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Rob's Review - 5 things I would change about WWE

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This is my first blog, so play nice with me

I've been thinking throughout this week about all the things I find annoying about the WWE, so I decided to post them here.

1 - Have heels be as good wrestlers as faces - At the moment heels are displayed as weaker wrestlers who need to cheat to win. I feel it would be a lot better if they were given clean wins, not all the time, but maybe fifty percent of there wins. In an ideal world, I would have heels winning sixty percent of their matches, which would get them over as just as good in the ring, but win more due to hellish tactics. However, I would settle for a fifty, fifty win loss ratio ATM. Also, stop having all heels as cowards, it's just stupid, the occasional one it works for, but take Sheamus when he was heel for example, having him be a coward ruined his badass and dangerous heel appearance.

2 - Have some matches end by another move apart from a finisher - Near falls happen all the time in wrestling, but we all really know the only way the match will end is after a finisher or by a roll up or small package or a crusifix pin or another quick pining move. I feel it would add to the excitement if the occasional match ended before a finisher, maybe with a signature or something. It wouldn't have to happen much and everyone would be on the edge of their seat for every near fall.

3 - Have big men actually get hurt - This is something that annoys me alot. Why, just because a guy is a foot taller than the average wrestler, does he not get hurt when he is punched in the head. I have big friends, admittedly no seven footers, but one is 6'8". I have actually boxed with him, and I am no superhero, but when I punched him in the face, it hurts him as much as the next man. The big difference is, his punches hurt a lot more. So when I see these seven footers not feeling these supposedly strong guys (Wade Barrett is booked as a bare knuckle champ) punches, I wonder if those four extra inches for 6'8" to 7' are magic. Recently, I remember Wade Barrett kicking Big Show in the face, and him getting straight back up, he wasn't even stunned. I find it very annoying.

4 - Cage matches - Now don't get me wrong, I love the concept of a cage match as much as the next man, what I hate about it at yeh moment. Why oh why would anyone want to climb the cage when, by merely asking asking the ref, the door opens. This is so stupid, after one semi big move, the match should end. Keep the door locked. The whole idea of a cage match is you escape the cage, I don't class walking out the door as escaping. I would want there to be no pins or submissions aswell, but one step at a time.

5 - Bring back managers - It just seems so logical to me, people who are great in the ring but not too great on the mic give them a manager to help them, so they can get better and eventually promo by themselves. It just makes sence. Have Striker as a manager, have Michael Hayes as a manager, give Vickie more clients. There doesn't need to be a lot, those three could probably cover most of the roster who are not so good on the mic.

Thanks for reading, would appreciate feedback, will try to respond to all comments.

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  1. ArtfulDodger's Avatar
    I really like this list.

    Number 2 is a great idea. What do I remember X-Pac for? Not DX, or the NWO, but for getting those wins as the underdog without a finisher against Razor Ramon, that made him the 123 Kid. Finishers are great, but sometimes an unexpected roll-up is an even better way to win. It adds more matches, and makes the outcomes less predictable.

    - Artful by name, Dodger by nature.
  2. steveorton's Avatar
    Nice first blog short and sweet. I agree with all the points, especially no. 4 why the ass would I climb the cage when I can ask very politely, "Ref can you please open the door thanks" really really really. BTW can't wait till the next one.
  3. Robareid's Avatar
    @Artful Dodger - Thanks. Maybe I didn't quite make myself clear on number 2. I like roll up wins and stuff, but I meat wins of signature moves occasionaly too. For example, Sheamus winning with Irish Curse backbreaker.

    @steveorton - Thanks, not sure when next one will come out, I guess when I next have some inspiration

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