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Top 5 Good Deeds/Random acts of Heroics and Kindness in Wrestling

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This Blog is dedicated to real life good deeds done by Wrestlers and wrestling personailtys... Im not gonna count make a wishes and so on, cause alot of Wrestlers are very willing to do any make a wish appreance.... So Foleys and Cenas many charity acts are not considered on here, im not saying they dont count, this list is just focused on different good deeds... these are acts that I comment on by memory so please if i miss any its by accident or i just didnt know....... So many negaitive things you hear about wrestlers and their personal life, I thought it be refreshing to talk about the positive.

5.David Arquette Gives away his WCW Title Money
Wrestling fans hate David Arquette for what they cosinder devaluing and destroying the reputation of the WCW championship.... But what some Fans dont know is David Arquette is a huge fan of wrestling and he hated the idea of becoming WCW World champion as much as all of us. He thought it was Disrespectful to all the wrestler that work hard Day in and Day out and put their bodies on the line to win that World title and all the Greats that Held it before him and held the title with such pride..... So feeling guilty about it, David Arquette donated all his money he made durring his time in WCW to the Brian Pillman fund to help out Pillmans family after his death... Very Classy move by MR Arquette.

4. Shawn Michaels Pays off Single Moms Home
The Heart Break Kid has been called alot of things and has been called out on his selfishness many times.... But on one day, Shawn Befriended a Young teenaged boy in his chruch, The young man told Shawn about his mom not being able to pay off the mortage of their home and they would have to move cause they are gonna lose their home to foreclosure ... Shawn Hearing that went straight to the woman and wrote her a check for the mortage and paid it off in full... I forget the ammount, wheter it was 20k or 50k but it was a large ammount. It was a very Good deed on The Heart Break kids part.

3. Curt Henning Saves Wade Boggs
Wade Boggs and Henning were Hunting, Boggs got his leg caught in a barbed wire fence behind a tree and there was no one around, So he told Henning to go get help he was bleeding to bad... in the Words of Boggs, Henning ripped the barbed wire with his bare hands, Then Boggs told him he cant walk to the truck that was almost a mile away, so he told henning to come back for him. Henning wouldnt hear of it so he (Henning) carried Boggs to the Truck and rushed him to the hospital... The doctor told Boggs if Henning didnt rip the barbed wire and carry him to the truck Boggs would of bleed to death..... Boggs calls Henning his guardian Angel.

2. Sonny Siaki Ends his Wrestling Career for Family
I know its his family, and we all like to think if we were faced with the situation we do the same thing, God forbid we ever be in his shoes but he did a bold move by ending his Wrestling career to Donate hid Kidney to His Big Brother...... Its a moving act of kindness that has alot of self sacrfice in it..... alot of people compared Sonny siaki to the Rock, and said he would become a Star in Wrestling, he didnt make it that big as he thought but he was on his way, he was in WWE devolpment but really couldnt put all in cause of his family problems.... I dont know much about Siakis career but this was a selfless Great act by a Seemingly Great guy.

1. Bam Bam Bigelow Saves 3 Children from a Burning House
This without a doubt is number 1, It is one of the most heroic, bravest, Selfless Good deeds you can do..... Who would of thought a shaved head, 400 pound Wrestler with his head covered in tattoes could do such a brave act,It looks like You cant judge a book by its cover...... Bigelow ran in a burning house near his home to carry out and save 3 children. bigelow Suffered 2nd degree burns on over 40% of his body and spent 2 monthes recovering in a hospital.... This was the reason He Retired cause of the wounds he received during the rescue and he could no longer wrestle Full time.... May God Rest the soul of this Amazing Athlete, Who was just as Good and caring of a person as he was a Great Athlete.

I'm Sorry, I know i missed alot of acts but these are the ones i know of that stuck out to me, if you have more then please I Love ot hear it on the comments, Sorry about my Grammar and spelling in my the way I like to mention Monthy Brown retiring from Prowrestling to care for his deceased sisters Children and the Many acts of Foley with the R.A.I.N charity.

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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Great blog. Its good to hear positive things about wrestlers. The mainstream media only has the negative most of the time.
  2. DM Tea's Avatar
    Nice blog. Thank you for a dose of positivity. I think we can all agree that's something which is lacking in this IWC of ours. In fact, I'm about to go trash TNA's main event from the pay-per-view (again) because they had a run-in from the Hulkster (again).
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    Gr8 Blog!! Sioki's one is really Gr8!!!

    Gr8 read brother!!
  4. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    excellent blog didnt know about any of these
  5. kiltbill's Avatar
    What about Perry Saturn? I'd read he had been shot and almost killed while saving a woman from being raped... Even as a write this it wounds far fetched... anyone know if this is true.
    Because if it is, I think we have a late entry into the number 2 slot (ouch!)

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