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What should go down for the Cena\Nexus Story

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Here is how i feel will happen with this feel:

its cena vs wade barrett at HIAC the big match happens as the main event both superstars beat each other to the point where you don't know who will win but wade barrett gets a lucky win barrett calls the nexus out and all come to the ring a start to celebrate cena is in the corner pissed off barrett notices him in the corner then picks up the mic and starts to talk he says to him that he is apart of nexus and that he does not have a choice then he says to shake the leader's hand cena looks like he is gonna shake his hand but then he trys to run out of the ring but the nexus has him surrounded so he won't go anywhere cena has no choice but to shake his so he does then the nexus and cena start to walk out the rin together all of the members are smiling congraulating barrett on his win but cena is frowning not looking like himself

this is raw where everybody is talking about cena having to join nexus the gm of raw says that there will be a new #1 contender for the wwe championship but nexus and cena come out wade barrett says that he will become the #1 contender then randy orton comes out and says that if he wnats to be the #1 contender then he has to beat him then orton threatens him by saying you know what happened to chris jericho a walks out cena leaves the ring thinking its the end of the segment but wade barrett stops him and tells cena to come back to the ring wade barrett has a shirt and a nexus arm band in his hand he says to cena that if you are apart of nexus you have to wear our gear then tells him to put on the arm band and the nexus shirt cena snaches the shirt from wade barrett he looks at the arm band and the shirt then starts to take off his gear and puts on the nexus gear wade barrett picks up cena's shirt and merchandise and throws it to the crowd

its randy orton vs wade barrett in the main event of raw the rules are that wade barrett cannot have nexus at ringside during the match. both superstars go to to toe with each other but suddenly john cena comes out but he is not in nexus ring gear, he is in his own ring gear cena goes into the ring and gives wade barrett the attitude adjustment the ref dq's randy orton so that means that wade barrett won the match via dq and is the #1 contender for the wwe championship cena walks out the ring smiling as he leaves the arena randy orton is furious so he rko wade barrett barrett is there laying down knocked out orton looks like he is gonna go for a punt but nexus comes out and starts to attack randy orton then wade barrett ends the show by droping orton with his finishier

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