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Tai Night

How WWE Ruined The Big Red Machine.

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Well I must say, I am very impress with what I have seen lately with Kane. I just wonder why WWE have waited so long to used this very talent Superstar? He has the mic skills and the ability to put on a show.

So why wait so long to give him a major championship? This is how I would have done it. Once Kane came back and was able to talk I would have been building up his reputation. Having him feuding with people like The Rock, Triple H, Undertaker (ABA) and others. Allowing him to build up steam until he face The Rock for Belt vs. Mask.

Rock would win the match causing Kane to take of his mask. Like how they originally did it just without Triple H and the RVD. I would have him going on a rampage destroying big guys like Batista and Mark Henry.

Right there and then I would have ran off with him. He would attack and take out any number one contenders. Once he had stated he wanted the big one, he would have feuded with the The Rock. Their promos would have been great since both are good on the mic. Rock would have been his heel self while Kane was just a Machine not caring about nothing more then the gold.

It would have been great. Kane was in very good shape at the time and Rock was at the hight of his popularity with his movies and what not. Kane would win and have his championship run. He would feud with different WWE stars losing some and beat some. By now he could have been taking so much more seriously. I wouldn't see him beating up a superstar and yelled that "It is just Kane" to the superstar.

Well WWE sure drop the ball on this amazing superstar.

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  1. miraistreak's Avatar
    Honestly, I bet it's his backstage attitude.

    I'm not saying he has a bad backstage attitude, I'm saying it's exactly the opposite. I bet he's a dream to work with backstage and that he's humble.

    If you have ever listened to one of his OOC interviews or Youtube videos he is actually a pretty down to earth and humble guy. He probably doesn't have much care for titles or any of that because he sees the WWE as what it is. A Job. Need someone to put over a new superstar, Call Kane Up, he's doesn't mind. Undertaker came back from injury and needs someone to help him get over in the Tag Division? Call Kane, he's down. Major low on talent on Smackdown, call Kane he'll carry the show. Wanna put him in a stupid storyline with Triple H over a dead woman/blow up doll. Well don't call Kane for that one.... wait they did... dammit!

    As for the mask, he requested it be removed, he had a hard time breathing with the mask on as he mentioned in interviews over the years. I'm sure his shirt was simply because of heat, wearing spandex like materials over your whole body has gotta suck.

    Simply Put, I don't think they dropped the ball with Kane as much as Kane didn't really care if he got pushed or not as long as he got paid.

    Razor Ramon in 1993: "I don't wanna a world title, I want a Million Dollars."

    Also = Constant Main Event Pushes = Injuries.
    Look at the Undertaker, Triple H, Rey Mysterio, Cena, Orton etc. the more brutal the storyline, the more airtime, the more chances for injuries and tissue breakdowns. Staying in the midcard more often means more rest and recovery time, and shorter matches.
  2. mrqib's Avatar
    gotta agree with rstar221
    Kane with the mask on was brilliant
    That being said hes pretty good rite now

    But him with the mask would have just added a lot more
    I can never forget his debut .. that was one of the best debut i have witnessed ... After Chris Jericho
  3. Tai Night's Avatar
    I can see your point, maybe Kane was just a humble guy. Still that didn't mean Kane couldn't get a big push. The fact that he is humble would make all the more reason for him to get the big push.
  4. The KANEROONIE!!!'s Avatar
    Actually, That is exactly what I've heard. I cant remember the source, but a few years ago I remember a report saying Kane didn't care as much about being pushed, so that is why he wasn't given the title.

    And in my opinion, getting rid of the mask was the better thing to do. It gave him more room to act, it gives his promos that much more emotion and feeling. Like miraistreak said, he can breathe better without it. That means he can move more without losing his breath.
    So in my opinion, getting rid of the mask was beneficial. And putting it back on at this point would just be stupid.
  5. Tai Night's Avatar
    Fair point, but why not still push him. I am sure he wouldn't be against the idea. Yet I guess they seen it as a way to allow other superstar (Wow I don't even call them wrestlers anymore) to gain popularity.
  6. The KANEROONIE!!!'s Avatar
    I agree. Kane is one of my favorite wrestlers (hence the name), so I see what you mean. But I guess since he didn't care, they knew they always had a guy to help push the next younger guy. Maybe it just took them all these years to see what many others were already seeing; that one of the WWE's best kept secrets was being choked out by a member of the Spirit Squad.
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