think this was mostly because Zeke is still learning how to sell a bump well. When Cody is faced with a bigger opponent, either have him simply, 'I outsmarted you.' or have him take a face bump, which in turn leads to a reckless revenge of chair use D.Q.

At this stage of his career, Cody is quite capable of performing against more high flyers like Morrison, mixed mat and brawlers like Truth, he could probably put on a great show with the Miz/Ziggler/Swagger/Mahal..If they want to entertain a small vs Big guy match, then use veteran big guy performers who can really work a match and know how to sell a big guy injury.

The simple fact is that wrestling does involve risks, it involves a lot time on the road, when these are combined, you have the current situation. The big names of Kane, Big show, Mysterio are all out of action and smackdown is now decidedly lacking depth. When you have a person like Cody who has come from a strong wrestling family, you have a keeper and one worth developing for the long haul. A lot of longer term watchers of wrestling recognise his hat tip to older wrestlers with no knee pads, they spot his burrowed moves from his brother move list, and they appreciate it. His father was huge in the 80's, his brother has popular in the mid 90's and now he is positioned to continue the Rhodes name.

There is a saying, "You don't have to have the biggest, you just gotta have the best." Cody does not botch mic work, his in ring performances are sound, his conditioning/age make him match worthy on any given day and his gimmick of, "Dashing." Can be sold for an entire career.

The best thing about him is that I believe[without actually having ever met him] That he only needs a little push from time to time and he will do all the rest of the leg work himself.

Get rid of 90% of the monster and bring back 90% of the Dashing and you've got a good investment W.W.E

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  1. Marx's Avatar
    Don't agree.. Rhodes is riding this well and should keep this gimmick for a while. The hideous-thing has never been about him losing his good looks, but him believing he lost his look. So the announce team can keep doing what they do. I like this gimmick better than the dashing - though, as you did, I enjoyed that - because he wins in a more brutal manner since.

    The Bella's should disappear from WWE, in my view. Yes, they improved.. but that's not that hard, when your on a depressing low point..
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    Rhodes current gimmick is very good...he's performing awesomely well in the ring..he should have some rivalries with ziggler.swagger kinds together they can put up gr8 matches..all these r technically strong yung ones can provide gr8 entertainment to us!!
  3. thatdevilsblue's Avatar
    well he took his mask off tonight to use as a weapon against orton to win, and left it in the ring when he left, so maybe this means no more mask for him? idk, either way, i've been liking this character for him very much and actually surprised he's had it the entire year so far, and also really like his entrance music too, but who knows, maybe after the way he won tonight, we won't be seeing the mask anymore1
  4. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    The beauty tips were the only thing I hated about dashing gimmick. It was like all the backstage segments stars who don't matter do.
  5. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    The beauty tips were the only thing I hated about dashing gimmick. It was like all the backstage segments stars who don't matter do.
  6. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    W.W.E? who adds dots?
    The problem I suppose is that Rated R(ob)KO has just covered the exact same topic and his blogs are 10x better than almost everyone's blogs; with a few exceptions.

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