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Chris Jericho and his Choices

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It looks like the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla will be taking a leave of absence after tonight and I think it’s a great thing. The past few months have been a great build up for him to take an extended break from the universe and when he returns it will be a comeback comparable to some of the most exciting moments in WWF/WWE history.

The business has changed over the years and wrestlers aren’t over staying their welcome like they used to and legends that didn’t invest their money properly aren’t coming back for cash grabs... except for Bret Hart.

This is a good thing for the performers; they can make a graceful exit, move on to other projects while having enough cash left over from their wrestling careers to live comfortably. We’ve seen this play out with The Rock, Stone Cold and ,I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts, Shawn Michaels. I would list examples for the other end of the spectrum but all you have to do to is turn on TNA programming to see what I’m talking about.

That’s not entirely fair, WWE was just as guilty before their Youth Movement where they employed Flair, Hogan and Mick Foley way beyond their prime. I’m not saying the older generation has no place in the business; they do, just not in a week to week competing role.

While this change in fad is good for the wrestlers it leaves the fans without that excitement that comes with seeing their favourite wrestler from days past return to right the wrongs of the current heel. I know I tune into Raw every week with the hope that I may hear “IF YA SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING”, I know it won’t happen but just the thought of seeing the great one come walking down to the ring with all his swagger and hearing all the fans go nuts gets me excited and nostalgic for days past.

With Chris Jericho taking time off to pursue other options and spend time with the family it gives us time to “forget” about him. We get a chance to move on and cheer or boo for someone else. We get caught up in new story lines and start debating which of the new kids should get a push and after awhile we aren’t focusing on the fact that our favourite wrestler isn’t there every week.

Then a year or two down the line when we’re not expecting it (those of us who don’t spend all our time reading wrestling spoilers) the music hits and there’s our hero standing on the ramp with his back turned and arms stretched out on both sides smiling from ear to ear. He cuts a great promo where he’s not calling us parasites and we eat it up and he becomes our new favourite face. It will be an amazing moment that will lead to what I believe will be his last run, all the way to a great match with a performer that’s worthy of sending him off. This is where I think WWE and Y2J are going and I can’t wait.

Since I started reading fan comments online I noticed that a lot of people are upset with the way WWE is “treating” the Winnipeg Jet, complaining that he’s losing too much and worried that he’s going to miss his chance to be sent off in grand fashion. I don’t think this is an issue because I honestly don’t think that anything happens with his career that he’s not okay with.

I read somewhere that Jericho said he will never lose his main event spot and that’s true. He’s earned it and more than that he’s a hard worker who doesn’t seam to have an ego about losing to a guy who needs a push. He’s dedicated his life to his craft and whether he’s main eventing Wrestlemania, losing to Morrison twice in a row or getting kicked in head by The Viper he is, The Best in The World at what he does!

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Updated 09-28-2010 at 04:43 PM by Frank

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Justdawg08's Avatar
    Jericho will likely be back within a few months, he's doing his Fozzy tour. I wouldn't be surprised if he came back at the Rumble.
  2. cubco's Avatar
    Nice blog . I agree with everything you have said.

    I started watching wrestling about '96 or '97. I thought it was amazing. Watching The Rock, Austin, HHH, Hardy Boys, Dudleys, E+C. I loved it. My parents got rid of Sky television so I only watch WWE on now.

    Spoilers and the IWC has ruined wrestling for me. I think the WWE are in a transitional stage. In 5 - 10 years time, it will be massive again.
  3. mrqib's Avatar
    Great post, i agree with cubco, am i the only one who thinks its a great thing that HHH and HBK are not on tv anymore?
    dont get me wrong they were great and are very good at what they do
    But i was getting sick of watching HHH come out n putting younger talents down

    For the first time in a few years im actually enjoying RAW, it coming out with something new and refreshing, I'm glad VKM has finally realized that its time to bring about new stars.

    I see guy like the Miz/ Barret/ Morrison getting a great push
    My money is on the Mis, this guy is gonna be huge if he's used the way he is right now
  4. Riel's Avatar
    Thanks for the comments, I also think that the WWE is in a transitional phase and believe that if given enough time they will return to the type of programming we grew up with. When you essentially press the reset button on a product it will take time for the fans to accept it, but its something I believe should be done.

    I spent a few minutes today watching old promo's on youtube and sighed because I miss those intense rivalry's, but I keep faith that one day soon we'll have that again.
  5. Tommy Thunder's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Justdawg08
    Jericho will likely be back within a few months, he's doing his Fozzy tour. I wouldn't be surprised if he came back at the Rumble.
    I totally agree, Y2J will be back after his tour with Fozzy, but that actually does mean that he won't be back until after Mania, so he'll miss the Rumble.

    I think he'll be back as a face, or at least I'm hoping he will be!! He's amazing as a face and heel, but he's been heel for a while now, and i think he needs another face run before he's done with wrestling.

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