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WWE in 2011 - In good shape

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The last few months have been absolutely fantastic in the E, and not just because of the storyline you think. Let's take a look through what is going on right now and whats decent

Punk v The Establishment

CM Punk for the longest time, was the most entertaining thing on WWE programming as a self righteous heel. There wasn't much that needed to be done with his character compared to all the other roster members across the two brands. Now he has become a self righteous face/tweener, and it has turned the whole world upside down. Goodbye Vince, hello Trips. Mr Anti Establishment is damn entertaining and everybody in his range has received a rush of blood to their character. Vince has finally been written off tv (Hopefully for good, though I doubt it). Don't get me wrong, he is a legendary heel, but the whole scene of him strutting out to no chance got tiresome a LOOOONG time ago. Triple H has been repackaged from a past its peak gimmick into a brand new authority figure that was completely fresh and unexpected for the time it happened in. I am looking forward to the heel turn, and am delighted that he has been technically a face the entire time. He is doing a pretty good job of making CM Punk look like an asshole at the moment, which is what Punks schtick is all about, exposing the real asshole in the situation by "pushing" them. Bringing in Nash, who has single handedly made wrestling cool again, and Marty Funkhauser Laurenitis is as I have said, fresh. No matter how painfully irritating it is to listen to smarks criticising every little thing that happens, I remain entertained and interested. I am waiting in anticipation for a Larry David guest host appearance on Raw as a personal guest of the funkhouser, in which he easily offends everybody and looks like an asshole at the end, all the while with delightful trumpet music in the background.

Mark "Fucking" Henry

Damn! I never saw this coming, I have always tried to get into Mark Henry, angry black man that he is. This has been done before, but now it is working for once to a tee. I would not even be surprised or perplexed if they gave him the world belt, I'd focking love it actually.

Christian the natural heel

I for one, was delighted when Christian lost that belt to Orton. I was initially shocked (I like when wrestling shocks me, but some "fans" feel the need to organise petitions) but I was also saying "Yesssss" because I had been waiting for him to be a heel big time. He had been back in the E for two years, and though I loved to root for him, he was born to be a heel. Alas, he turned in the middle of a legendary feud with Orton in which the matches were genuinely perfect in terms of action and storytelling, and yes, he got the belt again, as he always should have been as, and thats a heel. That whole feud showed the ridiculousness of the more vocal members of the IWC, who complain about lack of feud length and match quality ALL THE TIME, but in the 2nd month of a 5 month feud already have the air of "Orton and Christian AGAIN, sigh!). Enough ranting from this angry man anyway, just makes my blood boil sometimes.

Miz/R Truth

It almost seems a shame to bandie the two guys together but right now they are at the start of what should be a hilarious and entertaining program. WWE have their version of Riggs and Murtagh (easy racial stereotype) and though not an official tag team, who is apart from Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell of Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne(keeping in harmony with the racial stereotype momentum I seem to be developing, Miami Vice being bland in comparison to Lethal Weapon). R Truth is fricking hilarious, I havent actually genuinely laughed at promo's in years, but everytime this guy talks is gold. Im even warming to The Miz, I just found him annoying before, now I think he has a perfect foil to the Truth.

My boy Sheamus

For the only time in my life (being the potato eating leprechaun from Oireland that I am) I am actually genuinely rooting out for someone to do my home land proud. I get excited when I see Sheamus, and if anything should show you not to get your knickers in a twist lads (ladies) it is the emergence of this man. A year and a half as a badass heel has made the crowd warm to him to an extent where minimal effort was put into his face turn, the crowd pretty much turned him into a face. Is he the Irish Stone Cold Steve Austin, damn right!

Those Damn Superheroes

You have to admit this people, it has been a productive year for those bland superheroes. Cena is the perfect foil for everyhting Punk stands against and has had three of his most relevant matches in years thanks to him, and though he still always wins against the odds it has injected him with added vim. I am optimistic because I know this isn't the end of Punk and Cena, WWE have a lot of options, by no means is their rivalry a closed case. Orton likewise, has arguably only hit his peak now. A natural heel, his face run was as bland as his first one after he got kicked out of Evolution. But the rivalry with Christian this year has given him a shed load of credibility. He has had his first feud where a heel has performed their job well enough for him to develop a character on the good guy side of the fence. The Christian feud was immense for Orton, both in consistent match quality and character credibility. He has now gone into a feud with another guy with much going for him in Mark Henry, momentum for Orton is at a high premium. And importantly for a face, he has distinguished his old look with a new look, all important facial hair. Randy Savage had it (in spades), Hulk Hogan had it, kids love facial hair thats a fact.

Build up to Cena Rock

When this match was announced right after this years mania I thought one thing, epic marketing. Build up the match for a year, brilliant. In my opinion, it has been going marvellously well. Have the two of them get the odd dig at each other, don't overdo it, which they haven't done right now, nothing shoved down out throats. Thank fudge that this whole punk storyline is by and far the main focus of shows because the temptation to cash in on Rock appearances has been thankfully kept to a minimum. This is what I like, old school, sporadic build up, not burning out the audience.

Stephanie McMahon

The bitch is fine

alberto del rio

What can I say, his smug look, his smug announcer, his smug entrance, his smug dress style, his smug music, his smug aura is wonderfully smug. The kind of man you love to boo, keep him away from any misadvised face turns in the future and an absolute legend is in the making.


I have something for eastern european women, but who doesn't? More please!!!!


I don't care what anybody says, he is the king of WWE right now. A mega idiot on commentary sometimes, breath of fresh air and I could listen to him say "My goooooodness" over and over and it would never get old.


Mr America himself. The only reason I will miss McMahon is the end of the "that's satan himself" references. He has the uncanny ability to make every match he calls seem important, a credit to announcer's in any kind of sport.

Daniel Bryan

For those who say he needs a turn, no he doesn't. He can be the purveyor of wrestling, the clean cut competitive performer. When he eventually does turn heel in the future, theres no need to change much, just give him a smattering of arrogance. Bryan has one thing that others don't, and thats genuine credibility. This generations Bob Backlund, bland but brilliant and when a heel turn happens it will be relevant. Sometimes less is more. Look at The Undertaker when he was becoming established between 1991-1994, besides his physical stature and gimmick, they never overdid it, he was a man of few words and his manager was as much of a figure as he was. I know Bryan is no Undertaker, but the similarity is in the character building, not completely in your face.


I recommend getting rid of the supershow part for the forseeable future, but otherwise a great idea. May as well make your chief show as good as possible, alot of people that are complaining about mid carders getting lost in the shuffle are forgetting that the roster split really needed to happen in 2002 because of the level of talent bursting through the WWE walls. They don't have that problem anymore and it's high time this was realised. Mid carders/lower carders like Tyson Kidd have achieved fame all too easily, if they are the real deal they will be able to do something and get onto a show, case in point Zack Ryder, I would expect him to be a weekly figure from now on.

Anyway, hope y'all enjoyed reading and please feel free to give me your opinions and tell me where I'm fucking wrong

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  1. EricChampion's Avatar
    Sheamus is the man not happy about the Baby Face turn but we will see where it goes. The Fact that it seems he never ran from anyone (Besides Nexus) even as a heel was nice to see im tired of guys being scared as Heels and all the sudden the bravest people in the world as a Face. Sheamus in my opinion should take Undertakers Streak and run the WWE in a major way the guy is great and has the ability to make every match interesting, I mean come on Henry VS Sheamus should have been boring but the 2 worked great together so it was a very nice rivalry.

    Christian to me is in the middle of Main Event/Mid Carder. I like the guy but not as a Heavyweight Champion its just not believable nor entertaining "To Me" that's just my opinion. However i loved the Orton and Christian rilvary was magic once again 2 guys that worked great together.

    You sir have a very nice blog and i completly agree with the "Stephanie McMahon Bitch is fine" lol
  2. TakerManiac's Avatar
    "Stephanie McMahon

    The bitch is fine"

    This Line by itself Made This Blog LEGENDARY

    lmfao xD
  3. jonny316's Avatar
    I like your Marty Funkhauser line.
  4. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    By FAR the best and funniest blog I have read since joining EWN. It was interesting without the humour, which made it 3 times as good. I was disappointed when it ended. Great job.
  5. DM Tea's Avatar
    Great blog. I'm with you on everything except for BOOKAAAAAAAAA! I just think that the constant shouting and brainless chatter is fucking dreadful. It's way too much. I'm glad he finally seems to have gotten over this but for a while there too he would NOT stop fucking putting himself over and he still can't help himself sometimes. Yeah, when he's been in the ring with somebody who's wrestling he should talk about it. But in my not so humble opinion, when you retire and sit behind that desk you can shut the fuck up about your tag team from the 90s.

    Really though, with that off my chest, this is a really good blog. Sheamus/Austin comparison is a new one on me and it's spot-on. Love how you put the Cena/Orton shit in perspective too because the E will always have guys like that and it's great that they're having solid programs right now.
  6. abarasch523's Avatar
    couldn't agree more, though i a waiting to see what they do with the tag team division, i still feel t6hey are dropping the ball in that respect, this blog was fiiiiiiine
  7. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    "My gooooodness" this was a fun lot of waffle for me to write and hopefully I find the time in my dire life to talk some more gobbledeegook through my keyboard in future world. To retort on all your feedback:

    EricChampion I think Sheamo would be a brilliant idea to take ut's streak, never really considered it an option before but I think it would make a lot of sense if they ever went there as opposed to anyone else. I can see why your not happy with Seamus as face, nowadays faces just seem to be like "Hey I'm good" and thats the entire formula.

    Lads, Steph McMahon has been the inspiration behind many a power jizz and I'm glad to see her back. Just keep that mouth shut love. As a once wise man indeed said "the bitch is fine".

    Thanks Jonny, though CM Punk himself must take the credit for Marty Funkhauser, he was spot on with that comparison and yet it is put in the background of all the other awesomeness he comes out with. I think Punk would do well in Curb Your Enthusiasm, its all ad libbed so he'd throw a few pipebombs im sure.

    CM_SUXX_NOT I appreciate your bowing down to my iwc skills, it's only a matter of time til it goes to my head and I nerd shit up all over the internet, and become too big for ewn, until I crawl back shamefully begging for forgiveness. Theres a storyline for ya Vince, someone gets too big for sd, leaves for raw, fails, comes back to sd begging for forgiveness . . . . . Like half the roster really!

    DM Tea What can I say, Booker's retardation has really proved a hit with me. Once I couldn't stand him now I adore him. Cena/Orton will always be there but it has been a good year for them, even if they do suck some ass quite often. Let the Sheamus/Austin comparisons begin.

    abarasch523 I don't think there'll be a tag division until kings of wrestling make an appearance. I've not seen them, but I've heard great things and heard that the plan is for them to be a team and not be split up.
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