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Tai Night

How WWE Ruined The Big Red Machine.

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Well I must say, I am very impress with what I have seen lately with Kane. I just wonder why WWE have waited so long to used this very talent Superstar? He has the mic skills and the ability to put on a show.

So why wait so long to give him a major championship? This is how I would have done it. Once Kane came back and was able to talk I would have been building up his reputation. Having him feuding with people like The Rock, Triple H, Undertaker (ABA) and others. Allowing him to build up steam until he face The Rock for Belt vs. Mask.

Rock would win the match causing Kane to take of his mask. Like how they originally did it just without Triple H and the RVD. I would have him going on a rampage destroying big guys like Batista and Mark Henry.

Right there and then I would have ran off with him. He would attack and take out any number one contenders. Once he had stated he wanted the big one, he would have feuded with the The Rock. Their promos would have been great since both are good on the mic. Rock would have been his heel self while Kane was just a Machine not caring about nothing more then the gold.

It would have been great. Kane was in very good shape at the time and Rock was at the hight of his popularity with his movies and what not. Kane would win and have his championship run. He would feud with different WWE stars losing some and beat some. By now he could have been taking so much more seriously. I wouldn't see him beating up a superstar and yelled that "It is just Kane" to the superstar.

Well WWE sure drop the ball on this amazing superstar.

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  1. Justdawg08's Avatar
    lol I don't see how you can say WWE dropped the ball on Kane..... he's one of their more successful stars over the past 20 years.

    Even though he could have been better.
  2. Tai Night's Avatar
    They have just started doing something with him though. A lot of WWE fans don't take his seriously like they use to because he would feud with smaller superstars. The reason they drop the ball is because they could have been using him for bigger and better things, not saying what they are doing with him is bad. Just saying more money could have been made off of the Big Man.
  3. rstar221's Avatar
    They ruined him when they took the mask off. A monster with a face isn't a monster anymore.
  4. WWTNA's Avatar
    they ruined him when they had guys like Dolf Ziggler beating him
  5. Riel's Avatar
    I don't know, they employed the guy for about twelve years and gave him some high profile feuds and a WWF Championship along the way (even if it was for one night). I can only suspect that it has to be hard to find new ways to keep his character fresh after all that time, especially considering his whole gimmick is a near carbon copy of the Undertakers.

    Think about it, you have two very similar characters and you have to find new ways to use them. Of course the Undertaker character will get more attention because he was there first and more importantly the better performer.

    Don't get me wrong I'm glad he's main eventing and all that but I don't necessarily think the company dropped the ball on him. He could have gone the route of many other superstars that had an big splash early in their career only to fade into obscurity, but he didn't he worked, put in the time and after years of dedication reaps the fruits of his labor.

    ... Then again The Dead Man may be planning his exit soon and this whole angle is being used to pass the torch.
  6. JimmytheBlack's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Justdawg08
    lol I don't see how you can say WWE dropped the ball on Kane..... he's one of their more successful stars over the past 20 years.

    Even though he could have been better.
    When Kane debuted, he came in fueding with the undertaker and went over. After that he was moving forward, but not as steady as he was when he first came in. Sure he was WWF champ, but they jobbed him as a paper champ. He could have easily held that title for at least 6 months. Then they just kept him at mid card status putting him in stupid fueds that were stupid. Waltman/Kane, Hardy-Lita/Kane, KATY VICK. The best fued Kane ever got was the one with Shane. When he cuffed him to the ring post and shocked him with the car battery. That was the big red monster. Even after that, he wasn't even in a #1 contender match. Either they're just realizing Kane's worth because of what TNA is doing with Abyss. That, or Vince is a creative genius and figure there was a time and a place to implement Kane. However you look at it, they've been holding him under the glass ceiling for too long.
  7. Tai Night's Avatar
    Thanks you all for commenting and I see the point in all of your opinions. As I said before, the best time to pump Kane up to me was when he first took off the mask. As JimmytheBlack said that was around the time when he feuded with Shane. At that time he was a monster and should have been in at least a number one contender spot.
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