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Top Ten Wrestlemania Matches

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Hey guys, I've been reading a lot of your blogs and i find them highly enjoyable so i thought i'd have a go at one, this is my first blog on this so i don't know if this topic has been done or discussed. Anyways i've been watching old Wrestlemania matches which got me thinking what my top ten would be, i have seen old lists in the past but none that i ever fully agreed with, though i have no doubt that some will disagree with this one, anyways here goes:

10) Ultimate Warrior V Hulk Hogan - Wrestlemania VI

Not exactly the best 'wrestling' match, but it was at that time the biggest and most anticipated match in Wrestling history, it was a match worthy of the hype and better than most expected, plus always great for nostalgic viewing.

9) HBK V Kurt Angle - Wrestlemania 21

These two put on the match of the year at the biggest show of the year, would we have expected anything less?

8) Bret Hart V Owen Hart - Wrestlemania X

Like the match above this one stole the show, superb wrestling from both men with Owen getting the deserved win to establish him as a top performer and to enhance the feud between the two brothers.

7) TLC - Wrestlemania X-Seven

The absolute best Tag Team bout of all time.

6) Bret Hart V HBK - Wrestlemania XII

The thought of a match going one hour and on oay per view was considered insane at the time but these two pulled it off effortlessly the first and still best Iron Man match.

5) Randy Savage V Ricky Steamboat - Wrestlemania III

The only reason this is not top 3 is because i never seen it live, whereas every other match i seen as it happened so did not already know the outcome as i did with this one, still this was wrestling at it's best and made the over hyped Hogan/Andre match look like an afterthought.

4) Bret Hart V StoneCold - Wrestlemania 13

The match that launched Austin and in a way the Attitude Era, this was one i watched recently and it was still as amazing as the first time i saw it, match of the year and such a shame this was Bret's last Wrestlemania for thirteen years.

3) HBK V Razor Ramon - Wrestlemania X

The second and best ladder match. (Bret and Shawn did it first at a house show) This one was way better than anyone thought it could be and if there wsas any doubt Shawn wasnt a main event player this match proved otherwise, outstanding.

And for the winner i have a split decision, i really cannot decide which is better because i love them both equally so here they are:

1 Tied) HBK V Taker - Wrestlemania 25

This one had it all, Drama, Excitement, Awe, i really didnt have any fingernails left after this was over! The Taker dive over the top rope was insane and his reaction was the same as mine when Shawn kicked out of the Tombstone! Truly an astonishing match, and the only other match to take me on the same rollercoaster of emotions was....

1 Tied) StoneCold V The Rock - Wrestlemania X-Seven

The match everyone wanted to happen to see who was the better man between the two biggest stars in WWE history, from the opening bell this was just relentless back and forth action with the crowd heavily behind Austin, the No DQ rule really benefited the match and the 'WTF' moment at the end when Austin 'sold his soul' to win the belt just summed up this match. Incredible.

Honorable mentions go to the triple threat main event at Wrestlemania XX and the recent HHH V Taker at Wrestlemania 27, there is one match im sure a lot of you have in my mind that i didnt list and thats Rock V Hogan at Wrestlemania X8i personally think it's the most over rated match in wrestling history and not as good as everyone makes it out to be, am i the only one who thinks this?

Anyways if you have got this far i appreciate you reading my first blog, i welcome any banter, comments, criticism, suggestions and opinions, thanks again people.

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  1. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Wow this is a hard list to do... I Honestly think Bret and Owen should of been alot higher on the list at the very least the top 5, they would be in the top 3 in mine.... Then i got to Add the incredible Triple Threat Match at Wrestlemania 20 with Benoit, HBK and HHH.
  2. knox's Avatar
    This is a very hard list to do and I believe you nailed it on the head. Personally HBK vs Taker was the best match but The Rock and Stone Cold had the biggest feud ever and the flow of the match was insane. Great job bro
  3. dub's Avatar
    this just puts in perspective how great HBK is at Wrestlemania. He's in 4 of the top ten! & rightfully so. Great list BTW Mooresy
  4. jonny316's Avatar
    The top nine are bang on. Put them in any order you like. Although, I have a hard time deciding which HBK-Taker match is better. But, if I had to I'd say the second. Rock-Austin was vastly underrated. Most Wrestlemania main events fall a bit flat because you've seen so much on the night, Rocky and Stone Cold killed it, it should of been match of the year.

    If it was my list I'd replace Hogan-Warrior with Hogan-Rock. The emotion that night was incredible. It changed the Wrestlemania landscape forever. After then crowds with polarized opinions became the norm. It didn't matter who you cheered for just as long as you cheered. Plus, HBK-Austin deserves a mention for its historical significance. After all, it drew a lot of fans back, me included, it was the start of the Austin Era and the story with Tyson was brilliant.
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